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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 468: Payback (7) Bahasa Indonesia

When the summoner recovered, he made sure not to use his abilities right at that moment. Instead of that, he just charged normally and then made his body lighter to increase his speed suddenly. At the same time, he made Billy’s lower body get heavier and then disappear. It was a simple trick to obtain an advantage and to put Billy at disadvantage as well and it worked more than a little bit.

Billy tried to turn around since he knew the attack would come from there, but the weight on his legs prevented him from doing so. Even though the enemy didn’t know how Destructive Aura worked, he already came up with a plan to counter it. It was also pretty annoying that he could make some body parts heavier… Billy always thought that gravity spells would only work in areas of effect.

In any case, Billy got hit on his right side, but the damage wasn’t so bad since he used Support Endurance. However, when he turned around, the enemy was no longer there, and he got hit on the side of his left leg, which made the bones crack. Thanks to the gravity, the pain increased many times. Still, Billy resisted since he had used Regen many times before to counter those sudden bursts of damage. Still, things wouldn’t improve, unless he comes up with a solution to that problem, but the enemy wouldn’t give him time…

Without much of a choice, Billy used Niffelheim and then froze the area around him. He also heard the sound of the enemy slipping on the ice since he was moving too fast and his body was top light. The effects of gravity on him decreased, and the summoner used a blast of wind to move away from Billy.

Instead of attacking, Billy opened the skill shop as fast as possible while he was pretending to heal himself and then bought Gravity Resistance. It cost Four hundred skill points, so it painted Billy’s chest to do so. Still, the skill decreased the effect and the damage caused by gravity-related attacks by one point per level.

“I could make the skill level up a lot right now, but I should wait a while longer,” Billy thought while he watched the summoner getting up. “Once he thinks that I can’t deal with this ability no matter what, I will go all out.”

The summoner could tell that Billy was being cautious, but he couldn’t tell what he was thinking. That was the first step… he also couldn’t let him think too much since he knew more than a little bit of his reputation. It was better to be extra careful…

The summoner opened his arms, and then several dark spheres began to appear around him. While they were small, Billy could sense a lot of mana in them. He was finally getting to show his best techniques, and while that was a sign that he was being cornered, it was also the sign that Billy had to be extra careful.

Suddenly, the summoner fired those, and Billy jumped to the side to dodge them. After he dodged those, the summoner also charged and landed a dropkick on Billy’s face… or so he had planned. Billy blocked with his spear. The gravity around him increased again, and then he felt the dark spheres returning.

Once again, Billy used Niffelheim to cause some damage and slow down the summoner, but this time, he didn’t move, so he didn’t slip or fall. Instead of that, he started to bombard Billy with a torrent of punches. He was planning to let Billy get hit by the spheres no matter what. However, Billy pushed him backward when he used Gungnir. Much to Billy’s surprise, the summoner didn’t try to evade it. Instead of that, he used his arms to block it, and Billy also felt a large concentration of mana decreasing the power of the attack… To think that gravity could even affect skills like that… Still, Billy wounded the enemy and obtained his chance to move away, and so he did it. However, the dark spheres still hit him and entered his body. When that happened, Billy lost the ability even to blink… He didn’t suffer damage, nor did his body get heavier, but he was unable to move.

The skill Gravity Resistance has leveled up.

The skill Gravity Resistance has leveled up.

The skill Gravity Resistance has leveled up.

There was no mistake. That was a gravity-related attack, and yet… Billy couldn’t do anything. Although he couldn’t move, the enemy still could see the surprise in Billy’s eyes. While seeing that, the enemy smirked.

“The next one will kill you for sure…” The summoner said while he smirked.

In a hurry, Billy began to level up his Gravity Resistance, and little by little, he felt his body getting a bit lighter. Still, he didn’t let the enemy notice that. Meanwhile, the summoner pointed both hands toward him and made a dark sphere much denser than the others appear. Slowly but surely, it was getting as big as Billy, and that attack had the same amount of mana that Billy could carry with him…

“Wait until the last moment and then go for the skill…” Billy thought while he was sweating cold.

A single mistake would cost his life, Billy couldn’t let that thing touch him no matter what, but in the end, it was the only way to get the opening that he needed. The enemy was wide open right now, but it wasn’t the best moment. The best moment would be when he fires the attack…

When the spell got ready, it began to pull things around, and the same things that touched it, like pebbles and grass, were destroyed down to an atomic level. Only the summoner wasn’t being pulled by that. It didn’t take long for the enemy to fire it. He only waited for his spirit to get as pumped as possible.

“DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” The summoner shouted.


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