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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 511: Ally (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Despite Billy’s warning, Blitz ignored him. It was hard to believe that a newborn baby could have that much personality, but perhaps it was an aftereffect of his magic. Maybe it was a reaction to the mana given by the pill… Regardless, Billy was already expanding his second garden of magic trees, so he had some leeway with pills. Thanks to that, Blintz reached level forty in a single hour… while Billy could make him level up faster than that, it would be better if his pet leveled up all his other skills while fighting. It would be a lot more efficient. Billy already knew that, but the status was only confirmed.

Blitz(Legendary Electric Bird) – Lv 40

HP: 160/ 160

MP: 370/ 370

SP: 160/ 160

Strength: 65

Speed: 65

Magic: 125 + 65

Endurance: 65

Dexterity: 65

Status Points: 00

Skills: Bite Lv 10, Screach Lv 05

Spells: Fly Lv 10, Electric Arrow Lv 18

Passive: Cold Resistance Lv 20, Fire Resistance Lv 20, Wind Resistance Lv 30, Earth Resistance Lv 10, Brute Strenght Lv 01, Toughness Lv 01, Light Steps Lv 01, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 12, Master’s Call Lv 01

Skill Points: 00

“I suppose you will become self-sufficient once you get five hundred mana points, and then I make you learn Spiritual Core,” Billy said. “After one or two days of the hunt, and you will become even stronger than most adventurers that are here.”

Billy didn’t need the materials of the monsters, so he didn’t have to make Blitz put them somewhere for him to get them later… it would be better if he focused single-mindedly on his task of getting stronger. Regardless, Billy didn’t notice any growth on Blitz, so perhaps it would be fine leveling up him so fast.

After another hour of hunting, Billy decided to call it a day and then return home. Sooner or later, his family would discover about Blitz, so he decided to show them to him already.

“That is a weird type of creature…” Kate said.

“As long as it doesn’t leave feathers in my room, I don’t care,” Natalie said.

“That is a pretty strong one. I can feel a lot of mana in such a small body,” Sarah added.

Billy escaped from the troublesome questions, but he wouldn’t have the same luck forever, so he decided to stop summoning monsters that would be at his home. Like the saying says… Third is the charm and the fourth is the harm.

In the next few days, Billy headed toward the dungeon every day with Blitz, but around he reached level seventy, he was powerful enough to solo the first layer of the dungeon. Billy warned the adventurers not to attack his pet since he decided to leave him alone there to train. Blitz already had a Spiritual core, so mana was no longer a problem. However, Billy found another merit as soon as he left Blitz alone…

You obtained 50 experience points.

You obtained 50 experience points.

You obtained 50 experience points.

“… I suppose this is to be expected, huh,” Billy said while showing a weird smile.

Thanks to his newest power, Billy now could auto hunt without being near the dungeon. It was a bit weird, but not everything was flowers. He couldn’t recover his mana while being so far away from the dungeon.

“Putting that aside, I wonder if the summoner leveled up like this… It would explain why Icarus never managed to scratch him,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Billy was already planning to send monsters to infiltrate all the dungeons in the world and make them gain experience for him. That way, he will get stronger a lot faster… At least when it comes to levels. Still, considering that his wives didn’t want more animals at home, he will have to keep the others hidden in his hideouts. At least when they were not hunting.

“I suppose I should focus now on learning new applications for mana and the Creation of this army of monsters that will grant me tons of experience all the time,” Billy nodded to himself.

Thanks to that extra time, Billy managed to focus quite a lot on his magic training. While he didn’t manage to find a solution to the problem that was Magic Shield, he ended up stumbling into another skill that was also very useful.

You learned Mana Dominion.

Mana Dominion: it grants you the power to perceive the movements of those around you in a ten-meter radius per level.

Cost: 10 mana per second.

When Billy increased the range of Mana Shield and decreased the power, he got that. It was a skill that perfected his ability to sense the approach of others and even the movements of most things around him. Whether they had mana or not…

“Let’s see… Making the skill reach level thirty will be enough to cover my whole house,” Billy thought. “Let’s just hope that I won’t be getting on anyone’s privacy by using this.”

Billy’s idea was just to check how his family was now and then, and he confirmed that Sarah was alone in her room while Kate and Natalie were with Hector and Christina. She didn’t seem like she was feeling lonely and jealous as of late, but Billy couldn’t trust his instincts when it comes to that… he was pretty dense and someone who was a workaholic.

“Speaking of which, she is in her sixth month, and she is starting to slow down with her movements around the house and when it comes to training,” Billy thought. “I suppose I should spoil her a bit.”

Billy slowly approached Sarah’s room since he wanted to surprise her, but he only found her taking a nap. She didn’t look particularly sad or anything. If anything, she had a loose smile on her face.

“I guess I was overthinking again,” Billy thought.

The skill was useful, but it wasn’t perfect. Billy could sense most things, but not everything with it.


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