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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 43: Attack (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy prepared an arrow and almost fired when he saw some things moving in the distance. However, he frowned when he saw that the magical beasts were only one meter wide and tall. They were also only half a meter tall creatures that looked like spiders due to their fur, but their bodies were also covered with the scorpion-like carapace.

After the first monster, four others appeared and approached slowly, but the leader of the hammersmith swung his hammer and smashed all of them with ease.

“It seems that their population decreased a lot in the last few weeks…” Drew said. “The scouts never informed us that the population of magic beasts had decreased.”

After dealing with those monsters, they were attacked by small groups in the same condition… they were too weak to do anything. It seemed that the elementalists probably got rid of most of that species. In any case, The group had to walk for three days before they managed to cross that forest, and once they did that, they saw an arid area filled with some big rocks and hills deprived of any vegetation. In the distance, the heat was so strong that Billy could see things vibrating… it was just an illusion due to the heat. In any case, that area wasn’t a place where people actually could live Normally. During the day, the sun would be hellish, and at night, the area would be pretty cold…

“Why didn’t they move to the forest over the last few years?” Billy wondered.

“We will rest here for the time being and then move again after sunset,” Drew declared. “Rest as much as possible because the enemy base is nearby and we will attack it tonight.”

A night raid… it was probably the best method to deal as much damage as possible against an enemy that was stronger and had all the advantages possible on their side. Physically they were weaker and slow, but by sticking together, they would be able to rain down Stone Bullets on their enemies while they also block their advance with Earth Walls.

In any case, despite Drew’s orders, the guards couldn’t just fall asleep so far away from home. They were too excited to let that happen. Even Alexander was like that despite his timid nature.

As the sun began to set, the temperature began to decrease drastically. Once the surroundings got completely dark, Billy and the others could only see each other clearly when they were nearby. Despite that, moving wouldn’t be so hard due to the light of the stars and the moon… it was a night of full moon…

“Is it the same size as the moon of the Earth or it looks like that because of the distance?” Billy wondered.

Such thoughts disappeared from his head when the group began to March. After five hours, the group finally could see some kind of structure made of earth in the distance. It didn’t take long for them to realize that it was the enemy base. The place wasn’t as big as their town, it had around half of the size, but the walls were two times taller. Climbing that won’t be impossible, but it will be hard while the enemies attack. Just like the guards that work at the night duty in their base, some of the enemies were walking around the walls with torches, but their numbers were small.

“We will wait for one hour and then we will attack,” Drew declared. “The recruits will offer us support from behind, your job is to keep the guards busy while we climb the walls. After that, we will open the southern gate. The lord said that we should only kill those who resist, those who drop their knees and surrender, should be taken as prisoners. If you can avoid it, don’t kill kids, unless they are skilled at using magic and try to kill you.”

That was unexpected… No one complained about that, even though all tribes had a bad history with the elementalists… a bad history of decades.

The guards in the walls didn’t look particularly worried, so it was a sign that the other groups weren’t noticed. In any case, Billy wondered if they were in position… it was impossible to tell, after all. Neither of the tribes could use magic, and until now, Billy saw only some very simple applications of it.

Around the time the group finished their preparations, they began to hear some noise coming from the elementalists town. When Billy looked toward it, he saw the guards moving to the east and west side of the town.

“Now! Run as fast as you can!” Drew declared.

The other two groups had attacked at the same time… that sure was one heck of a coordination. Nevertheless, the two groups began to charge toward the enemy camp. Although they advanced without making any noise, eventually, the enemies noticed a new group approaching, but the number of guards was too small for them to do anything. When Drew got close enough, he jumped and then got stuck in the wall like a beetle. Despite not having many places he could use to grab and put his feet, he still began to climb. In an instant, he was halfway through the wall, but then Billy saw a guard approaching him. After taking a deep breath, Billy nocked an arrow and fired in a single motion. The projectile flew in a straight line and pierced the head of the enemy.

Billy gulped for a second when that happened. There was no time to ponder about that, but he was getting good at killing with the bow. Some other guards approached instead of attacking from a distance for some reason, but a rain of arrows stopped them. Several other warriors of the tribe followed Drew, but the hammersmiths were getting behind since they were big and slow, despite that.. Drew arrived at the top of the wall and then began to slaughter the few guards there.


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