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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 602: Resources (3) Bahasa Indonesia

After he finished transporting the loot outside the dungeon. Billy had quite the baggage with him. He had to make an extra-large cart to transport all that back home. Lucyna asked if she could use the others while he wasn’t nearby, and Billy was fine with that. The carts could be charged with their mana and with the cores, so it wouldn’t change anything if others used them. Billy only wished that they would leave some mana now and then when he is around.

Billy hadn’t bought his armor with him this time since he used the mana to improve the cores once again. So, he had to pull the large cart by himself. That wasn’t a problem since he had the Light Speed Sword. The only problem would be slowing down later. Still, Billy solved the problem by keeping his speed for around nineteen minutes, and then he crossed the remaining on his own.

“Woah… they sure don’t look appetizing,” Kate said.

“You say that after asking me to bring them?” Billy asked and then pinched her sides. “You are more spoiled than Christina. In any case, they taste pretty good after being fried up, and they also restore energy like nothing else. The kids shouldn’t eat too much, though.”

Billy was thinking that making his kids eat that would be the same as giving them caffeine. It was better to avoid problems since they were already too energetic as they were. Putting that aside, Billy had gotten too much meat, so he called Alexander and Jean to get some. Their reactions were the same as Kate’s. Instead of that, they were more interested in the scales.

“They are light and sturdy…” Jean said while he touched and looked at the scales intensely. “I would like to see the creatures that would have this protecting their bodies.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you had seen them… they are half-dragons… imagine a dungeon spawning half-dragons,” Billy said.

“That seems… dreadful…” Jean said after stopping for a moment to imagine himself surrounded by the tyrants.

Jean had heard from Billy about those creatures, and he realized that it would be better if he didn’t think about that again. He was too old to worry about nightmares, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Naturally, Jean was interested in buying the scales from Billy. But it would be hard to determine a fair price for them. While they were high quality, Billy could get as much as he wanted from the dungeon… if they aren’t careful, they will mess with the entire economy of the state.

“We aren’t at war, but you mentioned that there is this person who could become a problem… should we use them to develop weapons?” Jean asked.

“I am not sure if he has an army, the last time I tried to check his base, I got shot by a powerful cannon that almost exploded my head,” Billy replied. “Against someone with that kind of firepower, weapons and armor won’t be very useful… Still, I guess it is better than nothing.”

“I heard that you have been making preparations here and there for a while. Is this opponent really that formidable?” Jean asked. “Can such a person even exist?”

Billy had a hard time finding words for that question. Under normal circumstances, people like that would never exist. However, Billy and the other reincarnated individuals were far from normal. Having the knowledge and experience from their previous lives, being born with god-like powers… only, under those circumstances, the world would produce beings able of hunting fire dragons on a daily basis.

“Let’s just say that he is the product of many coincidences that happened in a continent when the law of the strong is Absolute,” Billy replied. “Since the day he was born, he searched for power, and he will go until the day of his death.”

Jean more or less understood that explanation. He had yet to see the demi-humans continent, but Billy wouldn’t prepare for something big without reason. He knew that under normal circumstances, Billy would choose to stay at home and slack off with his family under the sun of the afternoon. For him, there was nothing more valuable than that.

In any case, Jean decided to use those new materials to create more defensive equipment for the time being, and only the blacksmiths that worked for him would have access to them in order to avoid the mass production of weapons with those new materials. Usually, weapons are what attract the attention and jealousy of enemy states. Even though it has been a while since the Hiloh state had any enemy.

Billy was already mass-producing golems for defense purposes, but that was something that only he was aware of. Regardless, that day, everyone ate the fried tyrants’ hearts, and they frowned since it was pretty good and also filled them with energy. Billy also asked Jean how they could turn all that meat into something that wouldn’t have an expiration date. There were some methods to help with that since logistics was a problem in that world in times of war, but the best they could do was to make the meat last for a month. So, Billy had to solve that problem by himself, and he did it… by creating a magic freezer. The theory was simple, it would have a core, and the core would feed the freezer with mana, and the freezer would have the effect of almost freezing everything inside it…

As expected, his wives couldn’t help but be left speechless since Billy solved the problem of the meat. Meanwhile, he felt like crying since they looked pretty proud as well, but he was only ripping off Earth’s technology.

“While the freezers may help, they aren’t ultimately a permanent solution,” Billy thought. “I can’t make my spies sell the meat by themselves, so I will have to contact some taverns and offer them a deal… After I make rails connecting all the cities and towns.”


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