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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 590: Power up (3) Bahasa Indonesia

After a couple of hours, Icarus, Lucyna, and Meryl got used to the dizziness that they were filling now and then. Around the same time, the number of tyrants spawning behind them began to decrease, and Billy confirmed that their actions were finally overpowering the strength of the dungeon core. Still, things weren’t so good because he couldn’t use his drones to scout ahead. So, they were wasting some time finding dead ends… it was really annoying, but it couldn’t be helped. Besides, due to the mana level around, Billy couldn’t use Mana Domain to check things with precision, he would need a lot more to check that and it would be a waste when he had to fight so much against those beasts already… he had to come up with another method and that was kind of a challenge.

“The frequency of tremors is decreasing… The Manipulator probably has realized by now that we can also hunt as fast as him,” Meryl said.

Billy nodded. In the end, a surprise attack was impossible… Under such circumstances, they still have to go with a head-on assault. Whatever happens, Billy had to make sure that the manipulator wouldn’t take the fight to the next floor. It will be troublesome if he involves the guardian of the core, after all. Also, they had to block the way to the dungeon’s entrance as well…

“So many things to do…” Billy thought and then sighed.

Nevertheless, Billy couldn’t complain since he finally got several things that would help him in the future. If the worse gets to the worse, he can always use his armor and the magic items he just made.

After a couple of hours, Icarus joined Billy on the frontlines because the monsters spawning behind them were too few now. Like two or three per minute. Billy was also starting to sense some undulations in the mana in the air, so he could tell that the Manipulator was nearby.

“Shouldn’t we think ahead of how we should deal with the manipulator once we find him?” Icarus asked.

“I suppose you are right…” Billy said. “First of all, we will need one of us to block the way to the exit of the dungeon and another to block the entrance to the next floor. Those two will also have to deal with the spawning tyrants..”

“That seems like a job for two ranged fighters…” Icarus said.

“You say that, but you two will be the worst match against him. He can control the emotions of people from a distance. Still, his power is even more powerful when he touches them,” Meryl said. “Also, there is the fact that if Billy kills him, he will become like the maker.”

“You sure like those grand affirmations, don’t you?” Billy asked. “I am not going to say that I am incorruptible, but you sure are selling me short. All right, I will let you fight him by yourselves, and I will also block both paths. I will only fight him after you three drop dead. Try to at least cause some damage to make my job easier afterward.”

Trying to take the manipulator down without using all of their resources was risky. Still, the morale of the group increased after they got their Spiritual Core. Billy knew that their confidence was sky high… that was the type of people who lets the notion of power change them, and they still had the never of telling him that he was the most dangerous one there.

Once they noticed that the number of monsters ahead had decreased, the group raised their guard since it was clear that the enemy was close ahead. So, Meryl and Lucyna stopped fighting and let Billy and Icarus do that since they could deal with the current number of enemies.

Eventually, Billy felt a presence ahead and signaled the others with his hands to move forward. At the same time, he watched their backs against the monsters… It didn’t take them long to find a single man walking toward them. As if he was someone who hadn’t seen the sunlight in a while, the Manipulator looked like a shell of a man.. he had messy brown hair that was also dirty with blood. His clothes looked like rags due to the continuous battles, and he didn’t have a single piece of equipment with him. Aside from that, Billy noticed that he had a hairy back, and its color was yellow and black… His eyes looked like of cat with the iris in that pointy shape and some crazy level of viciousness he could see in those eyes.

???- Lv ???

HP: ???/ ???

MP: ???/ ???

SP: ???/ ???

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Magic: ???

Endurance: ???

Dexterity: ???

Status Points: ???

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????

Skill Points: ????,

The Manipulator looked at them with half-open eyes as if he was exhausted. From those four, he only paid attention to Meryl, probably because he knew her. He looked for a short while at Billy, but probably because he was the only one that he could see his parameters.

“So, Meryl… You finally decided to finish what you started years ago… I can’t say that I am proud of you considering that you didn’t come alone,” The Manipulator said. “Still, I am impressed… You managed to weaken the core of this dungeon in just a few days. I never managed to do that. Despite all the power I obtained here, I didn’t get even close.”

“You are surrounded, Manipulator… You don’t have anywhere to run, and you can’t win this,” Meryl said. “Just accept that it is time to pay for your crimes, and I will make this end as quickly as possible. It is time to pay the bill…”

“How odd… Who decided that you can judge me?” The Manipulator asked. “If you are feeling really fine, then you should start judging all others and yourself who let this continent become like this. This is the law of the jungle. If you can’t accept this, then just die.”


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