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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 474: Time (4) Bahasa Indonesia

For the next few days, Billy trained his siblings. While it was a pretty harsh snide, it was a similar level of training that Billy usually imposed on himself, and they didn’t complain. Eventually, the others also joined them since, in a few months, another group of students would show up to be trained. So, Alexander, Lily, Sarah, Kate and Natalie joined them. The older ones were making some progress with Destructive Aura, but it seemed that it would take a while longer for them to master the skill.

“What is wrong?” Billy asked Sarah, who was facing the walls of the training arena, lost in thought. “You are quieter than usual today.”

“… I am just thinking about a few things,” Sarah replied after a few moments of silence. “Not many people of my tribe are coming nowadays to ask for help to find jobs around these parts and the next groups of students will be smaller than usual. So, I was planning on taking a break for this job and traveling around for a while.”

“Like traveling around very slowly and without using Flash?” Billy asked while frowning.

“Yes,” Sarah replied.

Billy had realized that for a while, but Sarah probably found her current situation a bit annoying. Her goal was to help her people, and she achieved that and made a life for herself where she didn’t have to worry about anything like money. Still, in one way or the other, the original group kind of split up when most of them got married. Billy believes that women could also find happiness without getting married or having children. Still, that world was a bit different than Earth. Besides, some discomfort for Sarah would eventually build up since Billy and his wives were always together, and the same could be said for Alexander and Lily. It wouldn’t be weird if she started to feel like a stranger.

“What will be your next goal then?” Billy asked.

“I am planning to travel because I don’t have a current goal,” Sarah replied.

“Come to think of it, we haven’t been exploring dungeons like we did before, you must be getting bored of this,” Billy said.

“Not bored, but I feel like there is something missing,” Sarah said.

“I see… Well, we have some friends in some states and you can handle yourself, so I am sure things will be fine,” Billy said.

“Yes, I am sure,” Sarah said.

Over the years, Sarah had grown a lot in terms of maturity, but now it felt like she was losing her fire or something, so Billy was a bit worried. Despite the past that they shared since Billy killed a lot of her people, they had left that behind. Still, Sarah was the person in the group that he had the least interactions with, and she never talked with him seriously about anything.

“Perhaps I should let Kate and Natalie deal with this,” Billy thought.

Once the training session ended and the group split up, Billy brought that topic to his wives. They also agreed that Sarah was a bit weird as of late… She didn’t neglect her training and her duties, but she showed no passion when she was with them either.

“We will see what we can do,” Kate said.

“Try to be subtle,” Billy said.

“Why did you say that while looking at me?” Natalie asked while frowning and stepping on Billy’s foot.

“For no particular reason,” Billy replied while forcing a smile.

Billy didn’t want to just forget that, but he had his own problems to deal with as well. Hopefully, some girl talk would be enough for Sarah to cheer up.

During the afternoon, when he was alone in the training arena, Billy finally had the chance to check his new powers. As one would expect, he started by summoning a slime and weirdly enough, it was the identical to the one he had imagined. A weird, light blue mass of water that was showing an even weirder expression.

Slime – Lv 0

HP: 06/ 06

MP: 06/ 06

SP: 06/ 06

Strength: 03

Speed: 03

Magic: 03

Endurance: 03

Dexterity: 03

Status Points: 00




Skill Points: 00

“It is as weak as me when I was a newborn baby…” Billy frowned. “Still, it only cost one mana point to summon it…”

In any case, Billy didn’t gain anything by killing the monster. He couldn’t let the creature there, so it was unavoidable. With each extra level, the cost of summoning the slime increased. After doing some math, Billy realized that he could summon a level five hundred slimes with his total mana without considering his other reserves. While that seemed interesting, Billy didn’t want to summon a monster that wouldn’t be that useful.

After thinking for a while, Billy thought that summoning a super Sonic bird that could carry messages would be good. Still, he already had his plans to improve his magic and very weird telephone. Putting that idea aside, some guards for his house would be good. He could summon some gargoyles that people would think that they were statues, but it would make his hoke look like some sort of last boss castle. Regardless, thinking of the use of monsters so suddenly wouldn’t work. Besides, he had to make another place for them to stay. With that in mind, Billy began to make another hideout. This time, it would be ultra-secret like the original.

While he was thinking about that, Billy had his first idea for a useful monster: golem that eats dirt and converts it into fuel for himself or at least turns into Earth blocks. Unfortunately, the first plan didn’t work. He could make a golem that could eat dirt. Still, then the creature would become stupidly bigger… instead of that, he just used the second option and made some copies of the same golem to work on the next hideout. It was pretty relaxing to know that he had automated his work…


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