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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 481: Closure (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Remember, your job is to buy time,” Billy said. “Focus on damaging control until I finish things in the south. I will try to be quick, but it is hard to say when I will be able to defeat a monster like that.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be a regular human if you could defeat a titan fast,” Alexander said. “Still, don’t get carried away. Maybe we will be the ones who will finish things first and then come to help.”

“Keep dreaming… and you… all of you need to stay alive no matter what, but you can’t get even scratched,” Billy said.

“I will do my best,” Sarah said. “Try not to overextend yourself.”

Billy nodded, and then he left the area using Flash. He wished that he had continued his tunnels more seriously for that kind of situation. Still, he slowed down when he finished the magic aircraft. Still, there was no reason to cry over the spilled milk.

This time, Billy headed in a straight line toward the coast because it would be faster that way. There won’t be any obstacles, and he will have a clearer view of the path ahead. It didn’t take long for Billy to reach the coast, and then he put his plan in motion. Perhaps it would have been better if he had summoned a monster that could fly at supersonic speeds. Still, it was hard to imagine such a monster being useful in battle when their sole purpose was mobility.

Regardless, thanks to his plan, Billy crossed Grecity and Monaris’s state on that very same day. Once he reached Korpal state, where he and the others caused some ruckus, he noticed that something was wrong… even though it was midafternoon, a chilly breeze could be felt… it was quite weird given that the state was a tropical one, and he was close to the sea.

“They already are affecting the world even to this point?” Billy asked and then clicked his tongue.

That was bad… According to what Icarus said, Billy must be three thousand kilometers away from where the titan stopped to rest. Even if its minions began to move, they couldn’t have moved more than a few dozen kilometers in a single day. Regardless, that changes a few things, but Billy had to keep going. Hopefully, the samurai state won’t be a frozen land once he gets there.

Billy moved even throughout the night, so he managed to arrive at his destination on the morning of the next day. Things weren’t as bad as they could be, but the whole state was enduring a pretty strong snowstorm. The snow was starting to pile up, so Billy had a hard time using Flash. Not to mention, there was a massive cyclone in the distance. One that couldn’t move but that had tons of mana in it… Billy didn’t have to be a genius to understand that the titan was right in the middle of it.

“To use such a thing as a shield… I did well in training my cold Resistance in the last few months,” Billy thought.

In any case, to think that Billy wouldn’t find any post near the borders… There were no signs of travelers either. Come to think of it, Lucyna should have known a thing or two about this place, but she never mentioned it, and Billy forgot to ask about it. In any case, it seemed that the land was naturally cold all year, but it was hard to say if the snow was common…

Regardless, Billy began to run since he couldn’t use Flash due to the snow. It would be different if he could use one of those Aura skills that the summoner showed, but the monsters he summoned didn’t have that kind of skill… Billy made a mental note to do that later. Still, even with his running speed, Billy was quite fast, so it didn’t take long for him to find a village. It was a bit different from the other ones Billy had seen. Some houses had plank walls to mark their backyards. Some people were outside moving the snow, but the vast majority were riding the snow in their homes.

Billy decided to ignore it and look for a big city near that massive cyclone. He probably won’t need a map since he is bound to find people in such a place. In any case, the temperature began to decrease quite a bit the more Billy headed south. He thought that his training would be enough, but it seemed that he was wrong. Not to mention, his armor didn’t have leather parts in the interior, so the metal was getting colder and bothering his skin.

“I used half of my mana using Flash… I suppose I can use some buffs to increase my defense against cold… I will have to fight many monsters soon, after all,” Billy thought.

In the end, that decision saved Billy’s life since the area got colder and the wind was more than a little bit troublesome. He could tell that fighting in such a weather would truly be a pain in the ass. While enduring the cold, the hunger, and the thirst, Billy kept moving, and he passed by many towns and cities. Some of them were still moving soldiers and supplies down south, but it was kind of hard for them to move when the snow was already knee-deep. Billy considered summoning a fire golem, but he didn’t want to make himself known yet. That was why he was moving far away from the roads and the cities.

Although Billy didn’t see much since most cities were walled, he managed to see some buildings that had that retro style of Japanese buildings. Billy didn’t know if that had a name. Still, he found it weird for a reincarnated to go as far as to spread the way the houses and buildings were made from their home. While Billy was making some vehicles, he wasn’t spreading their knowledge… Spreading the culture of his world just for the sake of doing it also seemed wrong…


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