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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 429: Descendent (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Icarus nodded, and then he left. In the end, while using Flash, Billy crossed the path without alerting the enemies. He just had to stop between the torches, in the darkest places, after all. Considering that everyone was tired and they never got attacked while protecting the dungeon, their attention was stupid low.

Things repeated themselves the same as before. Even Lucyna cut the throats of everyone and watched them die as much as possible. Billy thought that it was a pity that psychologists didn’t exist in that world. She probably needed some sessions with one. In any case, for one reason or the other, Billy felt that the number of guards was small… things had been too easy for his tastes. He only realized why when he entered the dungeon and saw the copper golems. They were weaker than the iron ones, even though they were at the same level. Still, Billy didn’t drop his guard, and he did the right thing because the rate at which he found the golems was quite something. One every ten seconds was about to appear…

“Just my luck… is this mine always like this?” Billy wondered while furrowing his eyebrows. “It doesn’t make any sense with the small number of guards.”

Most likely, the core was reacting to Billy’s presence, but that wouldn’t make any sense either since it was impossible for that core to know about his goal… Or was it? More troublesome questions were appearing, but Billy could wonder about them later. Using the same tactic as before, Billy enhanced his spear and charged toward them with Flash. Their endurance was lower, so he had an easy time piercing their heads and destroying the cores. Unfortunately, Billy found an army of diamond golems waiting for him in the last room.

“What the hell…” Billy said. “The cores are actually connected somehow?”

At that point in time, the core was just too well prepared to face Billy. The only explanation for that was that they could communicate somehow, or at least feel that the other was destroyed. Regardless, before Billy could come up with an explanation aside from those, the diamond golems dashed toward him, and once they got close enough… They fired a massive wave of Sonic Bullets.

Billy raised an Earth Wall and blocked them for a few seconds, but when that one fell, a wave of steam flew toward the Golems and decreased their vision. Billy didn’t know if that would work since Golems didn’t have eyes, but they kept firing on the same spot as before, even though he had moved to the right.

The steam clouded the last room of the dungeon and eventually reached the core. Still, instead of doing anything useful, it just summoned more Diamond Golems to prevent Billy from attacking.

“Even the core can’t find me… Maybe it is because the steam was by mana, and they use their magic senses to look for their targets,” Billy thought.

Billy created steam by combining water and fire magic, so it was only natural that it would be rich in mana. Still, he had to extinguish the fireball that illuminated the area for that to work. Now he couldn’t see anything and be relying on his senses to feel their locations. They probably will find him once he starts his attacks, so he had to play it smart. Fortunately, Billy had the right cards in his hands.

Billy had to use five hundred points of mana to use Mind Control and obtain total control over a single Golem. Still, he began to recover his mana quite fast once he had thirty of those, and they began to gang on a single and smaller group of enemies.

When they began to fall, Billy recovered mana and used it to control even more Diamond Golems. Still, he didn’t exaggerate and stopped when he had to worry about those since they were going to disappear once the core was destroyed.

Billy waited for a short while until he had recovered a certain amount of mana, and once that happened, he threw one Diamond golem toward the core. The creature didn’t expect that Billy would use Telekinesis, so that easily solved the matter.

You obtained 35000 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 17500 experience points.

The skill Earth Transformation obtained 17500 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 175.000 experience points.

The skill Earth Transformation obtained 175.000 experience points.

The same thing happened again, and the mine began to collapse. Although those creatures caused him some trouble, at least Billy now had some extra diamonds to use. Come to think of it, he didn’t hear or find any jewelry with those until now, so he wondered how they were used…

“You took your time,” Icarus said when Billy returned.

Billy looked around, and it seemed that things had ended already there, and this time, the guards in the town didn’t realize what was going on. They will realize it in the morning, but by then, it will be too late. Now Billy just had to look for the warehouse and hide their ores. It was annoying, but since they had finished their jobs, they went with Billy and saw how his magic worked. There wasn’t any trick behind it, so there wasn’t much point in observing him.

“You are pretty muscular for a mage,” Lucyna said. “You also have a lot of physical skills.”

“Who said that I am a mage?” Billy asked. “Just because you guys were born with a certain type of skills, it doesn’t mean that you have to become stronger while considering those solely.”

Trying to improve without considering their strengths would be foolish. Still, Billy didn’t consider their natural skills the same as their strength. Besides, while it was useful out of combat, the skills he was born with weren’t that useful in the middle of a fight. It would be different if he could control all the experiences of other things…


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