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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 576: Tyrant’s Dungeon (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Although the zombies of Jeannette and the summoner wouldn’t be at full power, they still would be pretty helpful. Still, since Meryl left them behind, it couldn’t be helped. Since it still was night, Billy could put his trump card in motion in case something happened. He had created those for that kind of moment, after all, even though he had planned to keep them hidden for a while longer…

Without wasting any time, the group entered the dungeon that was in the center of the camp. Billy wasn’t surprised since he knew that the monsters that were spawning there were sub-species of dragons. Still, the dungeon was stupidly large, and the ceiling was fifteen meters above them. The others followed him and raised their guard since they had never fought in a dungeon with that level of the dungeon. Still, they frowned since they didn’t find any monsters.

“This is weird. I thought that monsters would welcome us,” Icarus said.

“The influence of the core is the weakest at the entrance of the dungeon, and if there “are many people inside and killing the monsters, the spawning rate decreases up to two and half times,” Billy said. “Still, at least one of them should spawn every minute.”

Just as when Billy finished his sentence, a creature suddenly emerged from the ground. Billy didn’t know how the Tyrant suddenly appeared, but most monsters were supposed to take a few seconds to take shape completely. And yet, a ten meters tall monster just popped out like that.

Tyrant – Lv 590

HP: 20.550/ 20.550

MP: 15.720/ 15.720

SP: 17.900/ 17.090

Strength: 1255 + 1250

Speed: 635 + 1250

Magic: 1255 + 1250

Endurance: 1255 + 1250

Dexterity: 635 + 1250

Status Points: 00

Skills: Roar Lv 290, Steel Claws Lv 290

Spells: Mana Cannon Lv 520, Poisonous Cannon Lv 520

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 590, Cold Resistance Lv 550, Fire Resistance Lv 580, Wind Resistance Lv 580, Poison Resistance Lv 750, Shock Resistance Lv 750, Brute Strength Lv 250, Quick Legs Lv 250, Toughness Lv 250, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 250, Enhanced Dexterity Lv 250, Draconic Heart Lv 10, Draconic Mind Lv 10, Dragonic Body Lv 10

Skill Points: 00

It has been quite a while since Billy found a monster that left him speechless. Since he wasn’t the only one there that could use Appraisal for a change, the others also looked pretty amazing. The tyrant had a red body, but its scales were silver-like. They looked quite a bit with Chromium.

Nevertheless, Billy didn’t let the surprise get the better of him. The moment the creature opened its mouth to do something, he used Light Spear version two, and the attack pierced the monster’s head. Much to Billy’s surprise, the attack killed the beast, but just barely… It didn’t even cross the head of the creature.

You obtained 1500 experience points.

The skill Light Spear obtained 750 experience points.

The skill Spearmanship obtained 750 experience points.

“Well, I could get used to this…” Billy said.

“That skill is a pretty impressive skill… Simple, but powerful,” Meryl said.

“Come to think of it, I never saw you fighting seriously… With a weapon,” Icarus said.

“You guys sure are relaxed considering that we almost gave the monster the chance to attack,” Lucyna said. “In any case, those tyrants are impressive. I can tell that Billy used one of his best techniques, and his glaive is stupidly powerful, and yet…”

“The monsters will only become more powerful as we go deeper, so you shouldn’t rely on me alone,” Billy said. “We will fight in cycles until the number of enemies increases. In order to get used to it, we need to fight them alone.”

The others nodded, not only it would make them gain experience equally, but it also would let them rest for a while between flights. While they could send Icarus ahead to find the right path to the last part of the dungeon, it wasn’t something that they had to worry about right now since they had many floors to cross.

In any case, the second to fight had been Meryl. As soon as the next tyrant showed up, she picked her long bow and then nocked a heavy earth arrow. When the creature opened its mouth, Meryl fired, making the beast eat the projectile and forcing its head to move backward. During that time, Meryl took her time nocking another arrow. However, when they fired the next, it flew a lot faster. It then pierced the eyes of the monster deeply because the arrow was rotating like never before. In the end, the arrow hit the beast’s brain and killed it.

“Well, despite its high durability, it still can die once the brain is destroyed,” Icarus said. “By the way, how did you learn those skills that increase the parameters passively, billy?”

“What do you offer for that kind of information?” Billy asked.

“Money? No, you don’t need it… Magic items? You can create your own…” Icarus said. “This will be hard.”

“What is the knowledge of how to hide your skills and parameters?” Lucyna asked.

“I don’t need that anymore,” Billy replied. “Even if you can see my skills, you don’t know what they can do unless I show them. That is the advantage of not using the system for everyone.”

“What about our parts of the loot that we just gained from defeating all the monsters and the fallen soldiers above?” Meryl asked. “Naturally, it will only be worth it if you teach us clearly the method to learn those skills.”

“I suppose that can work…” Billy thought when he recalled the warehouses that he saw that they didn’t have time to check, and they must be filled with the scales of the tyrants.

Although that would grant them the chance to become a lot stronger, Billy was no longer worried about their potential. The reason was pretty simple, during the last month, he made some nice discoveries in his training…


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