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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 569: Understanding (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“Based on my experience trying to keep an eye on the Maker, I would say that he isn’t keeping any surveillance on the Manipulator,” Billy said. “Still, it would be better if we could get rid of him as soon as possible. His powers could also cause a problem over time if the battle drags down orif he used it on one of us. I suspect that your skeletons are immune to them, but…”

“You have a point, I tried to counter his powers with the Mind Controller, but she failed since her skills are at only level five hundred,” Meryl said.

She was probably referring to the zombie that she created using Jeannette’s body. Although she still had her powers, they had a level limit now. The same thing probably applied to the summoner… Now things were starting to make sense. Despite those two under her control, she was unable to face the Maker. It wasn’t that surprising, otherwise, her necromancy skill would be absolutely broken… Billy and the others never considered that since their powers were beyond any understanding.

“I will move all the monsters and skeletons under my command to face that guy, but it will take a while for them to reach the other side of the continent,” Meryl said.

“Instead of that, if you have some high speed movement skill, you should arrive there first,” Billy said. “Once we got there, we will attack the Manipulator with Golems, he will have a hard time trying to control them.”

“I suppose that might work… However, it will take a while to make an army and I can’t leave my camp for that long,” Meryl replied.

“You will have to wastr a lot of time moving your army Anyway…” Billy said. “I guess we will have to use mu Golems, then. They will arrive on the eastern side of the continent in more or less five weeks. During that time, we can discuss the details of the operation.”

“All right, but how are your Golems going to cross the ocean?” Meryl asked.

“Hehehe, a magician never reveals their secrets…” Billy said. “Just wait patiently for it. In any case, I have some things in mind to do, so I will be busy. You can use this to contact me if you want.”

Billy passed Meryl one of his communications. While it was reasonable that Billy wouldn’t tell her everything that he could do, Meryl still felt like his ideas and modus operandi were pretty similar to the Maker. That guy was also someone who enjoyed more making things than fighting, at least until he killed the other reincarnated… He still was making new things, but all of them were basically weapons.

Billy returned to his home again, and using the remaining time of his day off, he went to check things with the golems and the underwater tunnel that they were creating. Although he only monitored them for the first few days because they could do the job by themselves, he needed to kill some of the water worms to recover his mana and help at the same time. Nevertheless, the tunnels were quite firm and large despite the fact that they were fifty meters below the surface. Now and then, the water worms attacked it, but Billy left a golem at each one hundred meters of the tunnel to repair the damage.

“I guess things still are going well, but… their speed isn’t like I had imagined,” Billy thought.

Billy didn’t consider that some of them would have to stay behind to make repairs, so it couldn’t be helped. In any case, he was about to solve more or less that problem by transforming the exterior side of the tunnel into something more durable. That was his original idea, but instead of that, he decided to imbue the tunnel with his mana and make it level up.

Underwater Tunnel

Durability: 9.568/ 10.000

“I guess the fact that it is long increased its durability,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Still, even thought it isn’t being attacked, the pressure of the water is damaging it. I will need to grant the tunnel the self repair skill and some extra points of durability.”

That skill costs around two hundred skill points, so Billy would need a lot of mana to make it reach a decent level. Recently, he had also tried to practice his innate skills and make them level up the effects alone of weapons, but he didn’t make much progress in that area. Even though he already could use the mana of other things to make them level up.

“I am pretty sure that all skills can be upgraded in one way or the other, so I won’t give up until I manage to do that… it would be nice if I could obtain that power before the next battle, but…” Billy said.

In the end, just like it took him years to be able to use the mana of other things alongside his powers, that wouldn’t be something that easy to learn. Nevertheless, he would try.

In any case, upon learning that he had a lot of work ahead of him, Billy decided to use the mana that the core of his armor would grant him some extra mana.

After a few more days, Billy recalled that he had to return the relics to the previous owners, so he stopped with that work for a short while and decided to travel around with his family for a change. Hector and Christina were big enough to recall some of those memories in the future, so it was a pretty good chance.

Using the magic aircraft, they headed to the temple city first, and as one would expect, his kids looked amazed that they were flying so high and so fast. Billy was quite certain that those two would become some amazing people in the future since, in his previous life, it took him years to overcome his fear of heights…


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