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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 601: Resources (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Well, I am apologizing because Icarus and Meryl already knew,” Lucyna said. “I only didn’t trust you, but that changed now. You let one of us get the Manipulator power.”

While he didn’t get it in spades, Billy also got that power. He could even turn that into a skill if he wanted under the right circumstances, but that would let the others know. He will only absorb the mana and effect of those relics once he gets better at it and at the right time. Billy got exhausted when he absorbed the effects of that ring, and that was a weak relic, after all.

Putting that aside, Billy decided to ignore what Lucyna said. Being all nice and understanding would make them become friends, and his plans wouldn’t change regarding his Posture with those three. No matter what happens, Billy couldn’t see himself killing his friends, the people he really was close to. However, he needed to be prepared to kill those three if it was necessary, and he won’t have time to hesitate.

After they entered the dungeon, Billy arrived on the spot he left his spiders. As expected, they had gotten a lot stronger, and there was no sign of wounds on them. His strategy worked well… Unfortunately, they were quite the hungry monsters, and they didn’t eat insects, so there was quite the pile of bones nearby. In any case, Billy five of those ten follow him since they could kill a single tyrant with ease.

“How can they fight for this long?” Lucyna asked. “Did you make them learn Spiritual core as well?”

“No, it is thanks to the power of friendship,” Billy replied. “There is nothing more powerful than that, and it makes even monsters feel motivated enough to forcefully recover their mana. All of what they need to do is to think of their ‘Nakama,'”

Lucyna sighed. Billy was acting like the usual. He wasn’t up for a chat, so she decided to stay quiet. After leaving those five spiders in another spawning point, Billy headed to another one and then used an ice sphere to stun a tyrant when it emerged.

“You can kill them while they are dizzy,” Billy said. “I will do something else in the meantime.”

Billy touched the ground, then he used Earth magic to create something like rails on the ground, and they headed toward the dungeon’s exit. One didn’t have to be a genius to understand that Billy was creating a transportation line to move the materials of the monsters with ease and speed. They gathered some scales here and there, but it was far too inefficient, and they had to carry them back to the entrance while fighting monsters… It was far too hindering.

Regardless, Lucyna used her powers to approach the dizzy tyrant and then finish off the beast after stealing some of its strength and then attacking its brain with her knives. It looked like she had made some using the scales while Billy wasn’t looking. That was good. Only someone foolish would wait for Billy to make the upgrades of their weapons or to forge new ones.

“You know that the dungeon goes deeper and downward. How do you intend to make carts go upward?” Lucyna asked. “Please, don’t answer with something like with the power of friendship.”

“If I can make magic buses that recharge on their own and destroy the things blocking their paths, I am sure I can make some carts that go uphill,” Billy said. “In any case, you have Spiritual Core now. You can do a lot more than before. You can start by practicing and studying magic as much as possible.”

“I guess you are right… putting you aside and some other irregulars, most of us have been living our second lives without trying to understand too much about the rules of this world,” Lucyna said. “Trying to accept everything the way it is just because it is magical is pretty dumb…”

Billy wondered when Lucyna became such a chatterbox… was it because she said that he trusted him now? Nevertheless, that was a bit troubling… Billy didn’t want to get closer to the other reincarnated individuals, but ignoring them and being rude was… something he was used to in the past, but not anymore. Billy had grown a little, if he could say himself, after having lived in two worlds for 43 years.

In any case, it would take a while for Billy to make some rails that will reach the last part of the dungeon, and those will disappear as soon as he defeats the guardian. So, it seemed like a waste of time… it would be better to make it after clearing the dungeon. That being said, Billy wanted the scales and the hearts. It would be great if he could turn the hearts into some kind of ration that could restore health, mana, and stamina. Putting aside the money that he could make, such a thing would help them in future battles.

In any case, Billy finished the rails when he found the entrance to the second floor. Fortunately, the monsters didn’t react to the rails, probably because they were made of mana, and the dungeon was basically a massive well of that.

After that, Billy made some carts that were linked to the wagons of a train, and then they moved to the exit while gathering the tyrants’ hearts and some scales. Billy couldn’t believe that the dungeons could produce those things nonstop… they would revolutionize the metal industry of metals of that world. With those on the human continent, it was only a matter of time until they were used to make vehicles that would simulate his own and even boats. Making the world move forward like that still was a difficult feeling for Billy.

“Come to think of it, I have yet to discover why those underwater dungeons appeared,” Billy thought. “I don’t think this mystery is connected to the maker, but…”


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