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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 444: Upgrade (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Some magnets, known as permanent magnets, exert a force on objects without any outside influence. The iron ore magnetite, also known as lodestone, is a natural permanent magnet. Other permanent magnets can be made by subjecting certain materials to a magnetic force. When the force is removed, these materials retain their own magnetic properties. Although the magnetic properties may change over time or at elevated temperatures, these materials are generally considered to be permanently magnetized, hence the name. It was weird how Billy still could remember such a useless thing from his previous life. Still, it was being useful.

The same logic applies when Billy created one and splits it into two. The only issue was that the movements of one copied the other, but the further away they got, the less force they exerted on each other. However, when Billy charged one of them with mana, they could exert the force from even far away, but that also affected other metallic things around.

“I need to improve this, but I guess I am on the right path…” Billy thought.

After messing with magic magnets for a little bit, Billy found a way for them to interact only with the other half. It was really troublesome since Billy had to mess with their magnetic fields. In any case, it was ready.

Magic Twin Magnet Lv 05

Two pieces of a single object that can control each other.

Magic + 25

Mana Charge: 1/9999

Without any status points, the magnets could make each other move even when they were ten meters away from each other and with a single point of mana. With 25 points in magic, it multiplied the distance by the same value. So, at full charge and with magic at level 100, Billy could make them work even when they were ten thousand kilometers away from each other.

Billy did some tests and attached them to some pens. To make that work, he also had to put some pieces of paper at the same distance in front of the magnets. It was a pain, but it worked. It had room for a lot of improvement, though. Billy did some other tests while his workers were in other towns, and it worked. So, he finally began to send them to other states.

“Man, you leave for one month and when you return you don’t even appear and say to your friends,” Alexander said after he suddenly appeared in his office.

“I have been busy, and nothing major happened,” Billy said. “In any case, how is your training nowadays? I developed a new technique and I am not going to teach you unless you give me something in exchange.”

“At least I know that you never change…” Alexander said and then sighed. “While I don’t think of new techniques at an insane pace like you, I still had an idea. Although it isn’t something that everyone can use , it also puts a lot of strain on the body.”

“Just shut up and show me already,” Billy said.

Alexander sighed. It wasn’t the right place for him to show such a technique, but he still wanted to show off in the end. After taking a deep breath, Alexander lowered his stance and put some distance between his legs. He closed his eyes for a second, and then Billy could sense his breathing technique getting more intense. Very suddenly, like he had the energy inside his body explode, Alexander’s body grew in size. No… He was the same height as usual, but his muscles got bigger very suddenly.

To begin with, he was already big, but now he looked like one of those guys who treat crossfit like a religion. Billy also could see that Alexander’s status grew by ten percent. It was truly impressive…

“I can’t keep this state for long since it puts a lot of strain on your body,” Alexander said. “Still, it might come in handy, in some moments.”

“What a letdown, it is only on the very early stages of the development,” Billy said.

“You sure have a lot of nerve of complaining of my technique,” Alexander said and showed a smile. “You will be my first practicing target when I master this.”

“Practicing target or practicing partner,” Billy asked while frowning. “Anyway, call the others when you have some free time and come to my home, I will teach you guys Flash.”

Billy decided to test that technique when he got home. It was like a combination of Rage and Stamina Manipulation. However, instead of using the breathing technique to recover energy, Alexander used it to boost his body.

Billy attempted to do the same, and while his muscles grew bigger, he soon stopped because he felt that his heart was beating faster than usual… That skill also made the heart beat faster to make the blood circulate faster than usual… those who didn’t have strong bodies shouldn’t pull that off.

“Using mana to strengthen myself is safer, but I can’t think of any other skills that might be able to help me with that,” Billy thought while looking at the weights on his limbs. “Maybe I should increase the weights again.”

In any case, like in the past, the group reunited in order to learn Flash. It has been a while since Billy taught them something like that, so he felt pretty nostalgic. Come to think of it, he should hurry and teach Flash to his siblings. It will increase their chances of avoiding trouble. The only problem was that too many people would learn that skill and eventually figure out how it worked, but in the end, the safety of his family comes first.

“Before I forget, I found this along the way back home, do you think you can use it?” Billy said while passing the diamond sword to Natalie.

“… It is too flashy, but quite powerful,” Natalie said while frowning.

“It is not fair if Natalie is the only who gets souvenirs, you know,” Kate protested.


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