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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 589: Power up (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“You guys should try to kill some of the tyrants to make Spiritual Core level up as fast as possible,” Billy said. “Once you feel like you have reached a decent level, return, and then we will advance as fast as possible without giving the manipulator the chance to realize that something changed.”

“Aren’t you coming this time?” Meryl asked.

“It would be better if that skill gains as much experience as possible, and as you know, I am the one who gets most of the experience when we fight,” Billy replied. “Anyway, we have been here for ten days already… so hurry up.”

The others nodded. Even Meryl, who was used to staying inside a dungeon for so long, was tired of that one. She wasn’t power hungry as the other reincarnated individuals that were born on that continent, so she felt like taking a break now and then. Nevertheless, they went to make the Spiritual core level up. Billy finally had the chance to use their blood… he barely could contain himself from grinning.

Billy knew that he had to make some equipment bigger than just rings. Since those guys’ skills were better used outside combat, Billy thought of turning them into accessories. Still, he wondered how well they turn into weapons.

In any case, using Icarus´ blood, Billy decided to make a single long sword. For some reason, he ended up making one that had a single edge, but it wasn’t curved like some katanas. At first, he had some problem in mixing the blood with the chromium without showing that kind of ominous red Aura, but in the end, the glow weakened quite a bit.

Light Speed Sword

It grants you the power to use Acceleration Manipulation Lv 500.

Strength + 1000

Durability: ∞

Acceleration Manipulation: it grants you the power to increase your speed up to half of the light speed.

Cost: speed in KM/ skill level per second/ Magic

That was some weird sword… Billy wanted Time Skip as well, but he decided that it could be obtained later. The cost of the skill was also weird, but he could test that later. Regardless, he began to work on the other weapons and eventually forged a long spear and a magic staff as well. Billy wondered if he was thinking of letting his wives use those eventually… It sure looked like that was the case considering that they were weapons that would fit them. Still, that was weird, considering that he wasn’t planning to let them know about the reincarnated individuals… Could he be preparing for his own death down to an instinctive level?

King of Thieves Spear

It grants you the power to use Absolute Thievery Lv 500.

Speed + 1000

Durability: ∞

Absolute Thievery: it grants you the power to steal everything that is possible to steal from the target. However, the harder to steal the thing is, the more mana you will use and the more focus you will need.

Cost: Value of the stolen thing/ skill level per second/ Magic

Underworld Magic Staff

It grants you the power to use Bone Manipulation Lv 500.

Magic + 1000

Durability: ∞

Bone Manipulation: it grants you the power to control the bones of corpses and use them as weapons and projectiles

Cost: Quality of the catalyst/ skill level per second/ Magic

It seemed that Billy wouldn’t have much time to question his head since those new items were as weird as they were awesome. Infinity durability, so they couldn’t be destroyed… the cost wasn’t exact, and the bonus in parameters was amazing. Billy also wasn’t expecting the ability to control bones, but it would be useful on most battlefields. In any case, he was interested in the spear and wanted to test it, but he decided to hide those items in his magic ninja suit.

“They sure are taking their time…” Billy thought.

Billy decided to check the fourteenth floor, and he saw those three fightings. Their spiritual cores had already reached level twenty, so they could obtain one hundred points of mana per kill. It was more than enough for them to keep moving and fighting without holding back on the cost of mana, but they were letting the frustration of the last few days get the better of them.

“I am not much better, but I am surrounded by morons,” Billy thought and then sighed.

Billy decided to join them instead of waiting for them to retreat and regroup. Just as before, Lucyna was focusing on support and decreasing the endurance of the tyrants, while Icarus was focusing on offense. He dashed toward a monster and punched the creature just a few times in a single spot, and it was enough to make the whole body crack. As for Meryl, she was using the bones of the corpses to make sure that none of them could approach Lucyna. At the same time, she fired some bone spears when some tyrants opened their mouths to use Mana Cannon. For the first time in pretty much forever, they were killing tyrants faster than they could spawn.

Billy joined the fray by firing some Light Spears at the heads of the tyrants, and then he advanced while opening a path with his mana spears. Since he didn’t have to worry about the back anymore, he got more efficient with his attacks.

Thanks to the spiritual core, the group didn’t have to use their stamina to do anything else aside from walking. Still, the constant and intense use of mana made those three get mentally tired since they weren’t used to it.

“I guess you thought that using mana freely didn’t have any consequences, huh, serves you right,” Billy said and then smirked. “Now it would be a waste to retreat, so endure it.”

One of the reasons that Billy told them to retreat before was because of that. Still, at least they learned the lesson… Billy wouldn’t be nice to them and say some things to them without reason.


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