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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 485: Closure (6) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, Billy did what Sei told him in order to obtain his trust. He headed toward the nearest barrack of the wall, and then someone bought him a very spicy soup. He got lucky since he asked for that, and hot soup was something they used to eat a lot due to the cold of the region. Even without the ice titan, it seemed that the region was cold during the whole year, and the temperature varied from ten Celsius degrees to minus five. The temperature decreased a bit more thanks to the ice golems, but it wasn’t at a speed that his cold resistance couldn’t keep up with. If things get more dire, he can always use his powers.

You obtained 500 experience points.

You obtained 500 experience points.

You obtained 500 experience points.

In any case, after filling his belly and getting rid of the cold for a while, Billy returned to the front lines and then nodded when more soldiers were working on the holes. Still, the number of Golems had increased, and they were closed again. That was something that he had expected would happen, though. Still, he had confirmed while he was eating that the moles were working relatively well, so it was fine.

“I had heard that a new group of people suddenly intervened in a war between states and then they became their allies. After showing that they could use magic, they began to teach others,” Sei suddenly said. “Do you belong that group?”

“It is quite surprising that such an accurate rumor traveled this far…” Billy said. “Yes, I am one of them. Still, for many reasons, I can’t give more details. Surely you can understand why.”

“Yes…” Sei replied while frowning since it seemed that Billy could use his magic indefinitely.

“I heard a few things about this state, but only the very basic,” Billy said. “I don’t even know the name and how are things around here.”

“This is the Meido state, land of the warriors called samurai,” Sei said. “We aren’t much open to other states, so it isn’t surprising that you don’t know much about us. We know a lot about our history, so the fact that we try to avoid problems that happened in the past makes our neighbors see us as a cold-hearted.”

Billy liked to hear that they knew about their past. Most likely, the reincarnated individual who changed the culture of that state so much probably decided to do a lot of research and also made others do the same while they registered their history. His chances of learning about the past were increasing quite a bit. Still, considering what Sei told him before, Billy had to be careful in order not to draw suspicion to himself.

“My apologies for asking this, but you came from your homeland quite fast,” Sei said. “Not even our neighbors would have known about the awakening of the ice beast so fast.”

“I know of this because the others also have awakened at the same time,” Billy said. “I also came up with a way to travel faster than usual, since he was fully aware of the inconveniences of traveling for weeks.”

“I see…Putting that aside, did you come here because you received orders from the leader of your state?” Sei asked.

“Ah… I knew that I had forgotten something,” Billy said and then facepalmed. “As soon as I heard of this, I made the arrangements to come without informing him. My parents will probably inform him, but I guess this was a blunder.”

“Perhaps this is for the best, while some won’t believe that, it will be better if some know that you came on your own volition,” Sei said. “Owing favors to other states it is something quite complicated, but rewarding individuals alone is easy.”

“I thought that you were someone with a military background, but it seems that your also is involved in other aspects of this state,” Billy said.

“My family is one of the most important here, so we get tangled in this kind of situation pretty often, even though we are mostly warriors at heart,” Sei said. “What about you?”

“I was born in a secluded village in which the inhabitants had to risk their lives to eat because of monsters and the attacks of other tribes,” Billy said.

“Is that so… You don’t look like someone that wild to me,” Sei said. “They still refer to tribes like yours as wildlings, right?”

“I don’t hear very often, but I guess so,” Billy said. “Still, that isn’t a bad title. Being called barbarians seems worse, but those guys take pride in that.”

“Ah… Two years ago, I also heard that a foreigner won the barbarians tournament,” Sei said. “You couldn’t be…”

“The sky sure is cloudy today, huh,” Billy said.

A lot of rumors about him were circling around. Still, he was also using his spies to pick up weird rumors that might involve his family. Until now, Billy only picked minor stuff like how some guys were jealous of him for having more than one wife. Still, it was kind of surprising that there weren’t many bad rumors considering that Billy fought in many wars and killed many people. Perhaps it was a result of him not getting ahead of himself and not striving for world domination or something.

Putting that aside, the group managed to defeat many ice Golems during the day and buried a large number as well. Thanks to it, the city’s people noticed that the temperature didn’t decrease as it had during the other days. The snow cyclone also didn’t grow in power and size either, so they came to realize that Billy told them the truth and then began to relax more in his presence. Things usually get pretty hard at night, but maybe this time, they would have some room to breathe. Still, Sei sighed profoundly when he saw a troublesome group approaching and coming from the city…


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