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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 452: He is back (3) Bahasa Indonesia

After he explained things to everyone, Billy went to check the possible messages that Icarus had left behind. In the end, he sent some. He had confirmed that those states were under attack and that a bigger swarm of monsters was heading to the temple city. This time, the neighboring state where they hired the mercenaries was busy while being attacked as well, so they won’t be able to be hired. Their sole option was to rely on the barbarians again…

“That being said, I am sure that Felipe imagined that something like this would happen, so he must be prepared,” Billy thought. “The question was: how much prepared… If necessary, I should meet with Icarus and Lucyna and then attack the summoner’s base.”

Billy wondered what was the best way to deal with that situation. He had to kill the summoner because he didn’t trust Icarus and Lucyna enough with that power. Still, he also couldn’t let them meet his family. He also had to help the other states to prevent the summoner from ruining the reputation of reincarnated individuals even more…

“I think we should go and help instead of waiting for their call,” Billy said when he reunited with his friends in the living room. “Still, the enemy planned to slow down all the armies by making the monsters spawn and attack many places. We will have to split and help all the states with that in mind. I bet we can be as helpful as a big and extra army with our skills.”

“I don’t like this plan,” Kate protested. “Aren’t you essentially doing what he wanted?”

“Yes, but I have another surprise in store for him,” Billy replied. “I can’t take down a whole army of monsters by myself, but I can help them and then advance toward the enemy territory with the people there. If the barbarians help, it will be even easier. Besides, you guys can’t reach the temple city faster than me, so you should work doing damage control in the borders.”

“I suppose that makes sense… It has been a while since I saw Rosalie, so I would like to visit her,” Kate said.

“Since Billy already helped Riormi state, perhaps I can go alone and give a hand,” Sarah said. “But the other states probably will benefit more if two of us go there.”

“So, I will help Kate, and then Lily and Alexander will help the people of Neles state. Is anyone against that?” Natalie asked.

“You guys sure are calm about leaving Billy alone,” Drew said while frowning.

“That is because he has yet to pick a fight that he can’t win and because he came up with another technique,” Natalie said.

“Another one, huh…” Drew said and then sighed. “I am really falling behind.”

While the others were preparing their things, Billy took his parents to the underground training grounds and then taught them the principles of Flash and Destructive Aura. Soon after, he sent a message to Icarus that he was going to Tersaris state to help, and they could find him there if they wanted to work together. Billy didn’t have time to look for them right now.

“That is some flashy spear…” Camilla said while frowning when she looked at the diamond spear and Billy putting a dark cloth around it.

“I will make one for you later,” Billy said.

“I am fine. I don’t like shining weapons,” Camilla said.

“Well then, I will leave things here in your hands,” Billy said.

Billy wanted to say bye to his kids, but Christina was able to tell now when he was going on a long trip, and she cried when that happened. So, it will be better if Billy avoids that. It was really sad, but it couldn’t be helped. Without wasting any time, to a group split up and began to move when night fell. They wouldn’t work together this time, but they didn’t feel that nervous.

“I suppose that is only natural since they are going to face monsters, and I am going to keep the root of the trouble busy,” Billy thought. “Regardless…. I should move around the borders and kill some monsters to recover the mana as I move.”

Billy’s moving speed wasn’t as the best he could since it was night, but he gained some time using the tunnels. In any case, when the sun was rising, Billy was already in the middle of Neles’ state… he had been faster than expected. Probably because he knew the region relatively well.

Regardless, Billy saw the curtains of smoke emerging from numerous points. He didn’t get close to the border yet, so it seemed that the monsters had advanced in that territory far too much. It would be a pain to ignore them now, and even though Alexander and Lily shouldn’t be too far behind, it was better to give them a hand. It was also a good chance for Billy to level up Destructive Aura.

Billy approached those places, and then he found some packs of crows flying around and firing their explosive projectiles. Billy approached them in the blink of an eye after jumping, and they didn’t even have time to react. He hit dozens of them with his clothed spear and smashed their heads in a single instant.

You obtained 200 experience points.

The skill Spearmanship obtained. 100 experience points.

The skill Destructive Aura obtained. 100 experience points.

In the same way, he appeared, Billy disappeared from the battlefield very abruptly. The nearby soldiers and adventurers barely could believe that someone could jump so high, even more so, kill so many monsters and then leave like nothing had happened.

In the meantime, Billy wondered why those guys weren’t using the crossbows he sold them one year ago. Still, then he recalled that he made them with low durability to avoid problems down the road. He solved one problem and then created another. Billy couldn’t complain. He didn’t think that his priorities were wrong.


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