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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 609: Dragon (4) Bahasa Indonesia

???- Lv ???

HP: ???/ ???

MP: ???/ ???

SP: ???/ ???

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Magic: ???

Endurance: ???

Dexterity: ???

Status Points: ???

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????

Skill Points: ????,

Despite its whole body looking like it was made of silver, including the wings, claws, and teeth, the monster had red glowing eyes that looked as vicious as they come. Eventually, the Mana Cannon ended, and the dragon jumped to smash Billy. He couldn’t protect everyone against that, so he made his choice.

“Scatter!” Billy shouted.

Billy used Flash to escape from being smashed, and the others also used their skills to move away. When the beast landed, it made the area shake like an earthquake. Billy prepared his glaive, and the monster glared at him. Perhaps he should start with those annoying eyes… However, the first one to attack had been Icarus, who had targeted the left and frontal paw of the beast. The sound of metal colliding echoed across the area… Icarus shouldn’t have targeted the scales, but that still was the result. The monster even didn’t pay attention to him.

“You have to hit him, not massage him,” Billy said.

“You are supposed to taunt the dragon, not me!” Icarus said. “We don’t have time for this…”

Billy swung his glaive, but then the monster blocked the swing with its right claw. Billy didn’t hold back, and yet… His attacks have been completely nullified.

“You are supposed to attack the monster, not scratch its back,” Icarus said.

“Very original,” Billy said.

“Shut up, you two!” Meryl said and then shot a rain of arrows at the eyes of the monster.

Although the arrows almost hit the target instantly, the dragon moved its head fast enough to only get hit on the scales of its face. Naturally, they didn’t cause any damage.

“For its size… It is surprisingly quick,” Billy thought.

As if the creature wanted to kill the one who shattered its pride first, it tried to attack Billy with both frontal paws. Billy jumped away, but he still got hit. He blocked the attack with his glaive, but he felt like a meteor was trying to crush him.

“Since he is the original, then his scales must be at least one level above the tyrants’…” Billy thought when he landed and checked his glaive vibrating.

It wasn’t like Billy was defenseless, but it was like he was facing a beast that was pretty smart and could counter all of his attacks. That was a new experience for Billy… While he was thinking about what to do next, the dragon raised its paws to attack him, but then Billy saw a shadow moving on the back of the dragon. For whatever reason, Icarus was running in a circle there… Eventually, the monster grunted since he somehow pulled one of the scales off the monster’s back. But then the creature turned its neck end and used Mana Cannon again.

It felt like time had passed since no one saw what had happened until Icarus appeared a few dozen meters away from the dragon one second later.

“I think I aged a few years after seeing that big mouth opening…” Icarus said.

Icarus was fast, but they thought that they didn’t make it since the Mana Cannon was almost instantaneous. Regardless, that creature had everything, firepower, defense, speed, magic… it would be the most troublesome opponent Billy had faced. He was absolutely certain that the manipulator didn’t defeat that thing.

When the beast was about to turn around its neck to face Billy again, he used Flash and then jumped. The motion almost made him fall directly into the monster’s mouth. Still, in the last second, Billy activated Destructive Aura and Body Enhancement. His power increased tremendously, and when he swung his glaive and hit the dragon’s face, it completely made its head turn to the side and pushed the monster’s body backward for several meters. The silence took over the area since no one imagined that such a thing was possible. Even the beast was surprised at Billy’s power,

Some scales on the monster’s face cracked, and that surprised Billy because he honestly thought that it would be enough to shatter them completely instead of that. While he only used support skills, that had been the most powerful clean hit that he had landed, and with his best weapon at that… Still, in the end, Billy only smirked.

“What are you guys waiting for?” Billy asked. “Keep attacking, damn it!”

Billy wasn’t actually that pissed. He just said that to make the others more alert that they couldn’t repeat that mistake, even if they weren’t doing much damage or bothering the dragon. A little goes a long way against enemies like that, so they had to keep at it.

Regardless, Billy decided to attack again, but then the beast opened its mouth and used Mana Cannon. He used Flash to the side, but the beast began to follow him with the attack to prevent him from attacking. It seemed that Billy’s only option would be to run in circles, but that would force Meryl and Lucyna from attacking as well, so he had to think of something else. In the end, Billy chooses to fly with Telekinesis.

Billy began to fly from one side to the other and then approached a little to use Light Spear version two. However, the monster just used its Mana Cannon to repel the attack. It was weird. That attack could destroy almost anything down to an atomic level. Still, Billy didn’t imagine it would work so well against a stamina-based attack… Still, that gave Billy an idea…

Billy instantly created a massive ice block and fired at the dragon, but the beast destroyed most of it as well. However, when that happened, the dragon lost sight of Billy for a moment, and when the block disappeared, Billy disappeared with it… He was behind one of the fragments of the ice block that was flying above the dragon, and then he used that as footing to dash toward the dragon.


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