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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 463: Payback (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Using Fire Breath again seemed like a waste of time, but the summoner wanted to see if Billy could use that technique that often. This time, the enemy increased the distance between them and raised his guard when he used Fire Breath. Thanks to that, it didn’t take long for him to confirm that.

“So, it is like that, huh…” Billy thought. “The best way to counter that attack is true with Fierce Blast, but I can only use it once every five minutes.”

Billy used Flash to escape the attack range, and he saw the summoner smirking. That was truly annoying, but Billy couldn’t do anything to stop that. Learning how to recover his stamina faster with mana was something that he had been trying to learn for a while.

“My body’s condition is improving since I am recovering stamina faster, but I need to use this chance to surprise that asshole,” Billy thought. “I need to learn a spell that makes me recover stamina faster, a lot faster.”

People often use the words stamina and endurance interchangeably, and while the two terms are similar, they aren’t the same. Endurance is defined as the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way, and there are two types of endurance related to fitness: cardiovascular and muscular. Cardiovascular endurance refers to the ability of your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to support rhythmic exercises such as swimming, cycling, and running. Muscular endurance refers to the ability of your muscles to sustain repetitive movements under a given load, such as during weightlifting or hiking. Both types of endurance are important, and both represent a component of stamina.

Billy had no idea how to increase his muscular endurance aside from daily training. Still, he had a few thoughts about how he could improve his cardiovascular endurance with magic. He just thought that it was something that he wouldn’t have to learn, considering that he could use Light Spear many times per minute. The other reason was the fact that he had other things to do and learn…

Billy knew that the trick to making his muscles recover fast was to help his blood flow to them. To do that, he would need the help of his lungs and heart. He tried to enhance them with mana to help with stamina, but it never worked. Instead, he learned other things. However, he realized that he never tried to enhance them with mana at the same time. Also, just pouring mana on them probably wouldn’t work. He had to bombard them with mana to make them work harder. Kind of hard to do that while he was escaping from a Fire Breath…

Bully tried exactly that in any case, but he didn’t feel anything, and then the mana used was dispersed. He knew that things wouldn’t be so easy, but that still annoyed him. Before he could try again, the summoner’s Fire Breath reached him. Billy used Flash to the side, but then he collided against an Earth Golem. Since he got caught by surprise, he got dizzy as well and didn’t understand what had happened until he felt the flames approaching again. The pain made him wake up instantly, and then he activated Destructive Aura because he had another idea… The pain made him think that he needed to heal himself, and that made him recall the support skills of the people of Tersaris state. What if he used his mana in his heart and lungs in the same way he used with the support magic?


Instead of infusing mana on his whole organs, Billy just created a layer that covered them, a layer that was made to be absorbed by the whole organ. In the end, that worked for the first time, so Billy smirked in satisfaction.

You learned Recover

It grants you the power to recover stamina at the cost of some mana. The stamina recovered will increase with each level up.

Cost: 20 mana per 05 stamina per level.

It wasn’t a bad skill, but Billy was hoping that the initial rate mana/stamina would be bigger. Nevertheless, while using Flash to cross smaller distances in order not to fall for the same trice again, Billy began to level up the skill, and once it reached level twenty, he decided to put his plan in motion.

Billy stopped and then used Fierce Blast when the next Fire Breath was used. As expected, the flames were dispersed, and Billy charged to attack. Still, the summoner already was retreating to the sky when that happened. Billy jumped with all his might to reach him, and in the blink of an eye, he got close enough to do attack the summoner, who was three hundred meters above ground level.

The summoner smirked and then used Fire Breath again, but then he felt shivers when Billy suddenly made the same motions again… he couldn’t stop now, so he fired anyway. Both attacks collided, and an explosion happened. The Fire Breath lost the battle, and the summoner got hit by at least half of the power that Billy used. He was sent flying to the distance while spinning in the air…

“Gotcha, dumbass,” Billy said, and then he flew toward the enemy while he was using Telekinesis.

That was the perfect chance to approach and finish off the summoner, so he prepared to use Gungnir, the extra charged version. When he got close enough, and his Aim was perfect, Billy used the skill. Although he had aimed at his head, the summoner used both of his arms to block the attack, and he succeeded. Moreover, the wounds in his arms weren’t even that deep…

“Son of a gun…” Billy muttered.

The presence of the summoner began to change, and when Billy approached, he also saw his skin getting head. He got the abilities of another monster, and while apparently, he lost his ability to fight, his physical skills increased exponentially…


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