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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 518: Exploration (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy passed the news to everyone, and none of them asked how he got on his hands on that kind of information. Instead of that, they were worried that a new problem emerged to threaten the world… as usual, they had to go around like firefighters, but that was just Billy thinking.

“I will talk with the guild masters for them to send reinforcements to the coastal areas,” Jean said. “I will also ask Rosalie to send some help to Aura, but it will take some time for her men to come.”

“I guess it is good that most of our allies don’t have to deal with this kind of problem,” Billy said. “Still, we might have a hard time later since we still don’t know how things are North of Riormi state. I suppose Aura has spies there, but asking about it might become a problem.:

“Yes… Magic is spreading quickly I don’t believe that Aura will face many problems, but still, we can’t let the enemies keep coming forever,” Jean said. “It might have been good if the monsters were a bit weaker, we could have used them to train some recruits, but with their level, even veterans are having a hard time. We also can’t keep so many soldiers at all times on the coast. We don’t have to worry about enemies coming since all of the nearby states are our allies. However, we will be putting a strain on the dungeon towns.”

Billy nodded. It seemed that he truly had to put that plan of using the submarine into action or at least using the sphere that will protect them underwater. Considering that he had no idea how deep the dungeons were, he might need the submarine with some flashlights attached to it.

“It seems you have something in mind, but you don’t have to act right now,” Jean said. “Sarah is almost on her eighth month of pregnancy, so you should stay by her side.”

“Yes… Thank you for your understanding,” Billy said. “I won’t rush things now.”

Billy thought that he could do that and solve all the problems before the arrival of his youngest child, but that was just the blood rushing to his head. It was a better idea to take his time and let the armies and adventurers do what they were supposed to do… protect their people and states.

“Sorry for leaving you alone right at this moment… how were things here?” Billy asked when he headed to Sarah’s room.

“Nothing happened, Hector and Christina are good kids and they are kind of used of you leaving for a few days because of work,” Sarah replied.

“Not that makes me feel any less guilty…” Billy said and then sighed. “Regardless, have you already chosen some names?”

“What do you think about Ralph or Helen?” Sarah asked.

“Helen is beautiful name and Rafe… I suppose it is pretty strong sounding,” Billy said.

“You can select a few if you want,” Sarah said.

“It is fine, we already talked about this,” Billy said.

Truth to be told, Billy wasn’t confident that he could give a good name to his kids. Although he had already lived almost twenty-five years in that world, he still was quite connected to Earth, so he might pick up a weird name.

In any case, Billy spent some time spoiling Sarah, and when she fell asleep, he went to his workshop. He didn’t know when things would happen again, so it would be better to have things ready to act when the problem arises… Also, if he truly wanted to make a submarine, it would be better to make one that would last, and he would need to create a path to the ocean as well. So, he began to summon some Golems to dig a tunnel toward the ocean.

“Come to think of it, it would be pretty interesting if they could come through the tunnel…” Billy thought.

The monsters probably wouldn’t destroy the walls and risk them collapsing and crushing them, but it was hard to believe that things would end that well. Nevertheless, his submarine would have to come from somewhere, and transporting using the aircraft would consume too much fuel.

While Billy began to work on the submarine, he also tried to teach his friends Mana Constructs. Still, as expected, it was even harder to learn than Destructive Aura, so they weren’t making much progress. Unfortunately, there was no trick to learn that aside from using Destructive Aura to make their magic power increase, and even that wasn’t helping much, so they were in a bind… without that skill, Billy will have to add extra weapons on the submarine, and they will have to rely solely on their magic power to do anything underwater.

Around one week after starting his new project, Billy finally got a response from Icarus and Lucyna. While they were looking for traces of the necromancer, they reached the Eastern side of the continent, and they didn’t find any traces there… Based on what they said, the state where the wind titan appeared was already one that was located on the eastern border of the continent… Billy imagined that they would have to cross a few other states to reach the ocean on the other side. Still, in the end, the distance between his location and that state was already almost seven thousand kilometers. It was already too lengthy…

“It seems that the fire titans appeared on the fourt sides of this continent, so the extreme north and south of this continent should be a bit shorter than the width…” Billy thought. “I imagined that this place was supposed to be massive since it is a magic world, but perhaps this continent might be the smallest one of this world. Those reincarnated that disappeared might have went to explore new lands beyond the sea… After all, it is hard to imagine that this world only has a single continent. It would be disappointing if this were the case…”


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