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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 531: Defense system (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Mana Magnetism: It grants you the power to drain mana from the environment when in total sync with it.

Golem-Replication: It grants the golem the power to replicate itself after having enough mana to do so.

Billy had thought of those skills when he created the golems. While he didn’t understand them, since they appeared, it confirmed that they could be obtained using his system. Either by being learned or by using the skill shop. Unfortunately, Billy didn’t want to turn into a golem, so the second skill was useless. As for the first one…

“I will have to watch the golems for a while to see how that works,” Billy thought. “That will certainly add to my knowledge of mana, and then I will take the next step with its use.”

Billy also watched his Golems replicating after a while… The only problem was that their replicas had to grow after a new core was separated from their bodies. A single golem with those skills consumed ten thousand points of mana, and they could create an extra golem every day. However, the new Golems needed many days to grow. After watching things for a while, Billy assumed that it would take at least six months for them to reach the same level as the first generation.

“I suppose this much is fine… In six months, I will have around ninety thousand of those, huh,” Billy thought. “A self-replicating army is exactly what a villain needs, but they are even better when they are supposed to protect something.”

While Billy was working on observing the Golems and trying to learn Mana Magnetism, he felt a familiar presence approaching his home, and when Billy left his arena, he found Samara crossing the garden.

“Hi, Billy,” Samara said. “Sorry for taking my time to return. I have been busy.”

It seemed that Samara was also past the big bro age… Billy could understand that she was trying to look and act more adult-like with her behavior and words, so he didn’t mind that much.

“I heard that you are up to something unusual,” Billy said. “Do you want to make a clan and then a guild or something?”

“No, I just find it fun to help newbies,” Samara replied. “While it isn’t the same as the sisters who work as instructors, I think I like helping parties of newbies and helping them for a short while.”

That was quite the unusual way of living an adventurer’s life. Newbies’ parties don’t make much money, so Samara will have to work pretty often. Still, money wasn’t everything, and by working like that, Samara will get many connections, and they might come in handy in the future.

“It seems you two aren’t working together as often as before,” Billy said.

“Well, it isn’t like we need to work together. Most of the dungeons are too easy when we try to clear them by ourselves,” Samara said. “Your second dungeon is the only one we didn’t clear yet since it would take too long to reach it.”

That was something Billy hadn’t heard before… While Samuel likes to train and get stronger, he rarely brags, so he never mentions that. In any case, Samara decided to stay in the house for a few days, and she practiced her skills with Samuel. Their paths were starting to diverge, but it wasn’t like they were moving away from each other. Upon realizing that, Billy thought that it was fine.

Regardless, on the surface, Billy was enjoying a peaceful time with his family. Still, when he was alone, he couldn’t help but worry about the things that were happening behind the curtains. In the end, of his fears actually took place… And he heard that the capital of Meido state was attacked. It took a few days for his spies to confirm that. Still, they eventually learned that an old relic of the family of descendants of Angus was stolen. Billy didn’t know of any other relic, so his hammer was probably going to be the next target… Still, he couldn’t help but the wonder if the necromancer would be that insane to attack his home. Much more than before or at other times, Billy will really wish to kill the enemy if they do that…

“… I suppose I should tell those two about the necromancer,” Billy thought.

Icarus and Lucyna received the message, and they wrote to him that they were going to return as well. They spent too much time looking for the Necromancer, after all. They knew as well that Billy might become the next target, so it would be easier to help if they stayed nearby.

While looking at the magic hammer he got, Billy wondered about the secret behind those old relics… Did the reincarnated pass a part of their powers to those? Or did they put a part of their soul? He didn’t think that they would seal themselves in such tools, and considering that the previous owner of the hammer talked with the creator of the relic, he was almost certain that it was like a vessel to their powers… A like between that world and them.

Billy was in the middle of his training to learn Mana Magnetism. Still, he decided to test that thing that Angus and Galatea did… While he already had some experience giving his items the effects that he wanted, it had been a while since he did anything advanced with them. Besides, Billy was pretty sure the foundation was the same.

“I suppose the more mana I put into it, the more powerful the effects will be,” Billy thought. “Still, even if it isn’t, I can always make it level up.”

As a test, Billy tried to make a ring that would grant the user the power to use Telekinesis, but in the end, Billy failed… He wondered if it was because he couldn’t understand the skill, and he could only use it because he got it from Jeannette… Nevertheless, Billy persisted.


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