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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 508: World’s History (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy didn’t know if he should take what he read about that guy at face value, but the author really praised him whenever possible… it was kind of annoying. Still, the changes and improvements that he made for the society of that state still could be seen and noticed to this day. His name was Angus, and he worked in many fields, he developed the military of that state by having kids train with katanas and naginata from an early age, and the teachings didn’t give priority to talented individuals. They were supposed to be trained equally regardless of their talents. That wasn’t a half bad idea, but it also prevented distinguished people from rising.

Angus also helped things in the culinary, agriculture, education, and politics of that state. However, he truly excelled at combat. It was said that his katana could cut anyone in his field of vision, even though he never moved from his spot. He never tried to travel around the world, but he licked to head East of the state and enjoy the beach. Speaking of the beach, his most famous tale was in such a place… apparently, he fought and killed a giant snake that could freeze the entire ocean.

“This must be an exxageration… or is this snake something similar to the titans?” Billy thought while rubbing his chin.

Just as Billy thought of that, he found some mentions of rumors of other giant snakes appearing all over the world. Still, they had been dealt with by some powerful warriors. According to the rumors, five giant snakes appeared in the world… And once they were killed, something even weirder happened. One meteor fell on the world, and that crossed the skies of many states before it finally split into four and then landed. One of those landed on the top of a mountain south of Meido state… There were some tribes there, so Angus made some of his men investigate that… However, they found nothing. There was no mention about the location of the other fragments, but Billy was pretty sure that those grew up to become the titans… After five hundred years, they woke up to do their job, which was similar to what the others beasts did in the past.

“Although the things I learned about the history of this world are a bit confusing, I guess I can trust in this source material…” Billy thought.

After reading about all that, Billy didn’t find any other things regarding Angus’ actions in that state. Aside from the fact that one day he went to see the ocean and never returned. It was hard to imagine a super-powered reincarnated drowning to death… Billy decided to look for other books, and then he noticed that it was already dark and that he was alone in the library, and the whole city was silent. It seemed that he had lost the notion of time. Still, he decided to continue with his research.

Billy read many books, but he only got a few details about the history of the world. Many conflicts regarding other states were registered, but Billy had no interest in those. When morning came, he decided to stop, he wouldn’t get any more Intel, and he couldn’t stay away from home for that long.

“It seems you are still up… I didn’t think that you were such an avid reader,” Sei said after he suddenly appeared.

“Yeah… Anyway, thanks for the help, I learned a lot,” Billy said. “It is about time for me to go home.”

“… Really?” Sei asked while frowning. “You possibly wouldn’t mean that as a reward for helping us would be just reading a few books.”

“I suppose that would be weird… How about you guide me to some nice restaurants and weapon shops?” Billy asked. “My wives want some souvenirs.”

“All right… But after that, I want to introduce you to some friends who want to meet you,” Sei said. “They are the rulers of this state and…”

“I will have to pass, one of my wives is pregnant and I don’t want to leave her alone for too long,” Billy said.

Sei insisted for a while, but Billy didn’t back down, so he eventually gave up. He didn’t seem like the type who would want to meet famous people for any reason, after all. It was easy to see that he only found that as troublesome. In the end, Billy ended up buying quite a lot, and it was hard to imagine that the food would stay good for so long. There was much Billy could do about it… Cooling down and then warming up again would only make the taste get weaker.

“I hope to meet you again, once you have more free time,” Sei said. “Bring your family with you the next time.”

“If possible, maybe I will,” Billy said.

Billy didn’t want to become friends with too many important people. Still, it was hard to refuse the invitation of someone so considerate. Although he probably will have some problems for letting that chance go, Sei decided to stop at the right time.

In any case, Billy left the capital of the state and then went to where he hid his magic aircraft. During that time, he checked the weapons that he bought, and he confirmed that Natalie would truly be suited for using the two-sword style with katanas. Double-edged swords didn’t help many people who fought using dual swords, after all. It was a pity that he didn’t have any more diamonds to make more weapons. The ones made with those materials were absolutely unrivaled…

Aside from katanas and naginata, Billy also bought some kunai and shuriken. Still, they weren’t that popular among the soldiers of the state nowadays. They required too much skill to use effectively. Besides, it was a pain to carry so many spares of the same weapon. In any case, at least the naginata gave him a good idea… Perhaps he should forge a dual-headed spear.


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