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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 497: Third party (9) Bahasa Indonesia

While they were doing that, Billy began to work on the underground tunnel as well. He didn’t even have to be inside to do that anymore. Besides, he didn’t want anyone to know that he already could do that. Too many people already knew about his powers. Even if most of them were his friends and that he could trust, secrets still could be discovered using other methods.

In any case, it didn’t take long for the plan to be put in motion since his friends had already done a good job at containing the monsters in a single area. Most of the monsters were also trying to head to the most populated areas, so they didn’t have to worry about anything else.

“Everything is ready,” Svan declared. “I also already told those who don’t have confidence in their defensive abilities to stand back when the monster falls. Most of us will be shocked by the lightning bolts emitted by the titan, right?”

“Yes, although I am almost certain that their power will decrease a bit,” Billy said. “The more the targets, the more energy the monster will have to use to attack all of us, so it isn’t hard to imagine such a creature having enough mana to shock hundreds of people nonstop. This is just a guess, though. Even if we might lose a chance by not making everyone attack at the same time, we can always force an opening once they realize that is the case.”

“Be careful,” Sarah said.

“I always am,” Billy said while smiling.

After that, Billy created a hole and then fell into his tunnel. Only about half of it was ready, so Billy had to work a bit more while he approached the titan. In any case, the more he approached, the more he realized that the plan was quite insane… The mana level that he could feel around wasn’t something to laugh at. He recalled that he needed another source to recover his mana, and he considered the possibility of absorbing the elements when they had some mana on them, but that was a technique he couldn’t even begin to imagine how it would work.

“As expected, I really need to expand my horizons when it comes to magic training…” Billy thought. “I can use that hammer to make pretty much everything, but to make those have the effects that I want, I need knowledge of the effects as well.”

Billy didn’t even have the chance to learn how that amulet that nullified damage in place of mana worked, but he was pretty sure that such function was one of the first steps. Regardless, that was something for later.

While Billy approached, he noticed that it was starting to get pretty hot around, and even the walls were emitting smoke… even though the weather was so cool outside, the body of the titan was making things get crazy outside. Billy already knew that the wind titan probably would emit as much energy as the fire titan with its body alone, but even so…

“Come to think of it, calling wind titan is probably a mistake…” Billy thought.

Regardless, when he was two hundred meters from the monster, Billy decided to stop. The next step would be to stop the rest of the path instantly and then smash the head of the titan with a hammer. Using his glaive to finish the beast was probably impossible… Billy would only electrocute himself by giving the enemy the conductor that it needed.

Making a hammer with Earth magic and then transforming into something harder was possible, but Billy could do something even better. Transform his glaive into a hammer… He just had to use the one he got from below Ollen castle. If a weapon like that doesn’t smash the head of the titan, then nothing will…

In the end, Billy just had to touch his glaive a few times to make it transform completely. The power didn’t decrease even a bit, but the parameters did. Instead of increasing speed and strength, it increased strength and endurance. It made sense… still, the weapon wasn’t that big and heavy. Those factors would help against the monster.

“Oh, well… I will make it do with what I have,” Billy said and then shrugged.

After taking a deep breath, Billy focused his senses on the task ahead. He pointed his left hand toward the wall in front of him, and then he opened a path toward the titan. Weirdly enough, at the end of that path, he saw some big eyes firing small lightning bolts. They looked pretty ominous, but that didn’t stop Billy from approaching instantly after using Flash. Before one of the lightning bolts could hit him, he smashes the face of the titan with his hammer. The power behind it made the entire area tremble. It even made the head of the monster move backward and then hit a nearby wall.

Lightning Titan – Lv ????

HP: ????/ ????

MP: ????/ ????

SP: ????/ ????


Speed: ????

Magic: ????

Endurance: ????

Dexterity: ????

Status Points: ????

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Spells: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Skill Points: ????,

“As expected, the name was wrong… Nevertheless, I fucking need to learn how to conceal my status!” Billy thought and then charged for attacking the monster again.

The creature’s aura changed. At first, only its eyes emitted those lightning bolts, while the rest of the body was made of rocks and wind mixed together and connected by the power of mana. However, the wind began to change and move faster until the whole body of the monster began to glow like the stupidest and biggest bubble in the galaxy. Numerous lightning bolts flew toward Billy, but he hit the head of the monster faster than they could hit him. Thanks to it, the creature hit the wall again.

Still, before Billy could continue the attack, the monster quickly began to emerge from the ground while it increased the output of its electricity around its body. In the end, Billy decided to wait for a while longer until the creature could show him if the cyclone had disappeared…


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