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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 44: Attack (4) Bahasa Indonesia

At close range, the elementalists had no time to attack Drew. With the arrows falling around them, their only option was to run away and block the path with earth walls. However, their low numbers and the fact that the others were quickly climbing the walls prevented them from even doing that… the five or so guards died, and Drew, and the others opened the gates before reinforcements could arrive. However, when Billy and the other recruits crossed the gates, the inhabitants had left their houses in large numbers and began their retaliation. Half of the stone Bullets beings fired at them were light and slow. Only the other half had any real power behind them.

“As expected… not all of them can actually fight,” Billy thought.

Billy quickly recognized the most dangerous enemies and began to shoot arrows toward them. His precision was so scary that he made the targets fall one after the other with a single arrow each. Those who weren’t used to fighting froze on the spot while looking at someone who could easily put an arrow on their heads. They began to tremble violently…

“Bent your knee and close your eyes! If you do so we will spare you!” Drew shouted.

It seemed a bit too soon to surrender, but when the non-combatants saw Billy nocking another arrow, they felt shivers and dropped to their knees. However, some of them fired stone Bullets toward him, and to make matters worse, a new group was approaching insanely fast while they were manipulating the ground.

Before the projectiles could hit him or even Billy could jump to the side, his father approached and spun his spear around, blocking all the stone Bullets. When the other group approached, though, they fired Earth spears toward the enemies. At that moment, the hammersmiths stepped forward and swung their weapons, and destroyed those big projectiles. The sound of the impact had been so powerful that both sides got surprised.

The recruits reacted when Drew and Nikola began to run toward the enemies and fired arrows toward them. The elementalists froze since enemies were coming from the front, and the arrows were above to fall on them. Still, they did the usual. They created earth walls to block the charge and used gusts of wind to repel the arrows.

While that worked for them to protect themselves, it didn’t go so for long… Billy was within their range and used Earth Manipulation without letting anyone notice. By manipulating the ground below the earth wall, he made it tremble. Drew saw the wall moving a bit and attacked with Light Spear, making the wall fall on them. Despite that, that group didn’t die and quickly got up while firing Earth Bullets. Those guys won’t surrender… Billy knew that, so he fired arrows toward their heads while Drew blocked the projectiles with his spear.

Congratulations! You have leveled up.

You obtained 05 status points.

You obtained 05 skill points.

Again, Billy felt troubled. Until now, he had leveled by training hard and using the system, but now he was being rewarded for killing people… which sure was messed up.

“The recruits will stay here and keep watch on the prisoners, you can attack them to kill if they do anything suspicious,” Drew declared. “Come with me, Billy.”

Billy had already used two quivers full of arrows, but Drew got one from Alexander and from another recruit and gave it to Billy. While it was weird to bring an archer when they were going to attack the other elementalists on the other battlefields, no one thought that Drew was giving favoritism to his son. They knew that Billy had killed more enemies than anyone, after all. Even though he looked a bit tense…

The group headed toward the northern side of the town, and there they found a few groups trying to run away. They had never experienced the terror of being attacked in their homes, and most of them were sleeping ten minutes ago, so they immediately decided to run away. Some of the elementalists raised Earth walls to protect themselves, but the hammersmiths easily destroyed those… their magic wasn’t on the same level as the others who attacked their base so many times…

“We will take care things here… one of the other groups is probably having a hard time since we didn’t find the usual enemies that we face.”

The leader of the hammersmiths said that, and since they were slower, it would be best for Drew and his tribe to go and help the other groups. Since they attacked first, they probably had to deal with many more enemies. Regardless, Drew nodded and led his group to the east side of the town, and after just a couple of minutes, they found the light seekers having a hard time facing the elementalists that were shooting Fireballs toward them.

One of the elementalists noticed the arrival of a new group of enemies, but instead of warning the others, he just turned around. Something was off, Billy knew… However, the others dashed toward the enemies. Billy decided to take down that guy, but before he could fire, several spears emerged from the ground and attacked the members of his tribe. Drew and Nikola reacted on time to jump backward, but two spears still pierced their feet and made them grunt in agony. At the same time, three others had their stomachs pierced the earth spears and died almost instantly.

The ones who were behind hesitated… finally, one of the strongest elementalists appeared, and approaching wasn’t a good idea. Billy aimed his bow and fired an arrow, but the enemy made two Earth Spears emerge. One of them blocked the arrow, and the other almost impaled Billy.. However, he felt the vibration on the ground and jumped backward to dodge the attack.


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