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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 521: Reflect (2) Bahasa Indonesia

On the next morning, Billy received a message from his spies, and they told him that the number of monsters leaving the ocean was increasing, and while nothing had happened yet, it was only a matter of time before some deaths take place… for the time being, the soldiers and adventurers we’re making it do with the pills that the spies were selling… but only for the time being. As expected, his friends and he had to start moving soon and solve that issue before it becomes a real pain in the ass for them… it was unavoidable, but he felt like sighing.

“I guess it is time to clear those dungeons… the cores probably got some kind of boost since the mana level of the oceans increased,” Billy thought. “Going alone in the submarine would be possible to do some clean-up, but I guess the others should get used to the things down there as soon as possible. Maybe I can clear a few dungeons inside here, but I doubt that all of them can fit the submarine… Sarah isn’t completely recovered yet, so someone will have to stay behind with her just in case.”

Billy decided to call everyone to have a meeting about the situation, and after explaining everything to them, Sarah looked like she was about to say that she would be fine on her own. Still, with Hector and Christina around, always moving, it would be better to leave someone to keep an eye on them.

“While the new vehicle has some weapons that you can feed your mana to attack, it isn’t perfect. The power is based on your level of mana,” Billy said. “I think you should shit this one out, Natalie.”

“Fine by me. The idea of sitting in a confined space doesn’t seem that appealing to me,” Natalie said. “Besides, it is clear that you won’t solve the entire problem today.”

“Yes, the submarine will be mostly used to do some exploration in the area,” Billy said. “After that, we will fight with our own bodies. That was why I taught Mana Constructs for you guys, but… Oh, well.”

Everyone looked depressed since they hadn’t learned that yet, so it was no surprise that Billy decided to stop there. No point in saying the obvious when it only decreases the morale of the group. Nevertheless, the mission would be different from all the others, so they were looking forward to it as well. It was probably uncharted territory for all the people from that world to clear underwater dungeons. Some people could dive for a couple of minutes longer than others, but everything has a limit, after all.

“Can I leave Lara here as well?” Lily asked.

“No problem,” Natalie replied.

After that was solved, the others headed toward the place where Billy had built the submarine, and they couldn’t help but frown since it was a lot bigger than they imagined, but not very large. Not to mention, they were underground and could see that the water around the submarine was seawater… if the tunnel was already connected to the ocean, then the place should have been overflowing with it. Billy being Billy, he should have solved that problem somehow with magic, but they still were curious as to how.

“I have practiced driving this for a bit, but you guys still should sit and don’t stand no matter what,” Billy said while opening the hatch of the vehicle. “Things might get bumpy, and the density of the water deep in the ocean will make things even harsher, so even the slightest disturbances will mess with your body and senses. Put the seatbelts as well.”

Although Billy had planned to build the submarine for only him and his friends to use, it still had five extra seats for passengers. Still, only the main ones had the controls to use the weapons. Since Billy was the pilot, he could drive the vehicle and control all of its features with a single click of his panel.

Once everything was ready, Billy began to drive and then submerged on that path of water that was a lot deeper than they had imagined. His friends couldn’t help but be amazed since they could see the outside thanks to windows made of reinforced and high-quality glass. That being said, they could only see the walls of the tunnel.

“We are like ten days away from the coast, right?” Alexander asked. “I can tell that this vehicle is safe, but it can’t move that fast underwater, and it is also hard to believe that this tunnel is that long…”

“I worked on this for two months… Is that hard to believe as well?” Billy asked. “Just watch.. this will kick gain speed.”

While it was true that the submarine couldn’t be as fast as the magic cart or the aircraft, Billy knew that he would need some speed in the enemy’s backyard. The mobility of such a vehicle was already limited, to begin with… It couldn’t turn to the sides that fast, after all. That was why he made the submarine to have an engine and turbines that would make it move pretty fast.

Eventually, the vehicle began to move around two hundred kilometers per hour, even though that took a while since everyone inside would throw up if it suddenly got that fast. In any case, after around two hours, the group finally reached the coast. Only a single thick and very long Earth wall was blocking the path, and Billy opened and closed it with his Telekinesis.

The group reached the ocean and couldn’t help but be amazed… It was very different than diving in a lake. The water was crystal clear, even though the parts below were a bit dark. Regardless, they were in a part of the continent that had many corals. So, it was quite the spectacle. The spectacle ended when they saw an army of water worms heading to the beach.


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