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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 506: World’s History (1) Bahasa Indonesia

As expected of Alexander, he developed the first technique that consumed health instead of mana or stamina… He probably already knew of the after-effects, but he was confident that they wouldn’t be a problem as long as they had some pills that restore health.

“I suppose it isn’t all bad… but you can only use Body Enhancement in very specific moments,” Billy said. “Otherwise, you will only help the enemy damage you without lifting a finger. Also, once they realize the demerit of the skill, you are done for.”

“Body Enhancement? Don’t name the skills that I created…” Alexander said. “Still, you already saw all the demerits, huh.”

Billy more or less understood how the skill worked… he had to control his breathing and then make the air in his lungs work faster and also make his heart bombard blood to the rest of the body insanely fast. No wonder it consumed health… Billy also had to check how the prolonged use of that skill could affect one’s body. However, even after using Check Up, he didn’t notice anything weird with Alexander’s body. Billy was busy learning more advanced spellers, but he decided to find time to learn that will as well. It will definitely become useful.

After that, Billy began to teach his friends how to use the Mana shield. Although he knew exactly how to make them learn, it would take a while for them to get used to controlling their raw mana when it was away from their bodies. In a sense, it was like trying to learn how to write with your left hand when you are right-handed.

Regardless, after one week, they began to control the mana the right way, but it would take a few more days for them to master the control of mana and learn the Mana shield. Still, they were on the right path. With that in mind, Billy decided to pay a visit to the samurai state and get his rewards.

“I am going to leave for a few days, don’t slack off while I am away,” Billy said.

“Are you going to visit the samurai that you helped? I will be waiting for souvenirs,” Kate said.

“You said that they have some interesting swords, bring some of them for me,” Natalie said.

“I am getting hungry a lot lately… So, any delicious food will do for me,” Sarah said.

Billy facepalmed. He was being treated like an errand boy… Still, he couldn’t say no to them, even though he wasn’t going to play. This time, Billy decided to use the magic aircraft since he won’t have to waste time with the obstacles along the way. Besides, the higher he flies, the faster he can go, so he could cut the traveling time quite a bit.

“I guess it will be better if I arrive at night. I don’t want to waste time talking with too many people…” Billy thought. “The only problem is the fact that I don’t know where Sei lives, so I can’t exactly find him just by walking around…”

That was the problem of trying to avoid getting involved in the world and politics of another place like that. Regardless, Billy left his home at noon and arrived near the capital in the middle morning of the next day, so instead of wasting time, Billy decided to head to the gates and then ask for Sei. Fortunately, some guards recognized him and didn’t waste his time.

“I guess they were alerted by him to call Sei immediately if I were to show up,” Billy thought.

“Oh, you finally returned,” Sei said when he arrived. “Can I assume that the other titans have been dealt with?”

“More or less,” Billy said. “One of them was defeated by my friends, and the other was killed by an unknown party… Anyway, I can give you more details while you guide me to some library where I can read about the history of this state and the neighbors.”

“All right?” Sei replied, looking a bit confused.

Billy didn’t seem the type who would like history, so Sei was a bit confused. He imagined that Billy would ask for other things as well. Although Billy asked to be taken to a library, Sei guided him to his family’s personal library in his house. His mansion was as big as Billy’s, but his library was a lot more impressive. Books were rare in the states that Billy visited but not in the Meido state. Still, Sei had more books about technical aspects of several things, mainly about war and combat. He still had a session of history and even rumors, but it was only twenty percent of the total of the library.

The words were a bit different than the language Billy was used to, but eventually got the hang of it. While Billy was looking for the right book to start, he also told them about what had happened after he left. At least he didn’t give all the details since he didn’t want too many people to know about his powers.

“You seem surprised and tense when you mention the third party,” Sei said. “Still, I can understand the feelings. It is hard not to imagine the worst when it comes to those with power hiding their goals.”

“Indeed…” Billy said.

It didn’t take long for Billy to find a really old book that had the title: forgotten history of Meido state. Apparently, it was a collection of old stories that had been passed down from generation to generation… the writer of the book interviewed and wrote down those events after talking with dozens of families. The dates weren’t accurate, but he made something like a temporal line based on his own guesses.

“It seems this guy put a lot of thought while doing this… is it because the reincarnated individual of that time gave that order?” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

For the time being, Billy didn’t find anything like that book, so he didn’t have many options regarding accepting the events written there. In any case, he decided to be careful since it was only the first book.


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