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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 434: Descendant (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy finished his work after a while. He gathered all the weapons and buried them in the same spot to get them later. Unfortunately, before those two could come out, some people of the town approached to check the battlefield that had grown silent for a while… They were armed, but it wasn’t the same type of weapon that the real soldiers used. Not to mention, they were trembling like leaves. They were just civilians who came to check what had happened because ignoring it wasn’t a good idea. They either believed that they might become the next targets of the possible criminals, or they might be punished for not doing anything by the leader of the state. They truly were moving out of fear… but a bit more would solve the situation.

“I guess just a bit of fear will make them retreat…” Billy thought.

Billy used Telekinesis to control some of the corpses of the fallen soldiers and made them march toward those scouts. They grew scared when they began to hear that noise coming from the darkness, but then they screamed like the world was ending when they saw the corpses walking toward them like zombies. They dashed toward the city to hide behind the walls… Some of them probably would have a heart attack if he could have made them groan like zombies. In any other situation, Billy would have laughed, but even if they were enemies, Billy wouldn’t laugh at the dead.

In any case, Billy heard the sound of the dungeon collapsing half an hour before the sunrise, and when he approached, he saw Lucyna and Icarus, and both of them looked exhausted. They didn’t have any wounds on their bodies, but they sure looked beaten. Things got complicated for them as well, and they looked like they had a few complaints about that. Billy thought that they deserved at least that much for making fun of his job. Still, Billy couldn’t help but say some snarky things.

“I see that you are getting used to doing my easy job,” Billy said. “You really are quite talented.”

“Shut up… I am not in the mood for your sarcasm,” Lucyna said.

“Do dungeon always act like that? Like they can answer to our actions?” Icarus asked.

“No, the dungeons I know are completely different,” Billy replied. “In the first place, the guardians don’t appear anywhere, and the dungeons had many bifurcations. You can’t find the last room by walking in a straight line.”

“I don’t know much about dungeons, but I think it is the same where I come from,” Icarus said while frowning. “Maybe it is an issue of the location and the zone we are in.”

“I thought you would know more since you are always traveling, and your skill is convenient for that,” Billy said.

“I can’t gather Intel just by running around. I have to stay in the same city and town for days before moving…” Icarus explained.

“In any case, it seems that there is something happening here,” Billy said. “Let’s leave this place and approach the next target. After we rest, we need to talk about what you know regarding this state.”

Lucyna nodded. She was the one who knew the most about that state. However, she didn’t know much about dungeons or the world outside those two states, so she couldn’t say why things looked weird. Thanks to Billy, she knew that the cores weren’t to be that troublesome to be destroyed. The monsters that she faced were the same and had the same strength, but the core used them in many troublesome ways.

After finding a good place to rest, they slept until mid-afternoon. Icarus and Lucyna needed at least that much to recover. They weren’t used to long fights like that due to the nature of their skills. They were good at ambushing and killing a few enemies without letting them notice that.

“What do you know about the history of this state?” Billy asked. “Did you notice anything weird while you were seeking revenge, or did you turn off your brain to everything around you?”

“Are you picking a fight with me?” Lucyna asked.

“My answer will depend on yours,” Billy said.

“I didn’t do much research since I was confident that my power would be enough to crush the people of this state…” Lucyna said. “I wasn’t wrong at first, but the military might of the people here increased a lot after they enslaved my people. The quality of their weapons also increased considerably…”

Billy sighed. He couldn’t blame Lucyna alone since he had made a mistake as well. He didn’t think that things would become so complex. It couldn’t be helped since he didn’t know much about that state, and it seemed that no one knew things that were happening behind the curtains. Billy only realized that something was amiss because of the dungeon cores and insignias in the weapons.

They had two options now, stop with their current plan and investigate the matter further while risking giving time for their enemies to recover and prepare themselves for the next attacks. Or they could keep going without stopping and risk falling into some trap since they didn’t know everything that was happening right now. It was a tough question, and Billy felt that choosing either would cause him some big problems.

“Why don’t we try to deal with this as we go along?” Lucyna asked. “Icarus and I can keep heading to the next dungeon and defeat the soldiers that might try to stop us. Meanwhile, you should reach the capital of the kingdom and asks the royal family what is going on. You can get the answers with your powers, right?”

“I am not sure you two can pull this off by yourselves… you needed help to do your jobs previously, after all,” Billy said and then noticed the annoyed and pained expressions on their faces. “Still, I guess that is our best option right now.”


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