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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 466: Payback (5) Bahasa Indonesia

After seeing that happen several times, Billy understood what was going on. It was kind of hard to believe, but Icarus was running in the air. How was he doing that? He was probably running and kicking the air so fast that he couldn’t fall after jumping once. What Billy couldn’t understand was why he wasn’t using his knife, and instead of that, he was punching the enemy. After a while, he also came up with an explanation for that… The knife probably wouldn’t last that long with the friction his body was withstanding in his hands. His speed could become troublesome like that sometimes… after all, only the things that truly were part of his body received his protection and unlike clothes, a weapon was too long to be able to have that protection. Still, he was causing some serious damage…

“Since he falls soon after, I suppose he can’t make that and attack at the same time…” Billy thought.

The summoner also realized that, so after being attacked, he used Fire Breath on Icarus. He managed to fire small blasts of wind with the Palm of his hands while moving them incredibly fast. Thanks to that, he managed to move away from the flames until he landed.

“Your worms are annoying and pathetic… You don’t even have the guts to fight directly,” the summoner said.

He didn’t have much property to say when he was flying and using Fire Breath, but it couldn’t be helped since he probably only played until now, following his own rules. In any case, the summoner was about to do something, but Billy didn’t sense anything happening. However, he began to hear something weird coming from the East after a while. He could see some lights in the capital approaching and some weird clouds as well.

“He summoned monsters… But why make them appear there?” Billy asked while frowning. “Unless… They hadn’t been summoned now, and they have been there the whole time, and he is just calling them.”

That wasn’t good. The more they live, the stronger and smarter the monsters become, and quite the army was approaching the battlefield. Eventually, even the other two morons noticed their approach, and they began to get nervous.

“I guess I will have to deal with them,” Billy said and then got up. “Try to chop some of their limbs before you die, at least.”

After giving his pretty bad encouragement, Billy used Flash to leave the area and face the monsters. He could see a dragon approaching, but Billy wasn’t sure if that was the same as the summoner his powers from. Unless he was truly stupid, he wouldn’t send the real one.

Trents, werewolves, cyclops, trolls, fire elementals… Those were just a few of the types of monsters the summoner had called. Billy wondered why he still thought that the enemy couldn’t summon the monsters the way he wanted… Their limitation would probably be their levels. The only one…

Ice Dragon – Lv 2250

HP: 26.500/ 26.500

MP: 41.000/ 41.000

SP: 23.000/ 23.000

Strength: 3900

Speed: 2200

Magic: 9500

Endurance: 6500

Dexterity: 2500

Status Points:00

Skills: Ice Armor Lv 450, Cold Aura Lv 400

Spells: Ice Breath Lv 500, Ice Spear Lv 350, Snow storm Lv 350

Passive: Cold Resistance Lv 1500, Cold Immunity Lv 1000, Cold Absorption Lv 500

Skill Points: 00

As expected, the summoner didn’t call his real pet, but the ice dragon wasn’t something to laugh at. Several other flying monsters were around, but they weren’t clustered, so dealing with them at the same time wasn’t possible. Still, that was a good chance for Billy to recover some of his mana, and he knew the best way to do that.

After jumping with all his might toward the monster army, Billy used Telekinesis to fly. The flying monsters began to attack him, but Billy easily dodged them by zigzagging. Once he got close enough, the ice dragon used its breath, but then Billy went upward as fast as possible, and then he landed on the ice dragon’s back.

“Manipulating this guy to become my pet is probably impossible… But I can do other things,” Billy thought.

Billy used Mind Control and then forced the dragon to use its breath attack on the monsters below. Even from that position, Billy could feel the power of cold… his elemental resistances were pretty low, after all. In any case, bis plan began to work.

You obtained 300 experience points.

You obtained 400 experience points.

You obtained 300 experience points.

You obtained 400 experience points.

Billy used half of the mana he had just obtained to control the dragon for ten more seconds, and he quickly began to turn that area into the North pole. Still, while the monsters on the ground were being eliminated, the flying ones approached the summoner and attacked the others… The summoner was also going to use that chance to recover himself before his fight against Billy. He couldn’t complain about that since Billy also uses those kinds of techniques.

“At this rate, those dumbasses won’t even tire him out… defeating him is out of the question for them,” Billy said and then sighed.

As far as Billy knew, those powers shouldn’t give the reincarnated individuals too much of an advantage over others. So, the brain of the users was affecting the result of that battle. Or perhaps the difference between them was the fact that some of them were really devoted to their goals… Icarus didn’t have one as strong as the summoner, and Lucyna had already achieved what she had wished for many years…

After dealing with some of the monsters below him, Billy decided that it was time to go and help the morons. While he didn’t finish all of them, he could leave them to Icarus and Lucyna. If they try anything funny like kill steal, they will become his targets on the spot, so there was no reason to worry.


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