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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 542: Waiting for the chance (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“What are you going to show us, Billy?” Kate asked.

“Just one thing that you might want to use it if something happens,” Billy said. “I am going to do something far away from here and I might take a few days to return. While I took some countermeasures to protect the house and you all, this might help if all that fails.”

Billy called his wives to his workshop in order to show them the armors he made. The first prototype could be used by anyone, even without much practice, and Billy even created some extra cores there so that it could be used by them. He had some ideas about what else he could do regarding the armor, but that was something for the future. Right now, that armor would do the job.

“I am planning to hunt the guy who attacked the temple city and the samurai and he is too far away for all of us to go after him,” Billy said. “Also, the kids won’t like the trip using normal means, so I am going alone this time.”

Billy explained without giving many details about the necromancer and their actions and how he believed that he was from a land beyond the ocean. While the girls had a hard time grasping that, they could tell that this guy was as troublesome as the summoner and Jeannette.

“I was planning to make one of those to each one of you, but only after I confirm things on those far away lands,” Billy said, and then he pointed to the armors. “This is what I have been working on in the last few months. This is the armor prototype one, I will leave it in your hands, it gathers the mana of the environment to move, but it obeys the will of the one inside the armor. As of now, it can work one hour per day at full power and considering its reserves at maximum, it can go on for ten hours without break, it can also repair itself. So, don’t worry about repairing, aside from that…”

“The second armor looks a lot cooler, I take it you are going to use it,” Natalie said while ignoring the amazing features that the armor had.

Billy sighed. He left a manual behind, but he still tried to tell them how to use the armor still… Nevertheless, Billy could understand why the girls were more interested in the second armor. It looked quite ninja-like, and Billy went all on it. Even without trying to make it cooler, it still got their attention.

“Putting that aside, try not to do anything suspicious, the key elements of those armors is to put the enemies on guard and force them to fear what is inside without knowing who is,” Billy said. “Anyway, I will call Blitz too, to help on the security here.”

“You sure are nervous about this,” Kate said.

“That is because I don’t know a single thing about this guy, that is also one of the reasons I am going on this mission,” Billy said. “There is nothing worse than an enemy that you know nothing of.”

“That makes sense,” Sarah added. “I can feel a lot of mana inside the armor, wind magic, earth magic… The other elements… It must be a lot faster than the magic aircraft, it must be able to fly at supersonic speeds. Considering that you worked so much on this, it must be true that the enemy is very far away.”

“What? You thought that I was lying?” Billy frowned.

“Not lying, but we do know that you keep a lot of things to yourself,” Sarah replied. “After all, we don’t even know what half of the things around here are supposed to do.”

Billy grunted in pain. His workshop had many things, after all. He only shared with the others the things that truly improved their lives, but it was clear that Billy had many more tools with different uses. Still, none of his wives wanted to complain since it was as clear as day that he avoided making weapons that could cause wars. Even while keeping his secrets, Billy was being considered… For the most part.

“If you want to test the armor, do it at night, but don’t go too far,” Billy said. “I am going to leave tonight, so I will spend the rest of the day with the kids.”

The girls nodded. Only ten years had passed since they fought side by side, fighting off invaders of other states and monsters. Now Billy was heading to somewhere far away in flying armor… They felt like it was almost impossible to keep up with Billy, but at least he didn’t change much since those days. He still valued his friends and family above anything else. While knowing that, the girls only wished to support him and wait for the chance to help.

Billy – Lv 397 111.000/ 494.000 EXP

HP: 2646/ 2646

MP: 5091/ 5091

SP: 1291/ 1291

Strength: 479 + 380

Speed: 363 + 330

Magic: 1308 + 795

Endurance: 142 + 380

Dexterity: 119

Status Points: 355

Skills: Gungnir Lv 85 (+ 05 UP), Destructive Aura Lv 97 (+ 10 UP), Fierce Blast Lv 74 (+05UP), Body Enhancement Lv 41 (+ 10 UP), Physical Disturbance Lv 31 (+ 30 UP),

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞, Beastly Summoning Lv ∞, Absolute Summoning Link Lv ∞, Mana Shield Lv 69 (+ 14 UP), Mana Dominion Lv 51 (+ 10 UP), Reflect Lv 28 (+ 17 UP),

Passive: Blacksmithing Lv 91 (+ 20 UP), Alchemy Lv 112(+16 UP), Magic Conscience Lv 25 (+ 24 UP)

Skill Points: 860

While spending some quality time with his kids, Billy wondered if he didn’t wait for a bit longer soon, he would have nine hundred skill points, and he would be able to see some skills in the shop he had never seen. They might help him during his mission, but he didn’t want to wait one week for that…


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