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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 555: The next generation (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy decided to put aside his plans to find the big guns of the demi-humans continent for the time being. Since they were focused on each other, Billy didn’t have to worry too much about it. Besides, Icarus and Lucyna could find them for him. Deep down, some parts of Billy believed that he was being too lax about it, but there was nothing more important than the happiness of his kids, so it was fine. He had to organize his life a bit more, and he could forger the growth of his kids,

“So, Christina wants to learn more how to train with a spear and Hector wants to learn more about magic…” Billy said and then saw those two nodding at the same time. “There is no trick behind improvement, you just have to practice every day. However, you must do it when one of your mamas is around, okay?”

Hector and Christina nodded again. Billy was a bit surprised that Christina was interested in training with a spear and Hector was in magic. He assumed that the natural would be the other way around, but that was fine as well.

“To become good at magic, you will have to train your spirit, Hector,” Billy said. “The basics are important here, so you have to meditate every day. “Come to think of it, you can meditate by yourself, by using magic alone is forbidden. Do you understand?”

“Yes, papa,” Hector said.

“Good… The same principles apply with you, Christina,” Billy said. “You can run around the garden by yourself, but using even your training spear by yourself isn’t allowed. Also, don’t get angry when things don’t go your way. To become strong physically and mentally, you need to control your emotions and don’t act recklessly… Although it is probably too soon to tell you both that.”

While they wanted to do something a lot, those two were too young for the complicated stuff, so Billy had to keep it simple. In any case, Billy told Hector to meditate for a while, and in the meantime, he would watch Christina and correct her posture. With the idea in mind that she would learn the basic skills of his tribe, Billy began to train her, focusing on thrusts, upward slashes, and attacks after jumping toward the target. While they were simple, those skills completed each other, and they could be used in most situations.

“You don’t need to put strength behind your attacks, you just have to do them correctly for now,” Billy said. “Repeat it, until you don’t have to think about it.”

“Yes, papa,” Christina said.

Although she had been practicing for a while, Billy still had to correct her pretty often since the attention span of kids was very short. Not to mention, even Hector began to fall asleep while meditating, so he had to work on that as well.

“All right, let’s try something more practical, to balance with the boring meditation,” Billy said and then checked Hector’s status. “Hmm? When did you learn Earth magic?”

“Mama Sarah taught me,” Hector said.

“I see… All right,” Billy said. “We can’t mess with the garden or mama Kate will get angry, so you will have to manipulate small amount between the grass and slowly make a block like this.”

Billy made a small hole on the ground while he took the dirt, but it was barely noticeable. Regardless, he created an earth block the size of his fist and showed Hector. He could manipulate the ground, but he didn’t train his control yet, so that was a good chance for him.

In the end, thanks to the status bonus of the passive skills that he had, Hector managed to make a similar Earth block. While it wasn’t perfect, at least it wasn’t falling apart.

“Tomorrow, we will work on piling up another Earth block, until we can make it reach the clouds, that will be fun, right?” Billy asked.

“Right!” Hector said and then nodded.

“Okay, you return to your meditation,” Billy said. “Have you gotten used to the forms yet, Christina? Let’s see how many times you can show them without making any mistakes.”

Christina began to show the most basic forms of Light Spear, Deadly Wind, and Steel Spear one after the other. However, her focus began to wane once she passed the fifth set. It was something common to get sloppy after doing the same monotonous movements.

“No, no, you have to keep your focus,” Billy said. “If you do that, you will be able to this even better than me.”

Billy grabbed the training spear and then used the skills very slowly in order not to damage the garden by creating shockwaves and to let Christina see the moves completely. Christina nodded several times after she saw Deadly Wind. She was very eager to learn that skill since it was like the movement of an animal. Besides, turning around while jumping forward was pretty cool.

“Today, you managed to repeat the set without any mistakes seven times, so tomorrow, let’s try to do it ten times without mistake, all right?” Billy said, and then Christina nodded. “It is getting late, so you two need to take a bath before dinner.”

The final part of the day ended pretty fast since Billy was so focused on teaching his kids. It has been a while since he taught children for so long… Billy focused more on aspects outside combat when it comes to the education of his children, after all.

“This wasn’t so bad… I suppose I can keep doing this for two weeks without a lot of things changing and happening in that continent,” Billy thought. “I suppose I can investigate things there on my days off. Hector and Christina will need those as well.”

Keeping that schedule seemed fine. His kids wouldn’t miss him that much if he just stayed away for only two days. Still, Billy would have to fly around faster and thus use more mana…


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