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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 564: Attempts (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Now that they didn’t have to be right there to see the fallen soldiers moving, Icarus and Lucyna took a few days off at their homes and waited for Billy to inform them of that. They suddenly had a lot of free time in their hands.

“While I said that, I wonder if I shouldn’t keep the relics to myself… Returning them some replicas should suffice,” Billy thought.

Still, in the end, Billy couldn’t bring himself to do that since he had friends in the temple city and the samurai capital. Besides, those were gifts left by their ancestors… Billy would probably find a way to revive himself if he hears in the afterlife that some asshole had stolen a gift that he left to his descendants.

In any case, Billy was planning to talk with the necromancer the next day off that he had. Still, instead of just waiting for it, he considered several scenarios that might take place. Falling for a trap, being attacked on the spot, or being refused, he had to think of what to do in all of those scenarios.

“I guess if any of those happen, it will make things easier for me since I won’t have to worry about holding back,” Billy thought. “The goal is to get an ally if possible, but it will be fine if I get rid of a possible enemy as well.”

With those thoughts in mind, Billy waited until his day off, and then he departed to the western side of the demi-humans continent. He more or less had some ideas of how to react to all possible outcomes. Just in case, Billy also arrived at the continent at night in order to prepare his armor and some other countermeasures, like burying it and then creating a tunnel that would lead him to where he left his armor. After all the preparations were finished, he leisurely walked to the necromancer’s camp.

It didn’t take long for Billy to be spotted by the skelly guards and those armed with bows began to shoot arrows at him. Billy couldn’t bother attacking them or using Mana Shield, so he just used Flash and stopped right in front of the barrier surrounding the camp. All the skeletons in the area turned to attack him at the same time. Still, Billy stopped their attacks by surrounding himself with Earth walls, only his front could be seen, and he was facing the barrier, so it was fine.

Although it took a while since they stayed hidden, the inhabitants of the camp finally approached, planning to attack the invader. Still, they didn’t know how to react when they saw Billy with his arms crossed in front of the barrier. It was invisible, so that was surprising.

“Call your leader, we need to talk,” Billy said after increasing the volume of his voice.

The demi-humans once again didn’t know how to respond. Putting his actions aside, Billy looked almost alien to them. It was almost natural that they would react like that, just like the fact that they ignored his words. However, before they could attack, the skeletons stopped, and they knew the reason for that.

“Wait, I will handle this,” a woman’s voice echoed in the area.

After a couple of seconds, Billy saw a demi-human woman approaching the area. Billy couldn’t help but frown since she also was a centaur. He had never seen that species of demi-human until now, after all. In any case, since her half was of a horse, her upper body was a lot more human-like than the others. As if those were signs of many battles that she endured, her body had many scars, and she truly had the Aura of a purebred warrior. She had short blond hair and green eyes. The woman also was armed with a long bow and a spear on her back.

???- Lv ???

HP: ???/ ???

MP: ???/ ???

SP: ???/ ???

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Magic: ???

Endurance: ???

Dexterity: ???

Status Points: ???

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????

Skill Points: ????, ????, ????, ????

As expected, Billy was the only one on the planet that couldn’t use that skill… he was starting to think that everyone was born with three skills, and he was forgotten. Nevertheless, the woman didn’t look like someone who wanted to waste time with pleasantries, she probably had an idea of who Billy was, but her expression only grew more severe.

“My name is Billy, and I came frol the same as you, do you get that?” Billy asked.

“Yes, what of it?” The woman asked.

“You grew in a harsh environment, but that doesn’t mean that you forgot your origins,” Billy said. “I found this place a while ago and I could have attacked if I wanted since you caused problems to some of my friends, but I didn’t because I wanted to talk first. Knowing all that, do you still want to act with so much hostility?”

“Your new home in this world must have been a pretty good place… Telling lies and betraying others is something common around here,” the woman said. “I learned a long time ago not to drop my guard no matter the circumstances. If you are waiting for that, then you will wait for a long time.”

“I am waiting for your name,” Billy said while frowning.

“… It is Meryl,” the woman said after a few moments of silence.

“It seems that you don’t want to waste time with pointless talk, so I will help you with that,” Billy said. “I have come here with two goals: to get the relics that you stole back and ask if you are interested in an alliance. I know that the enemy that controls the central part of this continent is the biggest threat, and that they are extremely powerful and that a big war is going to take place here. From the three factions of this continent, yours seems to be the most reasonable one, but it will be fine if you refuse it. You just need to forget all this and then we will try to kill each other.”


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