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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 487: Closure (8) Bahasa Indonesia

Around midnight as promised, Billy retreated from the battlefield, and a lot of samurai stepped forward to take his place. Sei was one of them, so it seemed that Billy would have his chance to learn a thing or two. While ignoring the eyes of some soldiers, Billy saw the battle taking place. Instead of moving as a group, the samurai fought the monsters in one on one fights. At first, he saw them only moving and sidestepping in order to dodge the monster’s attacks. Still, eventually, they began to swing their spears, and they began to cut the head of the beast. A single strike wasn’t enough, but three were… It was weird, though. The attacks weren’t that consecutive, but they still landed with precise accuracy. Also… Most of them attacked when the monster showed a certain motion, but that varied from samurai to samurai. Some attacked when the Golems were finishing a big move, and others attacked before they started a quick one…

“Something seems weird…” Billy thought.

Every single samurai never missed. All of their strikes were precise. Those who could kill the ice Golems with a single strike always killed with a single strike. Those who needed two were always killed with two strikes. It was quite insane that surgical precision. It was almost like they could see the future and the best moment to attack… that skill sure was useful if they could do something like that so often and so many times against the same opponent. However, Billy knew that they must have some sort of secret.

“That must be the secret of Heroic Spearmanship,” Billy thought. “The ability to always land the hit, after reading the movements of the enemy.”

The samurai were skilled, but it wasn’t like they were leagues above Billy in terms of that. They just one thing that he didn’t have it. In any case, considering that their culture had five hundred years of history, it wasn’t weird that they would be a step ahead of the history of his tribe with spears. In any case, Billy decided to go to bed and rest his mind. Once he gets a bit more refreshed, he will use his head to think about how he could learn Heroic Spearmanship. It was a pity that Analysis could only show the status parameters to learn the skill. Still, Billy was confident that he would master the skill soon enough now that he saw it in action. It wasn’t like their styles were like heaven and earth or so far apart.

When morning came, Billy quickly got up and then headed to outside the walls. He was kind of amazed that he managed to sleep without a break in a place that he knew nothing of. That was only a sign of how tired he was. In any case, he got a bit surprised when he saw that the samurai made quite a bit of progress overnight. They were exhausted, but they pushed the enemy’s line for more than five hundred meters away. Billy noticed that he had lost around thirty percent of his moles, but it couldn’t be helped… they probably helped them quite a lot, and they have been fighting nonstop.

“You are awake,” Sei said after he approached while emitting a lot of steam from his body.

“It seems that you have been working hard,” Billy said. “Did you notice anything with the ice cyclone?”

“It stopped growing, but it isn’t losing power, that is quite concerning,” Sei said. “Regardless, I can tell that you are going to make more progress than us. So, I will look for more people to help burying the golems.”

Sei was being a bit too humble regarding the work and progress they did overnight, but that was fine. It was better than hearing so early in the morning about the accomplishments of someone boastful. Putting that aside, Billy wondered if the people of that front could keep going without his help… he could see around fifteen hundred soldiers. Still, it was hard to say if they had the numbers to keep the same numbers fighting all the time. With the trick Billy gave them about the holes, the cold was being controlled, so perhaps…

“Nah, the soldiers here all work for Sei,” Billy thought. “It would be weird if this single city had dozens of thousands of soldiers under his command. There are three others, so he must have at max five thousand.”

It was impossible to put five thousand soldiers to stop that front of monsters since fifteen hundred worked to their utmost limits to hold them for five hours. Regardless, the idea of leaving them alone and making things progress in another direction would work, so Billy had to work with what he had right now.

Billy resumed his fighting, and since he was pretty far away from the walls, he had a bit more liberty to do what he wanted. Thanks to that, he summoned more moles and also used the extra mana to level up cold Resistance. The confrontation with the ice titan was unavoidable, so he might as well prepare everything that he had. Fire was troublesome in the previous right, but a single mistake will freeze his body all over, and he couldn’t afford a single one.

During that time, Billy also analyzed what he saw the previous night, the fighting style of the samurai… Only a few of them got hurt even after fighting for five hours nonstop. Considering their level, that was very impressive. Billy wondered if he should ask Sei about their training. The key was obviously there. However, Billy had another idea. He let a single golem approach, and when the creature tried to smash him with one of its arms, Billy just stepped to the side.

The monster tried again with the other arm, and then with its head, and then tried to bury him alive with its whole body. Eventually, Billy saw all the attack patterns…


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