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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 557: The next generation (4) Bahasa Indonesia

After flying for five hours in a zone where he only found small tribes and traces of some massive battles, Billy learned a lot. He had traveled to an area that was larger than the human continent, and yet, it seemed that the leaders of the three factions had fought many times over the years. Still, instead of staying close to each other, they moved away in order to build their forces. The leader of the fallen soldiers was in the eastern part of the demi-humans continent, and eventually, Billy found signs of another army in what seemed to be the central part of that continent.

“Usually, it is rare for a war of three parties to drag down for long… Usually, two of those three would join forces to defeat the other, usually, the stronger part,” Billy thought.

Even considering the violent nature of the most demi-humans, nothing stopped them from making alliances. Still, Billy didn’t know much about them to say if their pride would get in the way. Regardless, Billy decided to put that aside when he noticed that the signs of destruction were increasing the more he headed west.

The mana levels of the area also increased, but Billy couldn’t see many signs of monsters or animals. That was really odd… Eventually, Billy noticed that the atmosphere was also getting heavier and darker, even though it was only mid-afternoon. It was almost like a warning that something ominous was ahead.

The more Billy moved, the more those changes became visible. While they still existed. Any signs of vegetation were decreasing by leaps and bounds. Never mind giant trees. Even the grass in that area wasn’t taller than just a few centimeters…

The blue sky began to turn purple, like something toxic was in the air, and Billy actually confirmed that it was the case. The gravity and heat were also more potent than usual, so Billy’s armor began to consume more energy.

“What the hell is this…” Billy thought. “Is this someone’s magic in action?”

That was probably the most logical explanation. It was hard to believe that gravity would just be more potent in some parts of the world. In any case, the cores had been upgraded, so Billy could stay there for a while with no problem. At least that was his plan until he felt the atmosphere changing, and then a Shrive ran down his spine. In the next moment, a massive beam of energy was fired from West and almost instantly hit Billy.

Somehow, Billy reacted in time to use his arms and protect his head since that was the weakest part of the armor despite his Reinforcements. Regardless, the massive attack pushed Billy backward, and he felt like an ant trying to overpower an elephant. He knew that he had been attacked by something out of that world, but even so, for him to be unable to do anything when he was wearing that armor…

“Enough! Little piece of shit!” Billy shouted and then moved his arms.

Although he did it slowly, Billy managed to move the beam upward, and eventually, he stopped being pushed. Despite that, the energy beam kept flying in the distance and eventually left the planet like a reverse shooting start. Billy accessed the damage on his armor, but only the arm parts sustained some. Not enough to reach the magic circuits, but enough to need at least two hours to be completely repaired.

“I don’t need to keep moving forward since I am sure there is an enemy in that direction and most likely, it isn’t the necromancer,” Billy thought.

This second enemy looked a lot more troublesome since Billy didn’t cross any magic barrier, but he still was detected. The enemy was even cautious enough to attack first…

“I must be out of their detection range… Or at least they thought that they got me,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, the third party in this continent definitely belongs to the necromancer, and they must be in the western part of the demi human continent.”

It seemed that Billy’s first idea of crossing the human continent and then reaching the demi-human continent on the western side is his only option now. He didn’t want to waste time trying to cross that area ahead of him since he couldn’t say how large its perimeter was.

“I still have forty five hours worth of magic energy, this is one heck of a roundabout way, but at least it will make the guy of the central part think that I am dead or that I turned tail… As much as annoying as that is,” Billy thought.

Billy began to fly in the opporisdie6 direction while thinking about how he could improve his armor now that he found some problems. While the armor could become invisible to the eye, it still could be sensed because of the high amount of energy that it could store. Billy already considered that when he found the invisible guys, but he didn’t find a solution at that time, and now he had an extra reason to do so.

In any case, while using his own mana, Billy tried to improve the parameters of the armor, mainly the speed. Usually, that wasn’t a good idea, it would be better to improve all parameters at the same time to keep a balance and to avoid problems, but time was of the essence right now.

After flying for thirty hours nonstop, Billy managed to cross the western part of the demi-humans continent, the ocean between them, the humans continent, and even the eastern sea. He wasn’t much surprised when he found some land again, but he sighed in relief when he felt the same mana levels as before. He truly had arrived on the western side of the demi-humans continent, he could tell based on the overgrown fauna and flora. Based on his estimations, Billy would need forty hours to literally fly around that world… it also would mean that it was at least five times bigger than Earth…


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