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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 547: Influence (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Although Billy told them to keep their distance from those signs and only investigate them after a few days in order to avoid meeting the enemies so soon. Icarus insisted that it would be better to keep a close watch on them in order to find warm trails of the necromancer or possible threats of the same level on that continent. If they left that place for a while in search of power, it was clear that the necromancer had to deal with some troublesome enemies.

“I suppose telling them what not to do won’t change a thing,” Billy thought. “I should tell them what they should do when it comes to that by giving them some free reins. It will be troublesome if they end up dying and giving their powers to someone else. Still, it will also be a problem if they don’t get stronger enough to become useful once they have to fight together.”

In any case, Billy decided to think of ways to prevent their powers from falling into the wrong hands. Giving them something like the armor he made was out of the question. He didn’t have that much faith in them, after all.

As someone as crazy as Billy, his first idea was to create an item that would let him kill those two if they got too close to death while fighting. A cursed rink that would explode once their health reached a certain level would do the job… However, Billy couldn’t do that. He didn’t want to do such an underhanded thing. His kids deserved a better father than that. So, he forged some rings, but ones that had different effects.

Safeguard Ring

It grants the wearer the power to recover their health when their bodies reach a critical point.

Mana Magnetism Lv 50, Self Healing Lv 100

Charge: 0/500

Durability: 10/10

Billy nodded in satisfaction with his creation. That idea was pretty good, to the point that he decided to make some for his wives and friends. Naturally, aside from the first ones, the others could accumulate more mana and thus heal them more times. Unlike the ones Icarus and Lucyna would use, if they get so close to death and still refuse to retreat, then Billy wasn’t the one who would save them.

Despite Billy’s worries, those two returned after three days since they didn’t find any other traces of the enemies. They gladly accepted Billy’s items, but they couldn’t help but wonder if that was his way of telling them to be more careless. Even though he said the opposite before. In any case, Billy checked the memory Crystals and quickly found the one that he truly wanted. It was the one who recorded the epicenter of that earthquake. Still, Billy couldn’t help but frown while looking at it. The attack caused one heck of a tremor, but Billy didn’t find any cracks or craters around. He only found a weird circle devoid of grass and any undulations on the ground.

“The hell happened here,” Billy said while frowning.

“That was what I was hoping that you would explain to us… I have no idea what caused that tremor and this at the same time,” Icarus said.

“It is impossible to tell what happened… It’s almost like the cause erased all of the traces of their actions,” Billy said. “I am not sure this is a power the necromancer would obtain by summoning zombies and skeletons.”

“I suppose that confirms that such a continent has some powerhouses that would cause problems even to us,” Lucyna said. “We need to be careful and also need to get stronger.”

“True… Hey, Billy,” Icarus said. “If that continent is bigger than ours, do you think they would have more people like us there as well?”

“It certainly is a possibility and considering that it is a place that is in a constant state of war, the reincarnated would feel even more prone to kill one another,” Billy replied. “That being said, it also would decrease the traces and numbers of people like us.”

“Yes… Since they would kill one another on sight,” Lucyna said. “Still, if that were the case, then a reincarnated individual with the power to rule the whole continent should have appeared a long time ago. Unless… the powerhouses of that continent can even match that kind of power.”

“What a fearsome thought…” Icarus said while frowning. “That kind of power… I think even Billy can destroy the world if he wants, so… If someone stronger than him has that power…”

“Why would you say that?” Billy asked. “Don’t bring that kind of example when I already have some reasons to kick your ass and had never done that despite it.”

“Do you have?” Icarus asked.

“The list keeps going by the day, and it just increased as well,” Billy replied.

Icarus laughed a little, but soon he stopped since he didn’t know if Billy was being serious or not. Sometimes, it was hard to get a good read on him. Nevertheless, the fact remains that some individuals on the new continent might become a problem to them. Considering that the necromancer acted like that, it was hard to say if they considered that their help would be useless or if they wouldn’t work with him for some other reason…

The group kept analyzing the other memory crystals, but they didn’t find anything interesting or unusual. It was about time that they stopped analyzing the environment, and they tried to learn more about the inhabitants of that place.

“It is about time we take the next step,” Billy declared. “We should make something like an encyclopedia and register data regarding the inhabitants and monsters of that continent. Their variety is too high to memorize everything about them, after all.”

“I guess I will do that then,” Icarus said. “If I control my speed a bit more, I should be able to draw and write things about them pretty fast.”


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