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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 616: Limited Foresight (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“So, that is what happened…” Billy said while he was raising Helen in the sky with his arms and making her think that she was flying. “Just don’t think too much about it, I am sure that you will have other chances soon to clear dungeons.”

Despite that, Billy’s wives still got jealous about the last of his adventures. Facing a dragon like that was a challenge that they really were looking forward to it, even though they knew that Billy had downplayed some of the parts to make them think that he didn’t have a hard time. They weren’t wrong, but they weren’t exactly right either. Light Speed Sword made the battle much easier than Billy expected. Still, Billy was pretty sure that he would have done a better job if he were a better archer. With a powerful bow and two of those arrows, he could have defeated the dragon without relying on Light Speed Sword and on those three.

“We are running out of patience here, Billy…” Kate said while her arms were crossed and frowning. “Putting our desire for some adventure aside, I think you are putting us too much aside to do things the way you want.”

“So, you are looking for some adventure…” Billy said.

“Don’t get sidetracked by small facts…” Kate said.

“Look… I am just trying to play it safe since I don’t trust those guys and I don’t know the real strength of the enemy yet,” Billy explained. “I already told you that I was shot by a magic cannon before I even could see his base… there is no telling what might happen if we don’t play our cards right.”

“It is your nature to be overly cautious… but you had yet to give us a reason to be so as well,” Natalie said.

“I guess that is true… well, from what I know, that guy has similar powers to that summoner and Jeannette, he is a lot more troublesome than they combined,” Billy said. “I heard recently that he also managed to subjugate more than half of the population of that continent… Although we had no idea what happened to those people in the last two years.”

Billy’s wives became a bit more understanding after hearing that, but they weren’t one hundred percent satisfied. It was only natural since they were always together as a team with Billy to do that kind of thing. Be adventuring or protecting the states… Billy was fully aware that he was being selfish but not unreasonable. He wasn’t planning on dying, but if something happened to him, then at least his kids would have their mothers.

“Besides, I don’t want to make the enemy feel that much terror by showing what you guys can do,” Billy added.

“You already told that joke, so it isn’t as effective anymore,” Sarah said. “In any case, at least I think it would be fine if there is some way for us to know if you are facing problems while you are away.”

“I will call Blitz if something happens, that way, you will know if something wrong have happened,” Billy said. “Also, I am improving the armors every day, so you can use it to come faster if something happens. That tunnel will also help you guys move faster, so you don’t have to worry. If something truly happens, I will hold my ground until you guys come to save my ass.”

“You would better hold your ground…” Sarah said and then sighed.

The serious topic finally ended, so Billy had the chance to play with his kids. Lately, they had been a lot more understanding that Billy had things to do outside the home, so they weren’t getting angry anymore. Speaking of playing, Billy was also looking forward to his night playtime with his wives, and that made him wonder why Kate and Natalie weren’t getting pregnant again. It wasn’t like they were holding back on their sex drive after getting kids… it was probably due to their training regimen. Regardless, Billy might change his opinion when his kids become teenagers, but as of now, the more kids he has, the better.

In any case, early in the morning on the second day after his return, Billy went to his underground training arena because he had many things to try. During the fight against the dragon, he saw the man in the environment and of the monster behaving in some strange ways, so he wanted to test that. The easiest thing that he understood was how the creature healed and purified itself… Basically, the beast just made its mana move from the interior of its body to the outside. The mana healed the wounds and also expelled the mana that belonged to the dragon, thus purifying it.

“That kind of debuff nullifications is one of the few things that I don’t have… even though enemies that can do that are rare, I still need it,” Billy thought.

Billy saw with Magic Eyes that his mana needed to be controlled and expanded at the same rate and intensity in all parts of the body. It wasn’t a low-level skill that only purifies small wounds or areas. It was total purification… that would be useful since it would probably work against all kinds of things, debuffs, curses, poison, and perhaps even mind control to some extent. Fortunately for Billy, he only had to visualize himself controlling his mana like that to get some confidence in doing that in reality.

You learned the skill Full Heal.

It grants you the power to restore fifty points of health per level and nullifies negative status when your body is completely restored by the previous effect.

Cost: 1000 mana

“Well… that was fast,” Billy thought.

Billy wondered if his magic had reached a level where he could learn that kind of spell almost instantly or if his learning and observation skills were that good… in which case, he was satisfied with that.


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