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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 461: Cooperation (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy jumped with one foot and then used Flash with the other to escape the ring of fire and attack the enemy at the same time. The summoner got surprised when Billy suddenly appeared in front of him, and despite that and the fact Billy used his spear to pierce the enemy’s head, nothing happened. Only a Mana Shield appeared and blocked the strike. Billy knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but he didn’t expect that it would be like that. Also, a new spell just appeared, he had to study and learn it later. He was also interested if such skill belonged to a monster…

The summoner flew away while using Flamethrower to keep Billy from approaching and that plan was working. Still, what was annoying was the fact that he was flying to the Northern gate. It will be complicated if Billy has to fight where the other soldiers are. In the end, he used Light Spear while aiming at the enemy’s heart several times and forced him to move to his right side instead of backward.

The enemy suddenly pointed his left hand toward the spot behind Billy and made him feel that something was off. As soon as that happened, Billy turned around slightly and then found a green slime there… Melting the ground. The creature jumped to hug him, but Billy used Fire Creation and burned the creature. Still, several others appeared around him. Even Golems to… The summoner was turning his own city into a warzone by summoning hundreds of those monsters. However, before Billy had to deal with them, Svan and Beatrice appeared. With his compact punches, Svan destroyed the heads of the Golems with a single punch. While Beatrice made the monster dissolve with her sword that was shining for some reason.

“Leave this to us,” Svan said.

After hearing some lines that one would only hear in a movie or game, Billy dashed toward the enemy again. They were quickly approaching the western wall of the capital, so Billy was almost reaching his goal. To make sure that the enemy wouldn’t realize his plan, Billy decided to surprise him, and then he used Gungnir.

The beam of energy hit the summoner’s left shoulder even though Billy had aimed perfectly. The only explanation for that was that the enemy used magic at the last moment. Regardless, the beam of energy also hit the wall and made a part of its fall. The power of that skill was absurd…

The summoner, while bleeding a lot from his shoulders, began to fly upward and he didn’t attack, he was only worried about gaining some distance over Billy. Still, he followed the enemy after making an Earth platform emerge from the ground.

“He has been using a lot of mana, but his presence still is at the same level as before… What is this supposed to mean?” Billy thought.

He thought that the second power of the summoner would be related to that kind of skill, and having infinite mana was too much even for a joke when his other power was summoning. Regardless, it was a question that will be answered sooner or later.

While he chased the enemy, Billy forgot how high he had come. The capital of the Cegia state suddenly looked so small from that distance… In any case, Billy was in a bad spot considering the situation, he couldn’t use his physical strength to solve that. While flying, his lower half would suffer a lot since it wouldn’t be able to muster all of its max power. Perhaps the summoner was aiming for that…

Although it was night, Billy realized that something was off… the enemy stopped bleeding quite soon considering that an attack just pierced his shoulder. It wouldn’t be weird if he had heard and learned the skills of the people of Beatrice’s state, but even so, that was just too suspicious. Another weird thing was the fact that while Billy was chasing him, the summoner didn’t summon monsters like dragons. Those certainly would come in handy…

Speaking of dragons, Billy noticed that the summoner’s aura began to change and made him remember of the aura that the fire dragons emitted on the first time Billy fought to protect the Temple city. That wasn’t good, and Billy was sure that was the second power of the summoner.

“That moron didn’t even realize that this guy’s aura changed to the same as the monsters?” Billy asked while clenching his fists. “His magic senses can be any duller?”

In any case, Billy didn’t like to use the same technique over and over again, but he couldn’t let that guy become any stronger, so he used Gungnir. The beam of energy flew to the summoner’s head, but this time he blocked the attack with a single hand. He was pushed back a little, but even so…

“I see… you are just like me,” The summoner said. “You are the one who helped that annoying rat protect the temple city. I heard that you live far away from here, what do you gain in opposing me?”

“Nothing really, I am just doing some damage control,” Billy said. “I can’t let assholes like you damage the reputation of people like me who just want to live their second lives without worrying about problems with my reputation.”

“You are the one who killed that girl… despite having the power of two, you still are afraid of what others think of you, how worthless,” The summoner said.

“If you were any different, you would have used your people to wage war against the other states, but you only used monsters,” Billy said.

“Ordinary people are unneeded in my battles, they can just work to make me even richer,” The summoner said. “Regardless, I don’t have anything more to say. Just die like the ant you are.”

“You spoke like a true second-rate villain,” Billy smirked.

Billy’s smirk disappeared when the summoner opened his mouth and he showed some flames there…


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