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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 522: Progress (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“Just touch the cannons and fill them with mana once you are done aiming,” Billy said when he saw the worms trying to surround them. “You can’t let them touch us, or getting rid of them will be troublesome.”

Billy made some spears made of Mana Construct to fly toward the enemies ahead. While he had three cannons to control as well, he had attached some of those weapons below the submarine to use them in situations like that. It was a lot easier to control his aiming. Besides, he could level up Mana Constructs even more. As such, the skill began to obtain a lot of experience since the monsters began to die.

You obtained 250 experience points.

The skill Mana Constructs obtained 125 experience points.

You obtained 250 experience points.

The skill Mana Constructs obtained 125 experience points.

“Even underwater, those move pretty fast…” Alexander said as he watched Billy killing the monsters with his spears. “So that is how it works in combat…”

“Focus on protecting the area ahead of you…” Billy said and then sighed.

Billy’s friends began to use the Cannons, and they frowned since they only fired Wind Spheres, it didn’t seem like the best type of magic to use underwater, but much to their surprise, thanks to their rotation speed, they flew quite fast. Not to mention, the bodies of the worms exploded when they got hit.

“Well, this is… sorry, sorry!” Alexander said when he saw Lily glaring at him.

It wasn’t time to be surprised. They had to keep shooting because the number of worms was a lot higher than before. The crystal clear water was getting red in some parts due to the blood of those creatures… It was weird that their blood was red.

After the first wave of enemies had been dealt with, Billy began to turn the submarine to look around the area. He had only conceded the tunnel to the village he protected before, so it was time to check the others. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them to reach those… And Billy got reckless enough to even dive deep into the wave of enemies to give his friends on both sides the chance to attack.

“Hahaha, this is more like the old Billy!” Alexander said while laughing. “Charging straight to the enemy and attacking nonstop. What a dude!”

“How come you can be so excited?” Kate asked while frowning. “You said that we can’t let you touch the vehicle, and yet you charge at them like that?”

“If you want an omelet, you need to break some eggs,” Billy said.

“What is that supposed to mean…” Kate asked and then sighed.

“Which means that we need to hurry, and nothing was gained by being careful,” Billy said.

It wasn’t like it was the first time that Billy had done something reckless, so his friends didn’t waste time complaining. Instead of that, they attacked the worms nonstop with the cannons. When some of them got dangerously close to the submarine, Billy used one of his spears to get rid of it.

“Don’t get used to this. Attack faster!” Billy said.

Billy’s friends nodded and then began to attack even faster, they were getting used to the cannons, so their confidence was increasing. Besides, they knew that the submarine couldn’t keep going forever, so they had to kill as many enemies as possible.

After the third round of fights, Billy noticed that the level of mana of the ocean dropped a little bit… He thought that the dungeon breaks were what caused that, but it seemed that it was the number of monsters. He also realized after using Appraisal that the levels of the monsters had increased by twenty since the last time he saw them… Their presence altered the sea, and the mana levels increased their power. It was almost the same thing that happens with dungeons when the weather nearby them changes.

Still, after a couple of hours, Billy didn’t notice their levels decreasing… Since they had already gained their power, they couldn’t lose it. Fortunately, the new spawned creatures probably will be a bit weaker compared to them. In any case, while he was fighting and driving, Billy lost the notion of time. He only realized that he had used too much fuel when the ocean began to get dark and the night was approaching. He had installed floodlights on the submarine, but it would be useless without fuel.

“We are going to retreat now and return tomorrow,” Billy declared.

“Well, this was a lot more intense than expected…” Lily said and then sighed.

“We are almost out of fuel, huh,” Kate said. “What will happen if we run out of it?”

“The submarine stops moving, we sink, we lose the ability to generate breathable air….” Billy said and then saw everyone gulping. “That was why I can also make the vehicle work using my own mana. As if I would let such a pesky problem kill me.”

Billy’s friends got annoyed since he tried to scare them, and Kate pinched his side while the submarine was returning to the tunnel. They had killed a lot of worms that day, so they should have decreased of the soldiers and adventurers standing by quite a lot. Billy took his punishment to heart since it wasn’t time to joke around… Regardless, the group returned to the capital and felt relieved when they left the submarine. It was mentally exhausting to stay in such a confined space for so long.

Billy gave the order to the others to go rest while he checked the submarine for some parts that needed to be repaired. While the enemies never had the chance to attack, it was necessary to be cautious. If things get messy underwater, then they would become sitting ducks, and he had to make sure that it would never happen. In any case, considering the time it was used, the submarine didn’t take much damage. So, Billy’s work was finished quite soon.


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