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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 450: He is back (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Just as Billy had expected, everyone was having a hard time at controlling their mana from far away from their bodies. He also tried the hardest method of making them move Fierce Aura, but it didn’t work either. In the end, they would have to learn the hard way just like him, if they learn at all… the chance of them not learning wasn’t exactly small. Still, considering their accomplishments so far it was hard to say.

“This is hard… and quite mana consuming,” Alexander complained.

“But at least it doesn’t put any strain on your body,” Billy said. “Considering that it is only obvious that it would be hard to learn.”

Everyone managed to learn how to control Fierce Aura, like putting more mana into certain areas. That was easy since they were increasing the output in certain parts, but making the mana move around their body was hard. After thinking for a while, Billy created some small earth blocks in the shape of a square and passed them to his friends.

“Try to make your mana spin around this. It will make you practice while using less mana, and it is a probably an easy shape to try,” Billy said.

The others nodded, but in the end, nothing changed that much. As expected… it would take a while for them to learn that, and it seemed that they wouldn’t have that much time. When Billy went to check the training grounds, he saw the magic magnets moving. It seemed that his spies that something to report. The first group was supposed to have reached Toles state two weeks ago, and the second and supposed and have reached Neles state by now, and both of them wrote the same message: monsters at the borders.

“Monsters… Could it be…” Billy said while furrowing his eyebrows.

The messages were delivered at the same time, so it seemed that the attacks had been planned well in advance. Only one person could have done that. In any case, Billy could check that himself, but there was someone who was faster than her. Thus, he sent a message to Icarus.

“It is getting late, and I warned him to return home every day to check possible messages, so he should receive them soon,” Billy thought. “Now, what else should I do?”

The first step would be to warn Jean and the soldiers near the borders. If Rosalie and her people were being attacked, Svan and Aura would probably become targets. Still, Billy didn’t give them the magic magnets. In any case, there is the Tersaris state between the summoner and the barbarians, so they will be fine for a while. The real problem was Aura.

“I am going out for a bit,” Billy said. “Keep training, and don’t lose your focus.”

“… Okay,” Kate said.

Billy left in a hurry, and his friends looked at each other. It seemed that something had happened, but Billy didn’t have time to explain.

“It seems this training will be put to a halt soon,” Natalie said. “We might not be able to learn this and put it into practice.”

“We live in some chaotic times, huh,” Alexander said.

“Just in case, do you want to go and bring our parents here?” Lily asked.

“What about the training?” Kate asked while growing.

“We can continue after we return. We won’t be able to focus properly until we know what happened anyways.” Lily replied.

Lily had a point, and everyone nodded. Besides, using Flash to cover that distance was also considered training. Not to mention, they should prepare for all possible outcomes.

While Billy’s friends were doing that, he had finished warning Jean about the possibility of attacks on the borders. Fortunately, he didn’t waste time asking anything, and then Billy left to warn Aura. Billy arrived at her home when the sun was setting, and he also saw the guards of the region being mobilized. Aura was talking with some farmers and giving her orders, and it seemed that she was going to leave as well.

“Billy? How did you…” Aura asked while frowning.

“I have my network of information, and I was informed that Toles and Neles state were attacked,” Billy said. “That was why I came to check things with you, but it seems that I don’t need to warn you of the possibility of an attack.”

“Yes, some monsters crossed our orders and attacked some villages yesterday,” Aura explained. “Depending on the situation, I was planning to call for help, but it seems that everyone will have their hands full for a while.”

“I am going to give you a hand until you can organize your forces. Once you do that, I will call the others to see what we can do,” Billy said.

“You have my thanks,” Aura said and then bowed before frowning when she saw Billy disappearing.

Some people saw Billy moving in the distance, but they quickly lost sight of him. Billy didn’t have time to be secretive with his abilities. While he wouldn’t teach them to everyone, it was probably fine to use them in emergencies since it would make everyone stunned. Regardless, he had some time to think about what was going on. The summoner attacked several states before at the same time, but his plan didn’t work. So, why would he try the same thing again? He probably had something up his sleeve, something new, so Billy couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. The timing wasn’t that good. Maybe if he could have obtained some extra time to train Destructive Aura and make his friends learn that as well…

“There is no point in thinking about that… I will use the monsters and make that skill level up insanely fast, and then I will deal with that asshole,” Billy thought while showing a cold glint in his eyes.

Billy already knew what it was his goal, so he just had to prepare a bit and then make him fall into a trap…


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