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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 462: Payback (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The summoner used Fire Breath. The power couldn’t even be compared to the precious Flamethrower. Billy quickly moved away while using Telekinesis to stop the flames. Still, the collision of spells only created an explosion that pushed him backward for dozens of meters. The heat caused by the explosion also damaged his flesh more than a little bit.

“There is no mistake about it… he can use the powers of his monsters as well,” Billy thought. “I had considered that possibility considering that he can use many types of spells, but even so…”

Billy used Regen to tend his wounds, but then the summoner flew toward him while using Fire breath. While moving away and using Telekinesis to create a shield, Billy also fired a lightning bolt toward the head of the summoner. The summoner was surprised when the attack caused an explosion but didn’t stop and flew to his head. Still, he managed to block it with a single hand again.

“It is quite annoying to fight a mage with that many defensive abilities… Also, his mana isn’t showing any signs of being depleted,” Billy thought.

Fire Breath was supposed to consume a lot of mana, so Billy couldn’t help but feel consumed. Most likely, one of his abilities had a passive and active function, and one of those helped him with a steady supply of mana. Things would only get troublesome if Billy just waited for an opportunity, so he decided to create one.

While Billy was thinking of how to do that, the enemy did that for him. The summoner approached insanely fast and then punched Billy’s stomach. After that, he used Fire Breath at point-blank range. The hit and the impact of the explosion made Billy fall from his platform and down to the ground. He almost passed out thanks to the damage. If it weren’t for his armor, he certainly would have fallen and hit his head on the ground first…

Thankfully, Billy slowed down due to the power of Telekinesis, but he still landed way outside of the capital. Around five kilometers West of it. It would be a problem if the summoner decided to leave him alone and hunt his allies, but the dumbass came for him. Still, he kept a healthy one hundred meters distance to avoid Gungnir, so perhaps he wasn’t so dumb.

The summoner used Fire Breath again, and thanks to it, Billy had the chance to see that his range was around two hundred meters. Still, even at the limit of its range, the attack could easily burn down big groves in a matter of seconds and split the ground with powerful explosions.

Billy used Flash to move to the sides and then approached the summoner from that direction. All of that didn’t take more than half a second, but the summoner still reacted to Billy’s approach and changed the direction of Fire Breath. Billy activated his Destructive Aura and then used Palm Cannon with both hands to disperse the flames, and while he managed to obtain some result, he failed at dispersing all the flames and ended up being engulfed by them. However, his aura protected him from most of the damage.

“No good, huh… Palm Cannon isn’t enough to counter something of that level,” Billy thought.

Billy waited for the next attack, but the summoner didn’t do anything. He looked rather surprised… Thanks to that, Billy had the chance to clear his head and recall the tournament. With both hands, Alexander was able to create a Palm Cannon extra powerful, but while that was better than his, it wasn’t enough. Still, it gave Billy an idea.

“That aura… Where did you get that skill?” The summoner asked. “The barbarians know that, but it is a much weaker version.”

“Are you that stupid? Why the hell would I answer your question?” Billy frowned.

That gave time for Billy to think about how he should proceed. As expected, someone like the summoner had a hard time keeping his pace when he found something unusual. The fact that Billy was also a reincarnated individual helped with that, though.

When the summoner attacked again, Billy had finished his mental preparation as well. He had run many experiments inside his head, but the one that seemed more logical was also the simplest one… When the summoner used Fire Breath, Billy assumed that famous stance. After connecting his wrists and then moving them to his back for a moment, he then moved forward and fired a massive blast of energy with both hands. Not only did the attack disperse all the flames, it even hit the summoner and pushed him backward and spin in the air. The summoner also vomited some blood…

The trick was simple… Billy just copied what Gungnir could do. By mixing mana and stamina at the same time and firing them from the Palm of his hands, Billy developed a new technique that was good against physical and magic attacks due to its nature.

“Let’s call it: kame-” Billy said.

You learned Fierce Blast.

A power attack that combines spiritual and physical energy,

Cost: 500 mana and 500 stamina.

Billy frowned when the system interrupted him… in any case, he got what he wanted, so he couldn’t ask for more. Still, the stamina cost was quite high… since it was a very exceptional skill that could repel even a Fire Breath, it wasn’t surprising. Still, Billy wanted to do something about that. However, that was a problem for later since the summoner had already recovered.

“That was… that technique… how?” The summoner asked.

“Only someone with a decent brain would be able to learn that,” Billy said while smirking. “Those who are stupid enough to want power without deserving it will never beat me.”

Billy was quite prideful of his hard work. He was confident that he would have at least half of his current strength even without the system. That was the result of not taking shortcuts along the way and training regularly without using the system at every single opportunity. That enraged the summoner quite a bit.


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