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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 423: Reasons (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“We aren’t asking to throw your goals here away and come with us,” Icarus said. “We just need to help each other when the necessity arises. We have many reasons to believe that other reincarnated individuals will target us in order to obtain our powers.”

“I see… that explains why he has four of those,” Lucyna said. “Still, I don’t plan on leaving this state. My goals are here, and I won’t stop until I reach them.”

“Are you seeking revenge?” Icarus asked. “I can understand why you are doing this, but you should think more in the long term. Once you get your revenge, what happens next?”

Billy sighed. Icarus probably lived for quite a while on Earth. Only someone experienced would say that kind of thing. Still, it wouldn’t work even a single bit to convince her. While being logical wouldn’t hurt, he had to think from her perspective. She had been pursuing that same goal for years, after all. There was no way that she would abbandon them just because some unknown dudes asked her. Still, Billy had a few things to say to her that might change her perspective.

“If you don’t want to work with us, then it is fine, but you should stop doing anything that might damage our reputation,” Billy said.

“What if I don’t stop?” Lucyna asked.

“What would you do if I were to get on your way right now?” Billy asked.

“Don’t answer a question with another question… I see, you are afraid that our existence and actions can interfere with your life,” Lucyna said while furrowing her eyebrows. “I will make sure to take our secret to the grave, so my actions won’t bother your life.”

“Can you at least tell us what your goals are here?” Icarus asked. “Maybe we can help and show that we truly want to be your allies.”

“I don’t need any help to deal with my opponents,” Lucyna said.

“That makes sense, you are fighting against them for over a year because they are easy to defeat,” Billy said.

The atmosphere around them grew darker and colder. Lucyna didn’t like those snarky remarks, apparently. Still, she wasn’t childish enough to try to deny that. Billy was right. For whatever reason, she was taking her time fighting the aristocracy of that state. Thanks to that, no one knew what she looked like, but they were starting to lay pretty good traps for her. The people from there managed to deal with an entire state without suffering heavy losses, so they shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Don’t say things like that, Billy,” Icarus said and then sighed. “If you have some people that you want to protect and not reveal where they live, I can understand that. I have people like that and so does Billy. However, by being reckless, you are feeding your ego and not protecting them…”

Lucyna got silent again. It didn’t look like she was such a cold person. She wasn’t also prideful enough to ignore the points made by others. Still, she wasn’t ready to share her secrets with others. There wasn’t much to gain if she does that, she probably never wondered if her ways were wrong since the very moment she started her mission.

“… Twenty one years ago, I was reborn in this world in a small village south of here,” Lucyna said. “We lived normal lives for a few years, but then the mines began to appear in our territory for whatever reason. Our lives began to improve after that, we weren’t that poor, but we weren’t rich either. However, the people of this state wanted to take the mines from us and eventually began to harass us to hand over those lands to them. Eventually, they grew tired of that and negan to attack our territory. I was six at that time and even though I have been using my system for many years, I wasn’t strong enough to stop them. I was one of the first to lose everything in the starting conflicts, I began to use my powers to fight back, but I was just one person and the military might of this state overwhelmed us and eventually, most of my people were killed or turned into slaves… I won’t stop until I can do the same with this state.”

Billy almost sighed, and that would have enraged Lucyna. Still, he couldn’t help it since it was the kind of thinking someone who couldn’t think things through would have. It was too unrealistic… She wouldn’t be able to exterminate all the people of a single state by herself with thief-like skills. Even if she could, she wouldn’t be fast enough, and some people would manage to escape, thus involving others in a mess. Eventually, more people would learn about the existence of those weird individuals and their powers.

“Even if they live in the same area, you can’t blame everyone here for the crimes of the leaders of this state,” Icarus said. “You can get rid of the leaders and leave the others alone.”

“That won’t work. You probably found me because I killed several people in that city last year, do you know how things changed there after I killed only the leaders?” Lucyna asked. “Nothing, absolutely nothing changed. Those who became the new leaders only used it as an opportunity to do the same and make my people suffer even more.”

That was only obvious. You can’t change the view of an entire society just because some people died. No one knew Lucyna, so they couldn’t fear her. They only thought that the deaths were caused by some feud. Still, leaving a message behind would be pretty dumb. Right now, to enact the justice that she wanted, Lucyna could only think of total extermination.

“Don’t you think that their deaths wouldn’t be a merciful end?” Billy asked. “Making them suffer after taking from them the things that they valued the most would probably be more suitable.”


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