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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 563: Attempts (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Eventually, Billy was forced to attempt his original plan and went as far as sending a drone out of the world to monitor things in the third area. However… Even without entering that field of gravity, the drone still was shot by that beam of energy. That was truly shocking.

“What the hell… Just how?” Billy asked. “How can this asshole sense the mana of the drone when it is out of the planet? That doesn’t make any fucking sense…”

Billy considered many possibilities, but all of them were downright insane like the enemy could sense when the eyes of someone were looking at their territory. In any case, it didn’t change the fact that something like that happened.

“This guy has the power and the resources, so how come they still didn’t take over the demi-humans continent?” Billy thought. “At the very least, it it clear now why there are no signs of alliances here… The third faction is too powerful and since it took over the central area of the continent, the other two probably can’t communicate without a delay of months. That certainly would be a problem to most negotiations…”

While Billy was thinking of that, he received a report coming from the morons. It seemed that the fallen soldiers were getting more cautious, and their attacks were taking more time to happen.

“I already know this… Why are you telling me the most obvious thing?” Billy asked and then sighed. “It is only natural that they would notice that they lost more soldiers than usual lately…”

Billy realized that it was probably time to change their strategy. The number of attacks decreased because they didn’t have that many targets anymore, instead of the fact that Icarus and Lucyna caused that. Still, Billy had his head focused on the third faction, so he couldn’t say what was the best option in that situation.

While Billy was thinking, Icarus asked if it wouldn’t be better to install some surveillance lenses after looking for the other camps. In the end, Billy decided to tell them the truth, that he already had done with the necromancer and that he was having a hard time doing the same with the third faction. They didn’t reply after that.

“I guess they will come here to complain, well, whatever,” Billy thought.

Billy thought that they would arrive in a few days, but they showed up the next morning. While they knew that Billy was that type of person who would never trust completely and wait for them to do all the job, it still was really annoying for them.

“When were you planning to tell us about that?” Icarus asked.

“I guess I did at the right time since nothing would have changed if I had said it sooner,” Billy said. “I did it in order to prevent you guys from wasting time doing what I already did, but I guess you don’t need that kind of consideration.”

“It seems that you came up with another high-speed movement skill, but I suppose that isn’t our problem,” Lucyna said. “Did you find the necromancer?”

“I found his skellies,” Billy replied. “Until now, the necromancer didn’t show up. My guess is that they are building an army in a dungeon before going all out.”

“Their cautiousness makes me recall someone that is hard to deal with in many senses,” Icarus said.

“Think what you will, but that kind of caution is natural for someone who has half of a brain,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, I can say that the necromancer and that guy you two have been dealing with won’t make any more any times soon, but the third faction is the problem, I can even get close or even send something to their territory without being attacked by a massive beam of energy that probably could take those titans in a single hit.”

“… You are exaggerating, right?” Icarus asked.

“Go see for yourself then, approach the central part of that continent and keep moving once you feel the gravity getting heavier,” Billy said. “With your power, you might be able to dodge it, but who knows what they might have in store aside from that.”

Icarus stayed silent after hearing that, if anything, Billy was dead serious, and if something made him serious, then he couldn’t take it lightly either. Naturally, he was planning to confirm all that with his own eyes, but he would keep his guard up to the maximum.

“Anyway, what is the plan now?” Lucyna asked.

“What do you think our options are now?” Billy asked.

“Even if you ask me…” Lucyna while frowning. “I suppose we can take down those two camps that are near the coast of the continent and then eventually target the final one. However, that might ended up helping the final one… considering that the necromancer caused problems to our reputation, this might be hard to accept… but considering that they apparently threats their allies fairly, we could make an alliance with them.”

“Hmm… Unless we get back the relics, this alliance will only cause trouble to us later, mostly to Billy who is famous,” Icarus said. “What do you think, Billy?”

Billy agreed with them completely, and that was really weird since it was rare for their thoughts to be aligned. Nevertheless, Billy wasn’t planning on helping anyone, he just wanted to avoid future problems, and the third faction was the biggest. As for the guy controlling the fallen soldiers, they weren’t much of a threat.

“I suppose I can only say what I think once i see the nevroamncer with my own eyes,” Billy said. “If they agree of returning the relics, perhaps they can be reasoned with.”

“I am fine either way, as long as I don’t team up with that guy made those demi humans go berserk,” Icarus said. “I don’t think you will need help with the negotiations, so I will keep waiting for chances to decrease the power of that guy.”


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