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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 517: Exploration (2) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, it took only two days for some adventurers and soldiers to arrive at the area. While Jean acted fast, Billy wasn’t so sure if only one hundred men would be able to face those creatures. They always appeared in groups of two hundred and their power was at the same level as the third-layer monsters of Billy’s second dungeon. Also, they always showed up every three hours, so the soldiers won’t have much time to rest. Doing their job properly will be pretty difficult.

Billy decided to watch and see how things would play out and he confirmed his fears. While the trained soldiers could block the water cannons with their shields, they couldn’t advance and only wait the monsters would run out of mana. That made their shields lose durability insanely fast. In the end, Billy sent a message via raven to Jean about the situation and he also used his own methods to contact Icarus and Lucyna who hadn’t written anything as of late.

“I suppose they might be busy investigating this…” Billy thought. “They are looking for the necromancer, but they didn’t make any progress, so it is time for them to take a break from that.”

Even those two should realize that. In any case, Billy decided to help the soldiers and adventurers and they welcomed his support. At that point in time, everyone knew that Billy and Jean were good friends, so it was hard to find someone who disliked him, at least in that state. Besides, a good number of those guys had been trained by his friends.

“Since they didn’t show up yet, they must have decided to do the same,” Billy thought, referring to his friends. “Still, an underwater dungeon… What a pain.”

Billy’s and anyone’s physical capabilities will be decreased a lot in such an environment, so it was normal for him to feel like that. He had some ideas on how to handle that, but they all involved the use of magic… so, Alexander and Natalie wouldn’t be able to help much.

Perhaps with Mana Constructs, they would be able to do something, but they would need to train a lot to have a small chance to learn that since their magic was a lot lower when compared to Billy’s and he had a difficult time learning it.

In any case, after three days, Jean sent even more Reinforcements, so Billy and the others finally had the chance to retreat. They regrouped quite quickly, and before they moved back home, they exchanged information.

“I guess the mana was level was rising because an underwater dungeon broke…” Kate said. “I did some research about dungeons, but I never heard of an underwater one, what about you, Billy?”

“Never heard of it either,” Billy replied. “Still, it was bound to happen, it wasn’t the first time we have met aquatic monsters,”

“Maybe I need a little of that kind of mindset, always expecting the worst to happen in order not to be surprised…” Alexander said.

“Never mind that, I take it you guys fortified the defenses of the villages you were guarding,” Billy said and then saw his friends nodding.

“We can just leave now, right?” Natalie asked. “The dungeon will keep spawning monsters until someone clears it after the break.”

“We will see if the rules of a normal break apply to this one,” Billy explained. “After that, we might have to do something about it. In any case, it is an underwater dungeon, so some preparations are necessary. Unless you and Alexander haven’t realized that you are in a bad spot when it comes to this. You two are solely melee fighters and your skills in the enemy territory will decrease immensely.”

“I know that… It is just…” Natalie said.

“Look at the bright side, Natalie,” Kate said. “While they were forced to leave their homes, they will get more income by helping dismantle those creatures. They are already doing that, and while it might have gotten in the way of their old lifestyle, they got something in exchange for it. No one lost their lives either, so I take this as a win. Of course, we will solve this if things get more complicated.”

It seemed that the whole coast of the state will now have to deal with that kind of creature. Still, while their meat didn’t look that appetizing, Billy didn’t see anything with their bodies when he analyzed it. Their meat was like a mix of crab and octopus… Under the right circumstances, they could feed many people. Billy didn’t feel like eating, but when he mentioned to some soldiers that they probably could fry the meat, they tried and liked it. There were no stomach upsets even after three days…

“Anyway, let’s get going,” Billy said. “We need to confirm if those creatures appeared in other parts of the world as well.”

“Your ability to always consider the worst sometimes frightens me,” Alexander said and then sighed.

The group returned to the capital as soon as possible, and after spending some time with their families, they soon returned to work. Alexander and Lily went to talk with Jean, while Natalie and Kate went to where Billy’s spies worked to manufacture pills and he helped them to make more and faster. Meanwhile, Billy checked for messages from his spies. He had allocated two of them to the nearby states and they confirmed that new species of monsters were emerging from the sea. Aura’s state was also among those, so they had to send a bit of help even though she had the help of some mages as well. The other states down south weren’t their allies aside from Meido, who Billy had a friend there, but he didn’t have a spy due to the terrain between those locations. Billy also heard that the type of monsters there were different from the worms… This means that more than one underwater dungeon existed and broke…


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