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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 525: Progress (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“All right, we are approaching the first dungeon, so we are going to explore slowly in order to gain experience,” Billy declared. “I am going to leave the submarine floating, so I think at least one of us should stay nearby and guard it. If no one wants to volunteer, then we will decide by seeing who will be the slowest and most nervous underwater. In any case, just follow my lead and copy my moves. It isn’t anything hard.”

After overseeing the dungeon for a while, billy and the others learned that groups of water worms leave it every thirty minutes for whatever reason. Probably to have some advantage over other creatures of the ocean… Nevertheless, even though the group had five hundred monsters, they were thoroughly exterminated…

After that, Billy parked the submarine and then was the first to jump to the ocean with his equipment on. He knew that he was lacking a lot more, but the basics were enough… The others followed him, and it was clear that they felt quite uncomfortable. They couldn’t move the way they wanted, the tank was always pushing them downward, and the visibility wasn’t that good. They also couldn’t communicate, so they could only follow Billy’s lead and hope that they would solve it faster if something went wrong. In any case, after watching everyone for a while, Billy confirmed that none of them was moving weirdly or looked nervous. Still, Kate signaled for him to go up.

“… I think that I will guard the submarine,” Kate declared. “While I have been doing strength training, I feel weak as before. This feeling is quite annoying, and I can’t see myself fighting well in a confined space.”

“That is all right. There is nothing to feel bad about it,” Billy said. “Anyway, if you notice something weird in the dungeon, don’t act harshly. Wait for at least ten minutes before you do something.”

“What if you guys need help?” Kate asked.

“Before something that might force us to need help happens, I will explore the place,” Billy declared.

Kate sighed and shook her head. Billy was crazy enough to do so. In the end, she had never heard of anyone destroying a dungeon, but it might be necessary there. After all, few people could approach it, so managing like usual was impossible. Destroying a dungeon was usually something that would affect the environment and the economy of a region, but since those were new, it was probably fine to do that… it was hard to say. Still, it was better than taking unnecessary risks.

In any case, Billy joined the others because they didn’t have much time until the next group of enemies arrived. It would be better to deal with them before they leave the last part of the dungeon.

While following Billy’s lead, the others approached the dungeon and turned on their flashlights when Billy turned his. They couldn’t help but frown since it emitted a lot more light than expected. They would see things as clearly as the day, even in an underwater cave. Unless some stupid mistake is made, it would be hard for them not to notice the enemies’ approach with those. Still, given that they were following Billy’s lead, that would be unlikely.

When they entered the dungeon, the group assumed their positions as Billy had instructed them. Since they wouldn’t walk, they needed to keep away from each other while diving. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to use their weapons. In any case, the interior of the dungeon was completely covered by the vegetation that was common for corals, it was quite slimy, so Billy didn’t feel eager to touch it. Apparently, Lily shared his concerns, while Alexander and Natalie couldn’t care less about it. It was a weird feeling for Billy to know that Natalie could be more masculine than him… It was a mix of pride and shame, but it was probably because of his ego.

Regardless, the path of the dungeon was going downward and sometimes to the sides. While Billy expected that, he was worried that their bodies wouldn’t endure such pressure. Still, even after a while, he didn’t notice any changes. Things were looking up, so they could focus on the task ahead without caring about anything else just like Billy had originally planned..

“I suppose we are fine… I had planned to make some kind of magic armor to help with this job if things got difficult, but that won’t be necessary,” Billy thought.

Eventually, before Billy and the others could find the end of the dungeon, he felt a wave of mana ahead, and while it wasn’t a violent one, he could tell that problems just had arrived, so he signalized to his friends to stop and ready themselves… the worms had spawned again. For whatever reason, they generated at the same time and in large groups, so they had to be dealt with like that.

Billy and his friends prepared to fight, and they also fixed their posture. The magic crossbows that Billy made fired special wind bolts. Their speed and piercing power were quite high, and because of that, they had a powerful kick. Still, Billy projected them with that in mind and in order to kite the enemy inside the dungeon. While they fight, they also would gain some distance over the enemies with each shot, but without caution, those would only hurt them.

After finishing their preparations, the group saw a massive wave of worms swimming toward them. Billy felt goosebumps, and he could tell that Lily felt the same. Thanks to that, they were the first to fire, and they had another reason not to miss their shots. With each projectile, the head of a worm exploded. In the blink of an eye, dozens of them died, and Billy finally noticed that their bodies would block their paths if they were left like that… In that sense, the kick of the crossbows helped them.


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