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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 526: Questions (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The worms were massacred in droves, but even they had a card up their sleeve… while they couldn’t use their water spells that well underwater, things changed when they used them together. A massive burst of water was sent toward Billy and the others, and he was forced to slow it down by freezing the water in front of him. Still, they were pushed backward for dozens of meters. Eventually, half of the dungeon froze, and the worms died. Things got dangerous for a second, but all is well that ends well. Billy also learned his lesson, so it was fine. The monsters won’t have the chance to scare him again.

You obtained 250 experience points.

The skill Water Transformation obtained 125 experience points.

You obtained 250 experience points.

The skill Water Transformation obtained 125 experience points.

Billy’s friends looked at him as if he had gone too far and used too much energy, but he knew that things would get messy if the attack had hit them at full power. In the best-case scenario, they would lose the tools that let them fight there, and in the worst, they would end up hitting some sharp rocks around the dungeon. That would be way too dangerous…

In any case, Billy had to use some extra mana to get rid of the ice, but he still had plenty left in the tank. Considering that he might fight a guardian of the core, he wasn’t even worried. The reason for that was the fact that he didn’t think he was going to face anything on the level of a titan.

After getting off the corpses, Billy began to lead the others again, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the final part of the dungeon. Unfortunately, something annoying was there… It was a massive octopus. The creature was at least fifty meters long, and it was holding the core of the dungeon like it was the most precious thing in the world…

“The final room is pretty large, so that thing will be able to attack and move without any restrictions,” Billy thought.

It didn’t seem like a good idea to attack now after having a meeting with his friends and deciding their battle plan. However, if Billy decides to do that, they will waste time, and getting rid of all the five dungeons on that day will become impossible.

While Billy was thinking, his friends noticed his hesitation. They couldn’t blame him, even now, the giant octopus was glaring at them, and that was rather unsettling.

In the end, Billy decided to do something reckless again… there was no time to play with the monster, after all. He made a massive Earth spike emerge from the ground and made it spin as fast as possible. The guardian noticed the danger to its life and moved to repel the projectile. The creature even created an ice wall… While Billy frowned for a moment, he didn’t stop. He fired when the projectile was ready, and then it hit the thick ice wall creating several cracks around while it was piercing it. Thanks to the advantage of the terrain, the creature blocked the attack, but others came in quick succession.

Billy’s friends wondered what he was doing. It certainly looked like a roundabout way to kill the guardian from a distance. Still, freezing everything around wouldn’t work since the monster could do the same. Still, they soon realized that Billy had another plan in mind… while the earth spikes and the ice walls were being destroyed. Billy was also creating a massive ice spear close to the ceiling, and the monster was too close to see that… the projectile was also spinning insanely fast, to the point that the others began to be pulled toward it.

Fortunately, before the power could become too much for them, Billy fired. He also activated Destructive Aura and Magic Support in order to increase the power of the attack. In the end, the projectile pierced the ever-growing ice wall and hit the octopus’s head… It didn’t stop there. It passed through it and then hit the core of the dungeon.

You obtained 500.000 experience points.

All of your water-related skills obtained 100.000 experience points.

The dungeon began to fall apart the moment the core was destroyed. So, Billy didn’t have time to check his rewards… Regardless, he led their escape from the dungeon, and the others made sure to increase their speed. Billy destroyed some earth blocks that got in his way, but ultimately, the escape had been rather easy.

Kate got nervous when she saw the dungeon falling apart, but eventually, she saw everyone leaving and sighed in relief. In the end, Billy really destroyed the core, but no one could blame him. Even if those dungeons help the economy of the state, no one could ask for more than one to be left behind.

“Phew… I suppose we need to keep quiet about this,” Alexander said when he left the ocean. “Some people might complain if they hear that we destroyed a dungeon… I never heard of anyone doing that.”

“Oh? I am liking it, you are finally starting to use your brain,” Lily said and then patted him.

“Joke around as much as you want,” Alexander said.

“It seems everyone is fine…” Kate said. “I thought you guys would return after seeing the guardian once, but i guess Billy is in a hurry.”

“No time to stop here,” Billy declared. “We are going to use the submarine like a ship, so take a break and enjoy the clean air while we head to the next dungeon. This will be your only chance to rest before the next target, so use it well.”

“See? Really in a hurry,” Kate said.

It was a bit risky to travel above the ocean, but even Billy wanted to dry his body and clones using sunlight. It was quite uncomfortable to stay underwater without proper clothes… Nevertheless, the job had just started.


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