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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 443: Return (3) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, it took two weeks for Billy to return home, but at least he had a good training session while pushing the massive cargo. He also made quite the scene when he approached, and then some guards saw that, but then he disappeared into one of his tunnels.

In any case, Billy began to relax since he was back home, and then he began to feel his body getting heavier. The tension left him, and he finally realized that his whole body hurt like hell. Although it was mid-afternoon, no one was at home, so after cleaning himself, Billy fell asleep and then only woke up on the night of the next day when he felt someone pulling his cheek.

“Let papa sleep a little more, Christina,” Billy said.

“No! Let’s play, papa!” Christina said.

“All right, let’s play the statue game. You have to stop moving for as long as possible,” Billy said.

Christina made a confused expression since she had never heard of that. In the end, Billy felt guilty for trying to fool his daughter and got up. No one was around, so he frowned. Why would Kate leave Christina behind when she had no idea when Billy would wake up?

Billy left the room carrying Christina on his back and then saw the servants. After greeting them, Billy saw a tired Kate and Natalie throwing Hector upward and then catching him.

“Hey, I am back,” Billy said. “Did I miss anything?”

Only the nights that Christina didn’t let me sleep because she was crying, saying that she wanted to see you.

“Hey, it is not my fault that I am so loved,” Billy said. “Anything else?”

“I didn’t hear anything out of the norm happening,” Natalie said. “You should ask your guys or Jean to confirm that. Regardless, did you check things down on the south? Are we fine for the time being?”

“Well… It seems that the titan is fast asleep,” Billy said. “The monsters are just acting like usual, but their numbers are small.”

It sucked to lie as soon as he got back, but hot everything was a lie. Icarus said that was the situation. In any case, Billy decided to change the subject, and he asked about what happened while he was away. It seemed that Samuel and Samara came to pay a visit since they were taking a break from the fire dungeon. Aside from that, nothing else happened. They didn’t hear anything about the summoner, but they mentioned that Lara was starting to play with a toy bow. He spent one month away, so Billy expected that a lot more had happened.

Regardless, after having dinner with his family, he went to sleep again, and on the very next day, he went to pay a visit to his acquaintances. Jean didn’t have anything to say about recent events. Things were as calm as they could be. Riormi state was quickly recovering from the destruction caused by the fire titan.

“Did you find something along the way back home?” Jean asked. “I heard some reports of something weird approaching the capital and disappearing the day you arrived.”

“Yes, somewhat,” Billy replied. “Regardless, have you kept in touch with Felipe Silvi?”

“Now and then, we exchange letters,” Jean said.

Jean was getting used to Billy’s secrecy, so he didn’t even try to pry further on the subject. He knew that Billy kept some secrets in order to keep his family safe, after all. After that, Billy went to check his… it was hard to call the former bandits his minions now that they were making money for him. Nevertheless, he confirmed that things still were up and running there. They also captured seven more criminals and kept them in the cellar below his office. At least they were alive and weren’t starved to death.

“I suppose it is time to make them work in other states, but the problem of delivering information fast still stands…” Billy thought.

Billy wondered if he could make some super Sonic drones with his new hammer. However, even if he could, there was the problem of fuel. Trying to invent cell phones in that world was a it too much for the current him as well.

Billy reached a point where even the speed of his vehicles wasn’t enough since the distances that the messages would have to travel would take days due to the distances…

After a lot of thinking, Billy had an idea after recalling the Telegraphs back on Earth. Telegraphy is the long-distance transmission of messages where the sender uses symbolic codes known to the recipient rather than a physical exchange of an object bearing the message. Thus flag semaphore is a method of telegraphy… It was one of the inventions that led to the creation of the telephone. So, Billy wondered if he could create a similar device… When both of them are charged with mana, one will send a message, and the other will receive it. That was the basic premise. It would be nice if it could work and then lead to the invention of the magic telephone in that world.

Regardless, Billy began to create two identical objects, and he tried to control one remotely by controlling the other. Still, as expected, he didn’t get any results for many days. Billy managed to control both of them equally when they were connected by sending mana through them, but they couldn’t be connected…

Once again, after thinking about it for many days. Billy recalled the magic that Ollen and his people used. By drawing some symbols on their weapons, they made them stronger a d also, drained their mana and sent them to a single place… Billy wondered if he could do the same in a manner less limited.

Billy found his answer when he tried to make some magnets… he charged a single object with his electric magic. Upon noticing that it was reacting to his spear, he had a certain idea and split that into two pieces.


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