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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 478: Time (8) Bahasa Indonesia

“That is quite sad… I was honest with you, but you can’t be honest with me, huh,” Billy said.

Billy wondered if he was doing the right thing more or less forcing Sarah to spill the beans. Still, he was only trying to make her do the same thing that he did and then putting both of them on the same level. In theory, that wasn’t a bad thing… probably… at least in most situations.

“Well… My goals are a bit embarrassing to say outloud,” Sarah said.

“I see… You see me as someone who laughs at the goals of others,” Billy said.

“I forgot that you were like this… Forcing others to do or say things by doing similar things,” Sarah said and then sighed. “My goal is to have a kind and make them grow and become the strongest mage of this world. I know that I will never beat you in terms of talent and hard work, but I am son that my kid will.”

“I see… I can’t see where that is embarrassing at all,” Billy said. “Nevertheless, I don’t think that it is a good idea for a parent to determine the future of their kids, but guiding them should be fine. What are your other goals?”

“… I give up on the others,” Sarah said.

“Even though you came here now and then when the others aren’t here?” Billy asked. “I am dumb sometimes, but I am not stupid. Besides, I told you, I can read those two pretty well and recently, your actions had been kind of obvious.”

“That was because… no, it is fine,” Sarah said. “Saying this outloud will probably be for the best. That way, I will be able to move on… I wanted you to be the father of my child.”

“I see… you finally said it,” Billy said. “You have been after my body this whole time, huh… You wanted me to be your plaything.”

“No! I didn’t say that!” Sarah said. “It wasn’t just like I wanted your seed and then I would leave you alone! Why are you making me say this?”

“It is quite amusing, the calm and collected Sarah saying such lines,” Billy said and then shrugged. “Still, you never said that you wanted to be part of my family.”

“Well… that is because despite Kate and Natalie understanding, I don’t have a place inside your family,” Sarah explained. “I knew things would get awkward eventually.”

“You are surprisingly negative deep down, huh,” Billy said. “You should know that things never got awkward between me, Kate, and Natalie. Not even when I said that I wanted a threesome with them.”

“… They are too lenient with you,” Sarah said while frowning.

“Maybe you are right, but that is just the result of us working together and trying to make things as harmonius as possible without letting dark thoughts bother us. Besides, if you went as far as telling them what you wanted, you should at least hold some hope.”

“Well, even with their support, I knew things would end apart eventually, even if you tried to love me out of pity,” Sarah said. “You don’t have any reasons to love me.”

“I see… Then consider this: how would you feel if someone who hated you for your past actions still found room in their heart to forgive and even love you?” Billy asked. “How would you feel if that someone despite watching you get married, still watched you from the sidelines while they still loved you, but they backed away in order not to destroy their happiness? How would you feel if that someone decided that it was better for them to move to very far away in order to deal with the sadness by themselves and to prevent them from bothering you with their feelings?”

Sarah had a hard time answering that because she was in that position. Over time, she came to love Billy, but it was hard for her to do anything because of their past. Despite the fact that he got married, she did her best not to let her feelings get in the way. Ultimately, when she realized that perhaps it was too late, she decided to leave the group and try to move on with her life.

“Well…” Sarah said.

“Well… What?” Billy asked.

“I guess… I would pity them a bit,” Sarah said.

“You want to be pitied? That is quite the weird fetish,” Billy said. “Just say what would you do, even if the answer is conveninet to you, it doesn’t matter.”

“… I would try to find in my heart room to love them back,” Sarah said after a long sigh.

“See? It doesn’t hurt to be honest,” Billy said while patting her. “Unlike you who are quite troublesome with that stuff, I am a lot more simple. I don’t have to find room in my heart to love you, because I already do. Do you want to become part of my family, Sarah?”

“I want it… if it isn’t much trouble,” Sarah replied, looking a bit embarrassed.

Billy sighed. He never thought that Sarah would be such a pain in the ass when it comes to her feelings. Regardless, Billy approached her and touched her chin gently before kissing her. Although she was slightly surprised, she was all smiles after that.

“Well, we have things to prepare now,” Billy said. “Better spread the news about the ceremony before a weird rumor starts to spread.”

“Yes, thank you, Billy,” Sarah said.

“Really… I am having a hard time adjusting to this new expression of yours,” Billy said. “But it isn’t bad at all.”

“What is that supposed to mean…” Sarah said while pouting.

Soon after, Billy went to talk with his wives, and they looked relieved. They thought that Billy would reject her. Lily also congratulated her. As for Alexander, he stayed congratulated Sarah, but he punched Billy’s side for a while. He didn’t put much strength, but it was annoying.


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