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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 543: Waiting for the chance (2) Bahasa Indonesia

After saying goodbye to his wives with some kisses, Billy left his home at midnight and then headed to his workshop. Although armor two was fifty percent more powerful than the first prototype, it still was two times more efficient, and the cores were more powerful as well. So, it could function for forty hours with all the mana that it could store. At least just by flying around, things would be different when fighting.

Magic Ninja Suit

Capacity: 4.000.000/ 4.000.000 MP

Speed: 8.333 m/s

Effects: Light Walk Lv 100, Cooldown Lv.100, Warmth Lv 10, Steel Skin Lv 100, Invisibility Lv 100, Stealth Lv 100, Silent Work Lv 100

Durability: 10.000/ 10.000

The second armor wasn’t just cooler. It was better in all possible aspects. Still, Billy was tired of looking at his work… Even though he felt that he exaggerated when he made its speed be so many times faster than the sound. Under normal circumstances, if he could use that armor on Earth, he would be able to reach the moon in like six minutes…

“Nevertheless, even if this thing is that fast, I doubt that I can use it’s full speed during a battle, my brain isn’t used to that kind of speed, after all,” Billy thought. “I can’t get carried away with this.”

Billy was planning to improve the cores whenever possible in order to increase the duration that the armor could operate. Still, it would take one week for that to happen if he uses all the energy in store. So, he had to be cautious with its use… the idea of heading east to find that continent had to be put on hold because of that.

Once Billy left his hideout, he flew high while heading West. Although everything around him was dark, he still could see the ocean well, thanks to the improvements in the armor and the fact that he had Magic Eyes as well. In any case, despite its absurd speed, the armor took six hours to reach the continent, and when it did, it was already morning. Even from far away, Billy could tell that pretty much everything there was massive. He had seen things thanks to the memory crystals, so he wasn’t exactly shocked, but…

After slowing down his speed, Billy decided to fly low. He used the camouflage of the armor during the whole trip, so he didn’t have to do it now. That decreased the duration that the armor could keep working, but it was necessary to keep the surprise factor on his hands at all times.

“I guess those are the spots that Icarus found,” Billy said while looking at a lake and a destroyed village.

The area around didn’t have much of anything else, so Billy didn’t feel like investigating it. It probably had been abandoned after some attacks… A very secretive group of people probably lived in that village, and they either were killed during the attack, or they moved to another place.

When Billy approached some mountains, he finally found the village of those thick-armed people that Icarus showed on the memory crystal. Most of them lived pretty leisurely, just carrying boulders, trunks, and some animals… Their physical strength truly was amazing. Billy thought that such an area would be dangerous, but his guess was wrong, that those demi-humans were feared by others.

Just when Billy was thinking of that, he heard a loud ground coming from one of the mountains nearby. It didn’t take long for him to find a massive bird flying over it and heading toward that village. The massive bird was like an extra-sized version of a crown, but aside from black, its feathers were also crimson red, and Billy could see smoke coming from the monster’s mouth.

“The species of monsters here are truly something else…” Billy thought, and when he saw the members of that tribe preparing to fight while carrying some trunks of trees.

In the end, before the creature could use any fire breath or something similar, the villagers began to throw those five meters long trunks toward the monsters. The creature dodged the first few, but once one of them scratched the bird, the others quickly hit the monster in a quick succession. That was the downside of having high mobility and power… Usually, with those two, you wouldn’t have endurance.

“That level of strength… Is even higher than the most powerful barbarians,” Billy thought.

If they could fight with their fists, those demi-humans probably could smash humans with a single hit. Even if they weren’t fast, their durability should be high. In any case, once the bird fell, those demi-humans went to grab the corpse, and after taking the feathers, they began to cook it… In their place, Billy wouldn’t eat something that emits smoke from their mouth…

“Putting that aside, I can feel a lot of mana around,” Billy thought. “I can’t drain mana from the environment without the cores, but at least I can use them to improve themselves. Nevertheless, I think those mountains might be a good place to park the armor and hide it.”

Billy still had some room to keep exploring while using the mana of the armor, but it would be better if he focused on being efficient with its use. Before doing that, though, he used Mana Dominion to see if he could feel someone’s mana around him, but he didn’t. It would be weird if he suddenly leaves the armor and someone finds him as well. So, it didn’t seem like a problem.

In any case, when Billy approached the mountain, he gave up on that idea since he saw many lizard-like creatures walking around as if they owned the place. While he could kill them, he didn’t want to leave any traces behind, and just decreasing their numbers would be enough to raise some suspicions. Billy will have to find another place if he wants to take a break…


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