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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 464: Payback (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“That surprised me… To think that you have more than a few tricks up your sleeve,” the summoner said. “While you aren’t faster than that quick rat, you still didn’t use your main skills. Why?” The summoner asked.

He was pretty talkative for someone who got hit hard with three attacks. As expected, he sure knew how to take a punch, given his physique. In any case, it seemed that he wanted to start to fight using his body alone. While that seemed a bit suspicious, Billy decided to accept that challenge. There were only a few things better than defeating an enemy following their terms. With that in mind, Billy put away his spear. It seemed madness from the enemy’s perspective… but Billy liked that kind of mind game.

“You are seriously underestimating me…” The summoner said.

The summoner quickly assumed a fighting posture and then charged at Billy, and despite his experience, he barely saw the enemy’s approach. Billy used Destructive Aura in time to react and block the attack, but he was pushed backward for dozens of meters. That red skin that increased his endurance also improved his other parameters.

Billy blocked the attack, but he felt like he was back on Earth, and someone hit him with a steel plate. The increase in strength that guy obtained was probably even higher than Destructive Aura granted Billy… Before he could recover, the summoner used a dropkick and almost hit Billy’s head, but he slowed down the attack with both hands.

Weirdly enough, the summoner put some distance between them and then began to run around Billy. While he wasn’t as fast as Icarus, he sure was something else… He could even leave after images. All of a sudden, one of the after images dashed toward Billy and then punched him in the guts, making his body bet forward. The summoner hit Billy with his elbow and sent him flying to a nearby grove in the next moment. That hit hurt like hell and made Billy lose consciousness for a few seconds.

When Billy woke up, he felt the summoner’s presence approaching, and when he had his head almost crushed when the summoner jumped. Somehow, Billy recovered and got on his feet, but it will be bad if he gets hit like that again. Billy could use Endurance Support, but that will only decrease the damage, not make him win.

When the summoner charged again, Billy followed his movements with his eyes and then punched. Both fists collided against each other, but then the summoner began to tremble uncontrollably. Billy used lightning on his fists to paralyze the opponent and cause even more damage. As expected, even though his defense increased, he couldn’t do much against that type of attack. Still, the output that Billy could show at that distance was small. When the summoner began to recover, he took a step backward and then used Fierce Blast. An attack that caused physical and magical damage was perfect for that kind of enemy. As such, the summoner was pushed backward and rolled to the ground. He only stopped after hitting and destroying dozens of trees on his path. Still, he quickly got up and didn’t let Billy continue the combo.

“He also has a good healing effect with that aura… this is kind of annoying,” Billy frowned. “A summoner that can take the skills of his summons whenever he wants… he can change his fighting style easily and adapt to all opponents. It doesn’t seem like he will run out of mana before me either.”

Billy wondered what he should do… against that type of opponent, a single hit that could take his life would be better, but he didn’t have time to prepare for such a big of attack. Not to mention, he will leave himself wide open while he prepares.

All of a sudden, the summoner kicked the ground, and then a huge block of earth emerged. He then proceeded to grab that and threw it at Billy. He thought that such a thing was only possible in cartoons… Regardless, Billy used Flash to the side, but as if the enemy had been waiting for that, he appeared in front of him and then kicked Billy’s stomach.

While making a high pitching sound, Billy flew in the opposite direction, and instead of rolling on the ground, the impact buried him, creating a crater. Somehow, he stayed conscious since he had used Regen before and ended up being healed with the extra effect at the same time as the impact. Still, he wished that he hadn’t since he was pretty sure his ribs were piercing his organs.

The summoner dashed to attack Billy, making him raise his guard, but then he stopped for some reason. That made Billy frown… it was the perfect chance to attack him, and it wasn’t like Billy was waiting with some trick in mind.

“Show yourselves… you won’t surprise me with any attack,” The summoner said.

Billy didn’t realize it until now because he got hit hard in the stomach, but then he felt two presences nearby. He could tell that it was Icarus and Lucyna. Since there was no point in keeping themselves hidden, they showed up. After all, they were a few a dozen kilometers away from the capital. They could fight against the common enemy without worrying about interventions.

“Sorry, Billy,” Icarus said. “We thought that it would be better if we attacked him once he is busy with you. We also thought that it would be more surprising if we didn’t reveal the plan to you.”

“It also would be easier to gain his power that way, wouldn’t it?” Billy asked.

They couldn’t say anything to those words, but Billy could tell that they felt pretty uncomfortable with that. They knew that the plan would look like that, but they decided to carry with it anyway. Even if perhaps that wasn’t their intention. Still, they didn’t deny those words.


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