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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 480: Closure (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The wind titan was two states north of the temple city and Billy’s new friends. The last titan… The ice titan was one state away from the samurai state… And that was really bad. That was probably the best place for Billy to find documents that mention the past, but if that land is destroyed. Still, he couldn’t abandon his friends. Things got complicated and Billy didn’t know what was the best course of action, but he eventually calmed down and found his answer.

“Let’s write to Icarus and Lucyna…” Billy decided.

Billy wondered if he should alert his wives. The timing of that incident couldn’t be worse since Sarah had just gotten pregnant. Letting her fight a titan was too risky, even though her condition still was perfectly fine. Still, eventually, they would hear about the titans and the fact that Billy kept the information hidden from them. There was no other option… he had to inform them.

“So those things are back… Why now…” Kate said while biting her nails.

“Don’t worry about me. We can do this if we work together,” Sarah said. “My condition still is fine, and if the creatures behave the same as before, then I can fight from a distance without worry.”

“Things aren’t that simple… Even if they behave the same as before, it will be just an endless circle of fighting with monsters,” Billy said. “We need to deal with the Guardians, or we might as well fight their minions forever while they slowly change the world with their powers.”

“Just staying still won’t help, though,” Natalie said. “We need to act fast to prevent their numbers from growing beyond the point of where we can do anything.”

Natalie had a point… Still, splitting the group won’t be easy. As far as he was concerned, only his group, Icarus and Lucyna, could make a difference against the tirans that can produce enemies endlessly. So, they will have to split in three… The best option would be for Kate, Natalie, Sarah, Lily, and Alexander to go and help the barbarians.

Meanwhile, Lucyna and Icarus would deal with the wind titan. While Billy heads south and deals with the ice titan. All groups would be in trouble since the girls wouldn’t have someone to take the titan head-on, Icarus and Lucyna would have to show their powers to others, and Billy will have to work with people he didn’t know. A single thing off… What was truly annoying was that the trips where they had to leave the kids behind were happening too often…

“Billy, it can’t be helped,” Kate said. “Let’s do our best in order not to regret it later. We will split into three groups and…”

“No… We will split into two groups,” Billy said. “I will send the that fast guy to the North. He has some friends that can help him.”

“Ah, that guy… you kept contact with him?” Kate said while frowning.

“He shows up from time to time to get my pills. I don’t like him, so I don’t see him often,” Billy replied.

Not all that was a lie, but Billy still felt like shit. He wished that he could come up clean, but it was a risk that he didn’t want to take. He would rather choose to feel like shit rather than make his wives feel troubled. In the end, things were decided the way Billy had predicted. He would go south, his friends were going west, and while they were preparing their things, Icarus and Lucyna showed up at his door.

“Is that true? I didn’t know you have an information network like that,” Icarus said.

“It is. We are preparing to move now,” Billy replied. “The only area that is free in the North. Since Cegia state lost the summoner, they will have a hard time organizing themselves.”

“I see, so you are going to check the samurai land,” Icarus said. “I suppose letting that landfall wouldn’t be good for us.”

“Anything that we should know about the titans?” Lucyna asked.

Billy wondered what he should tell… Hiding from them that they could get some power-ups would be a waste of time since they were going to kill the titan. So, he decided to tell them that.

“If people like us kill them, you will gain a portion of their power. If you get too close, they will awaken and join the fight,” Billy replied. “You probably can use their spawns to grind some levels, but the more they stay alive, the more they will change the environment to a way that will favor them.”

“I see… This is a rage against time through and through,” Lucyna said. “We should get going. Good luck.”

Billy nodded and went to finish his own preparations… In the end, he also had to bring his parents to his house to look after the kids. After that happening so many times, he couldn’t help but bow to them and say that he was sorry… it almost felt like he was neglecting his kids.

“Don’t worry about that, dear,” Camilla said. “We are a big family for moments like these.”

“Yes, thank you,” Billy said.

“Just be careful out there, but knowing you, I am sure that you will be fine,” Drew said. “In any case, I am glad that Samara and Samuel aren’t here. Otherwise, they would want to go too.”

“If something happens, you can go underground and use the magic cart,” Billy said. “There is plenty of fuel there.”

“Are you going on foot? Even if you have that technique…” Drew said.

“I am going on foot, but the others will use something else. Want to see it?” Billy asked.

At first, his parents didn’t get the magic aircraft, but then they opened their mouths wide open when they saw it flying. He had taught the girls how to use it, so it would be fine. The vehicle also could move faster than the cart…


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