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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 535: Armors (2) Bahasa Indonesia

A few days later, Icarus finally returned, and those three had another secret meeting. According to Icarus, he fought several monsters, and most of them resembled the octopus that Billy fought when he destroyed the underwater dungeons.

“I am thinking that perhaps someone from that continent knows how to create dungeons and used those monsters as guardians,” Icarus said.

“I suppose that makes sense…” Lucyna said. “What do you think, Billy?”

“I am of the belief that one of us wouldn’t have that kind of power… So, I also think that makes sense,” Billy said and then nodded. “Given that we can only gain experience by defeating dungeon monsters, I assumed that something or someone beyond this world would be the creator of these dungeons, but…”

“There is still a small chance that all of this is a coincidence,” Icarus said. “That being said, it wouldn’t be weird if other places had more developed magic… Thanks to people like us, the history of this continent are too short since they ended up fighting against one another and destroying everything around.”

Billy nodded… He didn’t know if the other continent was bigger or not. Still, if the people there managed to survive over the years without losing so many civilizations, then that idea made sense. Also, considering the type of monsters that lived on their coasts, they should be pretty strong as well.

“With my mana level, I can only go and return to that continent. Fighting would be pretty risky,” Icarus said. “Still, we can’t ignore such a place since it might be the homeland of others like us. So, I would like to have the support of your best pills.”

“That can be done. We need to be one step ahead of the necromancer, and investigating their land is the only way to try to achieve that,” Billy said. “I will try to make some items that will help us reach that continent under better conditions, but that will take a while. Given how long the necromancer has stayed silent this time, he either is doing something else and decides to ignore me, or they are preparing for a really big fight.”

“If you two go all out, not much of this capital will survive,” Lucyna said.

“I am already working on countermeasures against that,” Billy said. “But I still would rather bring the fight to them… Are you sure you can keep investigating that continent?”

“I am totally fine, if you give me even more high-quality pills, I will arrive there even faster, and no one will notice me,” Icarus said.

“Your overconfidence might be your downfall… Fly too close to the sun, and you will know what will happen,” Billy said.

“I will take the warning to heart. We don’t know anything about this next continent, so we need to be careful, huh…” Icarus said.

Billy wondered what he should do. Aside from some high-quality pills, he probably could give Icarus one of the prototypes of cores he came up with. Those won’t last long, and their effects were weak, so it seemed fine.

“You can do this if you want. If you keep it with yourself, it will recover your mana naturally,” Billy said while passing to Icarus, a core that seemed like a round blue stone. “It won’t last forever, so only hold it when you feel that you need mana.”

Icarus frowned upon receiving the core. Even though he had no talent for magic, he still could feel a lot of power on the core, and it immediately began to restore his mana. It was weird to recover mana like that without the pills.

“What is this?” Icarus asked.

“Nothing important,” Billy replied. “Anyway, we will be waiting for some valuable information, and don’t be reckless since you won’t have a backup.”

“Roger that,” Icarus said. “Speaking of which, aren’t you making any progress with the magic cellphone? I will gladly accept one even if it is a copy of a model that is twenty years behind our previous one in terms of functions.”

“… I wasn’t even planning to add numbers on those…” Billy replied while frowning. “Anyway, I am kind of busy, so I put I Creation of those on hold.”

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped,” Icarus said and then prepared to leave.

“If you find yourself in trouble, retreat without thinking twice,” Lucyna said. “It will be a pain if you stop sending messages, and then we will have to wonder if you are killed or captured. That will make us easier time.”

“If they torture you, say that you won’t tell them anything, even if they kill you,” Billy added. “That always works.”

“You guys need to work on your encouraging speeches…” Icarus said before he left.

Soon after, Lucyna left as well. At that point in time, with those hidden meetings at night, Billy started to feel like they were some kind of organization that was up to no good. While putting those weird thoughts aside, Billy headed to his home… Things were quite peaceful lately, but Billy still felt compelled to continue working on his new armor. He promised to Kate that he wouldn’t exaggerate. Still, he couldn’t relax while knowing that there was someone troublesome lurking around in the shadows.

“I worked so hard on building my spies organization, but they can’t do a thing to inform me of the enemies that are in other continents,” Billy thought.

Maybe Billy should use monsters to act as his spies… It seemed that their numbers and power were a lot bigger if compared to the ones on his continent. Fortunately, there was one large ocean between them. In any case, Billy would need to make them with some special skills, and he was too busy with the armor at the moment.

“I shouldn’t try to do too many things at the same time and fail at all of them…” Billy thought. “I will focus on the armor since it will be my triumph card.”


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