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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 528: Questions (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Lily knew that a skill like that would be perfect for her as someone who used projectiles all the time to fight. That was why she was trying so hard to learn it. Still, it didn’t seem like she was making much progress, just like the others. Unfortunately, Billy could only do so much for them to help them learn the skill. The rest was with them…

Nevertheless, before it got dark, the group destroyed two other dungeons, and Billy confirmed that they were pretty similar to the mines he destroyed. They didn’t have bifurcations, and the guardians somehow got the knowledge of the defeated ones and tried to use that knowledge against Billy. Naturally, he didn’t let monsters outsmart him…

“I guess this truly was a distraction…” Billy thought while he felt the level of mana of the ocean decrease. “It doesn’t seem something like a necromancer would be able to pull off, but still… Something big is starting.”

“What is wrong, Billy?” Kate asked. “We did a lot today, and while we only helped our state, we can help the others afterward… we will them, right?”

“I suppose… but we will have to stay away from home for a few days,” Billy said while scratching the back of his head. “We can take a break for a few days since I don’t think that they are in desperate need of help. Aura is being helped by Rosalie, after all.”

“What about your friends down south?” Alexander asked. “I am fine in keeping going like this, it is for a just cause, after all.”

“I only have one friend there and trying to make any more will be a pain since it a state that has many leaders involved in politics,” Billy replied.

“I think it will be better if solve all of this once and for all,” Lily added.

Natalie and Kate apparently shared the same thoughts, but they still waited for Billy’s final answer. In the end, he nodded. They had a point… It would be better to destroy all the dungeons as fast as possible… That was what he did with those four. Regardless, whoever created those, probably couldn’t do so that easily, so destroying them will help the group and the states.

While Billy was driving home, he wondered if the creator of those dungeons was the same who made those mines appear in Lucyna state. There were too many similarities between them, after all. Still, Billy thought until now that their arrival was like a natural phenomenon. Maybe there was a reincarnated individual who could make those, and that guy was working with the necromancer. Or maybe the necromancer found that ability or killed someone to obtain it, or maybe some unknown forces were working with them, forces beyond that continent… The possibilities were too numerous.

“One problem at a time, I guess…” Billy thought and then sighed. “We need to destroy the dungeons and then I can worry about that. In any case, I need to share those thoughts with Icarus and Lucyna and make them raise their guard.”

After sending the message, Billy began to work on the fuel of the submarine, they won’t have the chance to stop anywhere, so they would need a lot of fuel to move around even for just a week… Most likely, all the free space will end up being used for that purpose.

“It is good that I have a good foundation to make money, because I am using a lot to help people and I guess that even Jean and Aura would frown at the cost of these operations,” Billy thought while he was working.

Still, Billy couldn’t even think of asking for compensation since all those problems were probably caused by his existence and of the other reincarnated. Naturally, he didn’t choose to be reincarnated, even though he was thankful for it. He probably would have done it if he had the control over it, even if he knew about those events…

Billy worked until pretty late, and during that time, he waited for a response coming from those two. In the end, he got a reply, but nothing major. The reply said that they didn’t find any traces of the necromancer, and regarding the dungeons, they didn’t know what to say. They agreed that Billy’s guesses made sense, but they had nothing to add since they didn’t have much experience dealing with those.

“So useless…” Billy said and then sighed before shooting his head. “No… I am getting angry, I can’t let that mess with my head. Anyway, perhaps I should make my spies do some research in the libraries about the guilds all over the world. They had the skills to pretend to be adventurers, after all.”

Billy needed more Intel, but he couldn’t leave his home like before… While Helen had her mother, he still needed to be around and help with everything possible. Besides, his other kids also were growing up, and he finally had a good relationship with both of them… He couldn’t destroy that because of his worries.

Billy and his friends left the next day early in the morning to destroy the other dungeons that were causing problems on the western coast. While it was a troublesome job that even took one week to be finished, Billy waited with high anticipation to find treasures underwater, but he didn’t find anything…

Although most states didn’t have boats larger than finishing boats, he imagined that the old civilizations had tried to explore the oceans… In the end, his guess was as wrong as it could have been. Fortunately, the real mission had been pretty easy. The guardians of the cores weren’t that troublesome, and the group only had a hard time when they got in the cold waters of Meido state, which were almost at freezing point. While that worked as a good training to improve their cold Resistance they took turns on helping Billy because the cold was just too much….


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