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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 568: Understanding (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Those are pretty good,” Billy said. “In any case, since you went to look for them on the other continent and found them without leaving traces, did you find a few of those here?”

“You sure have some good instincts… I have one and it seems the mas man in the east has two,” Meryl replied. “I have no idea how many of those the guy in the central part of the continent has.”

“I have one as well… It seems that they are easier to find here… Nevertheless, I forgot to ask this before, but do you have any idea why some of the reincarnated that were born on that continent had come to this place and then were never heard of again?” Billy asked.

“It is pretty clear that they probably have died… Those relics belonged to reincarnated individuals that wished for peace, right?” Meryl asked. “If they didn’t come to conquest these lands… Then they felt some danger due to the existence of others like them here.”

“They came without knowing that this continent existed, so how did they think of that?” Billy asked.

“I have no idea…” Meryl replied.

They still had to find more pieces to complete that puzzle, but that could be done after they dealt with the troublemakers of that continent. It was a pity, but it seemed that they would have to fight for a while longer to obtain the peace that they wished for.

“Putting that aside, let’s talk about our goals,” Meryl said. “As of now, I can’t see how we can defeat that guy in the center of the continent. If we make any move, we will be attacked by a magic Cannon. My original plan was to make that moron in the east get their attention and then attack him from behind.”

“I am not sure if that will work, I did some tests and it seems that he can fire his Cannon pretty often,” Billy said. “He can also change the direction of his Cannon as much as he wants… By the way, which are their powers?”

“The guy in the east is the manipulator… His original powers granted him the ability to change the memories of someone and make them even more intense,” Meryl replied. “As for the guy in the central area… I call him the Maker… His original power granted him the ability to make anything. I don’t know what was his other original skill.”

The power to make anything and the power to manipulate memories… they seemed really powerful, and it would explain what Billy saw. If one could control the memories of someone and even intensify them, they could create the most powerful army in the world. Billy already knew how Rage was useful, after all. Also, after thinking for a while, if Billy had that power and he made someone think that they trained with a sword for their entire lives, would they obtain that skill at a high level? Most likely, it would cost a lot of mana, but it would be worth the hassle.

“The Manipulator powers were a lot like mine… In a sense,” Billy said.

“Is that so…” Meryl said.

“It is find if you don’t want to tell my yours, I already have a good idea about them,” Billy said.

“Hahaha, really…” Meryl said while smirking.

“Aside from summoning skeletons, you probably can control the spirits of those that you defeat and turn them into energy or power,” Billy said. “Am I right?”

Billy got surprised since Meryl’s smirk froze… He actually wasn’t sure, but his guess apparently was very accurate. Nevertheless, she also had the power to strengthen herself using her innate abilities. So, using a dungeon would be extra efficient for her.

“Putting that aside, do you know someone that can create dungeons?” Billy asked. “When you stole the relics, some underwater dungeons had appeared and I was dealing with them.”

“No, I don’t know anyone and I am pretty sure that I never heard that someone with that power exists…” Meryl said. “I was wondering why you weren’t doing anything at that time, but… Coincidences are scary.”

“No… they weren’t coincidences,” Billy said. “Several dungeons appeared at the same time to lure my focus to them. Something similar happened when Lucyna state was about to be attacked, but…”

Billy was starting to think that some outsiders were messing with the world in order to make some events to happen. Billy wasn’t one hundred percent certain that it was the case, but the chances were quite high.

“Nevertheless… The plan… Usually, decreasing the forces of the Maker would be the best option, but I guess he has the leisure and the power to start all conflicts that he wants to win,” Billy said. “We will only have one chance to deal with him once he leaves his base.”

“Even his army can’t be seen… I suppose it can’t be helped,” Meryl said. “I suppose our best option is to get rid of the Manipulator as soon as possible and without losing too many resources.”

“By the way, considering that the Maker is already the strongest of the continent by far, why is he taking his time attacking you and the Manipulator?”

“… I have no idea,” Meryl replied. “The last time that he fought and his army was seen, he was fighting three reincarnated individuals that tried to kill him… But they lost and I am pretty sure that they didn’t have the power to inflict cursed or something like that. After killing those three, he killed all his allies in the vicinity… and kept doing that for three days.”

That was quite weird, but it made sense considering the other things that Meryl mentioned. In any case, without his armor, Billy wasn’t sure if he could defeat Meryl, Icarus, and Lucyna by himself. So, his caution against the Maker only increased further. He will have to learn more about his other powers, but now he has to focus on the Manipulator.


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